All about Frisk-Sans

This ship, friend. Pretty popular for being a pedophillic ship. Yet I ship it anyway. HAHAHAHAH.

But that’s not what I wanna talk about. 

Why do I ship these two? Why is this a thing? Why do I think they could work?
I’ve seen and played Undertale, I played all the routes, and I can’t help but think that these two have something more between each other. 

Let the long text post begin.

Through the entire game, Sans acts like a guide to Frisk. Appearing on lots of areas Frisk goes to. He even asked Frisk to go have a grub with him, two times.

No, I’m not saying those are considered as dates (or are they? I dunno). But Sans is being more open to Frisk at those times. Which I’m pretty sure he doesn’t do often. He’s the “I’m cool. No need to sweat ‘bout it”  kinda guy even when he has a lot on his mind (I’m sure lots of you know about this already).

And why do you think he’s being like that? In my opinion, it’s because no one else has the same circumstances as him. Being aware of timelines, stuck in an endless loop, seeing others die and live all over again… Even when someone genuinely wants to help him, he’s pretty sure that person wouldn’t understand what he went through a single bit. ‘cause they don’t experience it themselves. Sans started to lose faith to mostly everything, and started not to care. To the point when he did nothing but watch when his friends, or even Papyrus, is in danger. On earlier timelines, he probably did his best already. Yet failed, countless times. Now he’s not even trying anymore.

But what about Frisk? Not only is Frisk is aware of timelines, Frisk could control it. Sans found someone who he thought might either “help” him or make him “suffer” even more. Depending on the route you take, Sans’ actions towards Frisk differ. But since the name “Frisk” is only discovered through the pacifist route, we’re gonna talk about that route. On Genocide Route it’s not fully Frisk anyway. (You know what I mean)

On pacifist route (or neutral if it’s pre-pacifist), Sans is shown to support Frisk whatever decision they choose.

Sans believes in Frisk. I’m pretty sure that’s a really hard thing for Sans to do, to finally have faith in someone again, and even rely on them. Considering how many times he went through same thing over and over again.

Also, way back then, I saw a this theory which inspired me a lot. Yes, it is said that not only Frisk brought Sans and everyone to the surface, Frisk also saved Sans. Frisk healed him, even if it’s just a little bit.

Here’s an extra as to why this could turn into a more intimate relationship:

-“Are you investing more in this person?
One hallmark of successful couples is investment—all the time, energy, emotions, etc. that people put into their relationships (Rusbult, 1980). People falling in love are likely increasing their investment in a person, linking their lives together in a way that might promote commitment and stability.”

-I also have seen an actual book about how people more easily fall in love with someone when that person helps them through their tough times. I sadly have no pictures nor source for this, so it’s up to you to believe or not.

Now, for the usual problem a lot of people have. The fact that Frisk is a child.

I do ship this pair, but did I ever say that they would get together ASAP? As in when Frisk’s still pretty young? I know Sans would think that as a freaky thing, too.
Love takes steps. There’s no way I’d support this pair if they start banging when Frisk’s still a lil determined child. I have no complaints if Frisk is drawn or described as an adult, though. As for the young Frisk, no more than kissing is okay. I actually support them to be an actual pair when Frisk is in university, or at least no less than high school.
But my reason for shipping these two is not because how they look, not because of their age, not because of their origin.

It’s how Frisk & Sans complements each other really well. I’m looking more to their personalities and how would they work. In my humble opinion, Frisk with their always-determined personality would grow up to be a great pair for Sans. And Sans would easily be more open to Frisk than anyone else.

There you go. That’s what I thought about the pair. I applaud you if you read all of that, lol.

But really, you can ship anyone and anything. I won’t judge anyone for it. Moreover, this is the internet, my friend. where everything can happen.

Of course I know there will be some people who’s not on the same boat as me. And that’s fine. I still think you’re cool. /o/

It might just be me but....

I kind of want Adrinette and Djwifi to hook up as the power ot4.

We know the two ships sail themselves, plus Nino crushing on Mari, and Alyanette can totally be read in subtext. Nino and Alya to Adrien might vary, but I’m all for Chalyanette and unopposed to adrinino. Because I’m trash and I feel the need to sway you, have some headcanons about alyadrininette (proposed ship name):

It started with double dates, but then the chemistry between them all heated up, and after Alya and Mari almost made out at a sleepover, they decided to sit their boyfriends down, surprised to learn that to boys had nearly done the same.

They got together officially after that, and there was a lot of heated make out sessions in broom closets and places whenever one of them could get their hands on another.

They live together in a big apartment near the Dupain-Cheng bakery. Mari has a studio for working on designs (which her significant others are more than happy to model for her) of which Alya has a portion where she keeps a cork board with her leads on articles. Nino and Adrien split the smaller room which doubles as Adrien’s office and Nino’s space for DJ things.

Adrien had a special bed custom made for them so no one has to worry about falling off. Nino is a blanket hog, so he sleeps with a separate blanket while the others tend to share.

None of them are graceful risers. When the alarm goes off, they all groan in unison and try to ignore it until Adrien finally mumbles something unintelligible and gets up. From there, he has to start the coffee to lure his partners out of bed.

Alya and Mari are openly affectionate with each other, but they never get tired of making their boys drool.

Tom and Sabine weren’t surprised that Marinette brought home Alya or Adrien (they were a little surprised by Nino) they were surprised that she brought home Alya AND Adrien and Nino. But they were happy that she was happy, and they loved those kids anyway, now they just had more reason to spoil them with affection and pastries.

Alya’s parents took it in stride because apparently Alya’s great aunt was polyamorous too or something. Her mother offered her a recipe book that great for serving larger groups.

Nino’s parents were surprised that Nino wasn’t straight, but his father patted him on the back for landing the hottest boy in Paris and the prettiest girls in school.

Gabriel was furious when Adrien announced that he had two girlfriends and a boyfriend, but after Adrien refused to back down, Gabriel announced it to the press, playing a supportive father. Thanks to that, his company got more press than ever, and he made things hard on the group for a while. The press had a field day trying to get them to talk.

After that, Adrien moved out.

His lovers moved in with him, one at a time, but eventually they were all settled. It took a long time to find a rhythm. To figure out how to manage the budget, and the housework, and Adrien and Marinette’s superhero responsibilities, and how to share the counter space in the bathroom, and how to keep the toothbrushes separate, and ‘I swear to God, I fed Plagg like three times today, someone else can get the damn cheese!’, and 'Who are the last cookie? This isn’t cool guys, I’m pretty sure it wasn’t Tikki so 'fess up!’

Marinette becomes a famous fashion designer like they always knew she would. Alya became a famous investigative journalist, much more careful with her facts now, but still writing biting exposés as promised. Nino got his dream job of DJing. He started off working at clubs, but he eventually got a position as the DJ of his favorite radio station. Adrien continued modeling, but after his trust fund kicked in, he stopped working for his father almost entirely, choosing to model for Mari instead. He got a dual degree in physics and business, helping Mari run their company, Lady’s Noir.

Adrien is very big on cuddling and hugs. He will drape himself all over Mari or Nino because they don’t protest, but he doesn’t do it to Alya as often because he knows his hair makes her ticklish.

Nino and Alya are fiercely protective of their baes when the two are tired from crime fighting. They will tuck the two into bed and glare at anyone giving them a funny look on the streets.

They have a lot of video games, and the play together a lot with varying degrees of mercy toward each other. Marinette is unbeatable.

Mari and Alya are super ticklish, and in attempts to tickle them, the boys have gotten punched.

They have a civil union, making sure they all have the medical and legal rights to each other because you never know what could happen, and they’d rather have their loved ones there.

Alya has pet names for them. Mari is Sweetheart. Adrien is Darling. Nino is Honey.

Think about it.

I want someone I can get lost with. he doesn’t need to be perfect. I just want him to be someone I can be around without wishing I was anywhere else but with him. I want someone who takes the time to get to know me; someone who knows me so well he can read my mind. I want someone to care, to like a few of the things I like, to like me, to want to travel the world with me. I want someone who DOESNT stress me out like almost every other person in my boring life.
I hate that I hate school. I love learning,but GOD I hate my entire class! they stress me out so much.
I just want to run away and get lost somewhere beautiful. I want to swim in the ocean, sleep under the stars, do whatever the hell I want. I don’t want to think about school or my fake friends or the fact that I’ll probably fail at life. I just want to live and explore and feel young.
I want someone who makes me feel young.