tumblr makes it look like being an introvert is just not saying much and being happily wrapped in a blanket at home watching TV but the truth is one day you´ll be sitting at home on a friday night while everyone else is out having fun and you´ll feel so lonely like you´re the only person on this planet

It´s looking through your social media and seeing pictures of your friends out partying and being happy and you realize they eventually forgot about you. And you hate yourself so much because you´d love to be like them, just being able to go out having fun and you constantly beat yourself up about it .

oh and fuck everyone romanticizing it.


Hi, my name is Bogna, I’m 17. I’m from Poland and I’m looking for a penpal.

I’m interested in many things, mainly books (sir Terry Pratchett is my favourite author ever! But I also read another books and another genres), I like art in every form, I also draw. I love music, practically every genre, but only as a listener because even though I’d love to sing I don’t have a good voice :( I like movies - I’ve been really into Wes Anderson’s ones lately. Sometimes I watch TV shows like The Walking Dead. I listen to Welcome to Night Vale. I’m interested in psychology and philosophy, I like to ask questions. Sometimes I’m in a mood to read poetry, too. I’m fascinated by ancient Greece but I don’t really know much about it so if you want to share your knowledge, I’m right here to listen to you! I have two cats, Kufu and Grunia, so I could send you some photos of them but since they’re dark they’re not really photogenic, especially when they close their eyes) 

I love people but I’m often too shy to start a conversation. If it bothers you, I’m not a homophobe or racist at all, so if you’d want to talk with me you’d better not be a hater too. 

Nature is something that my heart craves to, especially mountains and lakes. I’d love to travel in the future, I’d mainly like to visit Norway and national parks of US. 

Also, I never know what to write about myself to make people interested in me. So if you have any questions, feel free to message me! (I didn’t include any of my favourite artists because the post would be too long but I’ll happily share them with you). 

I speak Polish, English and I’m learning French at the moment but I’m not on a really high level yet but if you’d want to see me trying to write something in this language and possibly correct my mistakes, you’re welcome!

I’m especially looking for someone from Europe (but if you’re from other continent, it’ll be good too, don’t worry! and I’ll prefer online friends to exchange e-mails and occasionally send some letters. I have to admit that sometimes I’m too lazy to send letters and also I’m a little bit afraid of post offices.

I’m not smiling at the photo but believe me, I’m not a bad person and I’m kind of open-minded and tollerant, you won’t have to be afraid of me and if you will decide to write to me a) I’ll be veeery happy and b) you will be able to tell me your secrets, complain about everything, tell me funny stories from your life and I won’t think that you’re stupid because people make mistakes and I totally understand that.

If you’re interested, e-mail me at ryuudithf@gmail.com or write to my by tumblr chat :) I’d prefer you to start if you could be so nice because I’m not good at starting conversation, sorryyy Ps. Looking for some boys to write with also 

I’m alone

No your not
You have the walls
You have the kitchen sink
You have the floors that always hold you up
You have your heart
The bathtub
The soap that smells like lavender
You have your tea cup
You have the window sill

But I still feel lonely

Lonely is just a feeling
Just because you feel lonely doesn’t mean you’re alone
You can feel lonely sitting on a crowded subway
Lonely is just a lustful sadness

—  Lonely all alone (addictive tongues)