As he sits in the shadows,
Watching people on the street,
He hopes for a friend,
A good person to meet.

For he is alone,
And the darkness is all over,
For his sanity is drifting,
As he tries to stay sober.

For he is drunk on her love,
As he turned into a addict,
Going though withdrawals,
Love is just my bad habit.

I am not okay.

—  truestone 

I was looking at some pictures and found this. I miss that place, I miss going there whenever I want and breathe, listen to music and dance without anyone noticing I was there. Lay down alone thinking about the Universe and how everything is beautiful how everything is so happy and sad and ugly at the same time. I always feel like a little ant in this big big world with people with big feet, always willing to put you down whenever they want

A Love-Hate Relationship with Our Time

‘There’s a tension between the part of us that wants to move along at speed, infatuated with our ever-proliferating array of screens and gadgets, and the part of us that deeply hates them, too. There’s the part that doesn’t want to be bothered with other people’s lives and is therefore comfortable with the false proximity that social media affords. But there’s also the part that is heartbroken at the loneliness and isolation of the life we are living - the part that requires medication and constant distraction just to endure it.’

- Clark Strand, A Gleeful Foreboding.