Lone Wolf Distributors

Glock 31. Frame Cerakoted Magpul FDE and outfitted with Lone Wolf internals. Complete Lone Wolf top end with Trijicon RMR adjustable LED cowitnessed with suppressor height sights. The slide was cerakoted black and the pattern was engraved over the finish.


Custom Lone Wolf G22’s with 40-9 conversion barrels and burnt bronze Timberwolf frames. Dubbed “Razer” and “Lazer” they are completely identical except for the different engraved patterns that make them unique.

The engraving is a solution that gives a camouflage look to your Glock without modifying part fit and reliability like cerakote or film dip.

I am proud to be the designer of such an innovative solution to weapon camouflage.

If there is a certain pattern you would like to see implemented to this style of engraving, let me know!