Where Is Freud's Famous Couch?

In March of 1938, the Gestapo raided Sigmund Freud’s office and interrogated his daughter, Anna. Austria had recently been annexed to Germany. The Freuds were prominent intellectuals and known to descend from Reform Jews (though Freud himself was atheist). It was time to leave. On June 4th, 1938, Sigmund, his wife, and his daughter all left Austria for London with almost no baggage. It was more important to be alive than to bring the family furniture. Two months later, with a lot of luck, most of their possessions were able to be shipped to the UK – including Freud’s famous couch. Sigmund set up practice in Hampstead, London, carefully re-creating his Vienna consulting room, including the couch. It now sits in the Hampstead house, which has been converted into a museum.


On this day in music history: January 1, 1962 - The Beatles audition for Decca Records in London. They travel down to the capital from Liverpool for a recording test at Decca’s recording studio in West Hampstead, London. Auditioning for label A&R producer Tony Meehan, the band perform a total of fifteen songs (consisting of numbers from their live stage act) in under an hour. The Beatles are rejected, with London based band The Tremeloes (who audition the same day) being signed instead. Manager Brian Epstein receives a letter from Decca label head Dick Rowe infamously stating that “guitar groups are on their way out, Mr. Epstein”, and “The Beatles have no future in show business.” Six months later, The Beatles audition for and are signed to EMI Records’ Parlophone label by producer George Martin. The bands’ Decca audition are widely bootlegged and traded among fans. Only five of the fifteen songs The Beatles perform at the audition (“Searchin’”, “The Sheik Of Araby”, “Like Dreamers Do” and “Hello Little Girl”) have been officially released so far. They are included on the “Beatles Anthology 1” album in 1995.

#Inktober 2016: working on the next batch of linearts for my #Sherlock/London graphic novel. I won’t post an ink drawing every day, but will still try and get at least 30 new drawings for the graphic novel done over the course of October. They will be posted in batches.

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