Well now, that was a surprise

Just learnt that in just under an hour from now, at 12:00 noon  (21/08/2017) Big Ben will ring for the final time for the next four years, the tower is being silenced for maintenance works.

In four years someones gonna get the shit startled out of them when ol ben starts bonging again all like “surprise motherfucker”


It’s a London thing!
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Big Ben fell silent at midday (Monday 21 August) to allow repair work to begin.

As part of the FOUR year project, the clock in parliament’s 96-metre-high Elizabeth Tower will be restarted so that Big Ben can chime at New Year, on Remembrance Sunday, and for other special occasions.

One clock face will continue to show the correct time throughout the renovations, driven by an electric motor instead of the historic mechanism of the Great Clock, as it is known, which will be dismantled and reassembled cog by cog.

Big Ben chimes every quarter of an hour, day and night, but it has not been substantially renovated since 1985, and repairs are needed to the glass on the clock face, the hands of the clock and the tower itself.


Photo: Big Ben from St Stephen’s tavern. London