They say time flys when your having fun

This weekend was absolutely wonderful! I maybe got 20 hours of sleep since Thursday, my feet are covered in blisters and, my ankles have disappeared! Haha!
Friday: taylorswift was spectacular!!! We missed Shawn due to traffic but as we were walking we could here him. Vance joy is a true talent! I’ve been listening to him all weekend (fan for life) haim are just so cool and free! They can rock! Estes facial expressions!! Love her!! Everyone on this tour was born to create and share music! So extremely talented! I’m so happy they are all living their dreams! Taylor’s dancers are so energetic (&hot) they love what they do, at one point they were off stage and they were just watching her on the screen! Seeing “shut up and dance with me"by Walk the Moon was amazing that guy can dance lol I am so happy Andrea was there! She looked so happy! Taylor looked beautiful and happy! I danced and sang my heart out this was big for me I never dance I’m normally so self conscious and anxious but I told my self that after I finally got tickets and after car trouble and an anxiety attack I was going to have a wonderful time! Hearing the clean speech live was just a gift! Taylor thank you so much for all your heartfelt speeches! I hope someday Cecilia will have her chance to meet you!
Saturday: I did hair for my aunts wedding party! I did six beautiful updos! It was such a beautiful day for an outdoor wedding. She was such a graceful bride! I’m so happy for her and her husband! The maid of honor and best man speeches had me in tears! My 11 year old brother caught the garter lol then an older guy took it from him and instead of putting it on the girl who caught the bride a younger cousin he put it on the groom it was so funny!!
Sunday: I did hair for another wedding she was just as beautiful! So happy for her! The rest of the day I spent with my cousin Cecilia even though she’s 11 years younger she’s one of my best friends! We spent the day laughing about any and everything!! Such an amazing busy weekend!