Day Two Hundred Forty Two

What a day and it’s ONLY MONDAY 😩😩😩 i think maybe I’m cranky because I’m almost on my period but still omg today was the worst lol
Food: fish (150 cal) noodles (480 cal) pretzels (260 cal)
Activity: 5k and hard practice with varsity
Completed yesterday’s goal? I didn’t lift but i did row so that counts
Goal for tomorrow? Have my period so I’m not bloated anymore omg. Lol jk i wish it could come on command. For the rest of the season stay below 800 cal
Long term goal? Lose 20 pounds

anonymous asked:

most to least: best kisser?

I wish I knew by experience (-; LOL JK!


Jaehyun: In my opinion, he’s an all around type of guy. He excels in almost anything he tries and even the things that he doesn’t excel at, he still isn’t that bad doing at them. He’s actually really good at it. And he likes variety so you’re in for a surprise almost every time he leans in for a kiss!

Johnny: I have a feeling that he’s kissed a few in his lifetime so I wouldn’t be surprised if he had a few tips and tricks up his sleeve (-; I can see him being the hyung that gives out advice to the others about kissing and stuff!

Taeyong&Ten: I feel like they’re faster learners so they’d be really good at gauging what you like and what you don’t like. It won’t be long until these two know what types of kisses really get you going (-;

Yuta: What makes him such good of a kisser is that he goes for it. He’s confident enough in his skills to take the lead and show you what it’s like to kiss a real man ((-;  without making you feel uncomfortable ofc!!

Hansol: He can be hesitant at times because he always wants to make sure you’re comfortable which isn’t a bad thing. He’ll move a little slower than the others, just to make sure you give him the okay to take things to the next step but it could make things more sensual that way! He’s a pro at lingering kisses that always leave you wanting more!

Kun: You’ll always know what to expect with him. He never wants to do anything that will catch you or him off guard. I’d call him a consistent kisser, the kisses are never too fast or too slow, never too rough or too gentle but always very sweet!

WinWin: Poor baby, he’d be so flustered that he wouldn’t know what to do at first. Whoever is kissing him would have to take the lead and show him what to do, not that he’ll mind. Once he gets the hang of it though, it won’t be too bad. He’s one that is always down to improve so be prepared to practice until he’s perfect (-;

Taeil: Kinda the same as WinWin, he’ll take some warming up before the show gets on the road if you know what I mean. He’s not a bad kisser, he’s just timid in his actions. I can see him hesitating before making any sort of move and being really insecure about his skills which aren’t bad at all. It’ll just take a lot time, practice and praise to get him out of his shell. 

Doyoung: He’s gonna be shy at first, like most people. He’s gonna worry that he’s gonna mess up and that he won’t kiss you the way you like, so the first kisses are gonna awkward because he’s so nervous that your teeth hit each other or he left his eyes open or something like that. With time he’ll get better and soon enough he’s not going to want to stop kissing you!