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Yo so I really like a straight gurlie (I'm a free range bisexual) who also likes the boy I used to like, who just told me he likes my braces??

this is some midsummer night’s dream level love triangle, so obviously all you gotta do is all fall asleep together in the woods and when you wake up, you’ll all love the right person! I’m a genius tbh

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A/N: 4800+ freaking words and i’m finally finished. This is a Call-Center AU, the idea came to me at work since i’m actually working at one and this fic is based on my real life story– jk i wish. But some things indeed happened lol. Anyway, i’d like to tag some of my favorite Bobby blogs because i love you guys @ikonope @bobbykims @bobbillionaire and unnie @useumwoo

And a big thank you to @hwan-tastic for proof-reading (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧

Streaks of sun-rays pierced through your window to welcome you on this beautiful Monday morning. You groaned loudly, taking a peek at your clock, 6.25 am. It was in times like these, when you felt the heavy load of regret weighing on your shoulders like a big bucket of bricks because why on earth had you thought watching K-Dramas until 3 am was a damn good idea? It really wasn’t, you realized like every Monday morning.

With half-lidded eyes and a drowsy head, you threw your legs over the bed and groaned once more when you realized it was the wrong side—the side with the wall. Fuck. It worked with the second try, when you felt the icy ground underneath your feet, relieving you that neither of your feet were broken.  

It took you 3 handful of ice cold water to become alert and almost as much concealer to not scare any people with those huge zombie-looking circles underneath your eyes, thanks to Lee Joongki and his brilliant acting. (Or maybe just his holy jesus face because he was so fucking hot and maybe that was the reason you just couldn’t resist watching all 5 episodes at once.)

Today, on this beautiful cold Monday morning, you took a bus early, just in case your nagging boss decided to take her shit out on you again. As if it wasn’t enough that all of your friends and basically almost all of your college-mates enjoyed their break overseas with their families, while you were busy calling grumbly strangers on the phone who didn’t want to participate in the stupid surveys your company developed.  

The clock stroke 9 as you put on your headset with a super big portion of motivation as you started dialing the numbers that were on the long-ass list hanging beside your computer. A few “No, Thank you”, a bunch of “Where the hell do you have my number from?” and plenty of “Who the fuck is this?” later, your motivation, which wasn’t even there in the first place, vanished. You heaved a long sigh, dialing the next number.  


You put on your sweetest voice, “A wonderful good morning sir! I’m calling from the marketing research company IKONic. Today we’re doing a super short survey about grocery shopping. Do you want to participate?” It was probably your 100th times saying this on the phone and you almost pressed on “declined” out of habit, when a deep voice answered with a “Sure.”

You were a bit surprised as you mumbled a soft, “Okay,” and started the survey.  

“So first of all, may I register your age?”  

“23,” Wow, he was the first person this young taking one of these boring surveys. Your fingers typed over the numbers on the keyboard before pressing ENTER, “How about you?” There was a soft chuckle on the other line which made you a bit flustered.

“Haha…,” you let out a forced weird laugh, “I can’t tell you that.”

“Awe why, you have a cute voice though.” You weren’t sure If he was just wanted make a joke out of it and tease you a bit, yet you couldn’t help the light shade of red rushing to your cheeks.

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  • Me: Why would I ever buy music when I can find it online for free?
  • Me: I am poor. The artist is rich. It doesn't matter.
  • Adele: *announces 25*
  • Me: *preorders album*
  • Me: *buys Hello music video*
  • Me: *buys everything with Adele's face on it*