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I wish you'd write a fic where jon's merry little band of misfits doesn't forget arya's existence

Gendry: [seeing the hot resemblance between Jon and Arya] I traveled with your sister, ya know?

Jon: [remembering that girl he gave a sword] Word?

Gendry: Word. The Brotherhood was taking us through the riverlands, and the Hound kidnapped her.

Jon: [remembering he’s traveling with Beric, Thoros, and the Hound] Why didn’t you say anything???

Hound: Didn’t come up.

Jon: Seriously? We’ve been together for days talking about bullshit. Last night Thoros told me he had the squirts.

Beric and Thoros: [shrugging in sync] We honestly forgot. Snow, Stark, totally different names.

Jon: Wow…so is she alive?

Hound: Fuck if I know.

Jon: [sigh] Well I guess I can’t expect much more. C’mon, let’s go get this White Walker.



Tormund: What the fuck is wrong with you southerners?!


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I’m saddddd bc I had a subscription to ap and they are changing stuff starting with the issue that waterparks is on the cover of I believe and now I can only get it digitally and oops this is just me complaining

Top 10 anime betrayals. Lol jk but that sucks, I wish I could’ve gotten a subscription for it -brandy

My pictures of Spencer on our date <3

First we have mister suave guy

But wait, does mister suave actually get embarrassed?

And here is my laughing tour guide!

Spencer for President!

The average Spencer can climb onto very low branches, and still look beautiful

Ooh it seems like I have a sexy pizza delivery man with very cute dimples! 

try as hard as you must, but you cant hide your smile forever pizza delivery man! 

you even eat ice cream so sexily ;P

“Aww mister hippo you so cute”

look more cute dimples!

and my favourite picture ;)

He has the pictures of me ^_^