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By the way, [This Time], I’m just gonna go ahead and say it. It’s been a while since Glee has had any songs on the iTunes Charts. That’s because not a lot of people watch Glee anymore, that’s okay, it’s had its ups and downs, everybody knows that. But thank you for those of you that watched it throughout this whole time even though it’s been really weird sometimes. It’s also been really wonderful sometimes, and it’s kind of been a crazy pendulum, so thank you for sticking around all these years, it’s been a really amazing experience for me, and thank you for coming to things like this.

People always ask what’s the craziest thing to me about Glee, and it’s you guys, man! I know it sounds cliche but I think Glee was bigger than all of us. It’s more than a show to you, you’re more than just fans to me, we’re all kind of part of this amazing thing that is much more positive than the sum of our parts. It’s been a really fun journey for not just me but really for everybody. The fact that I’m halfway across the world playing these songs from the show is really really cool.

So anyway, after buttering you up, I thought I would say lets get that song on the charts, man! Buy This Time! Put it out there! Please help me out, I’m but a poor struggling writer throwing my name out there. So please tell your friends. Please don’t stream music, you can if you want sometimes, but just download and buy mine.

I don’t even get the money, I’m just trying to keep writing songs for people. Tell your friends, share with people, do whatever you can. This is shameless promotion but this is the last chance I have!

You guys are the most powerful fan base in the world so please, make it happen! This Time, let’s get it up there, man. Let’s beat, I don’t know, let’s beat Bruno Mars or something!

I think sometimes when you’re acting and you really know your character and you know what’s expected of your character from the audience and you have someone who maybe is directing you who doesn’t quite know those elements, it can be VERY frustrating. It can be heartbreaking sometimes when you’re kind of led to a direction you don’t wanna go.

chris colfer, the jolt

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Glee had shitty writing. The show began its life as an arch, sharp-witted celebration of adolescent outsider-ness. With success, it rapidly degenerated into an iTunes download sales pitch to which slapdash dilemmas and zingers were lassoed. If you’re trying to create an intelligent TV show, you need intelligence—as well as a plan, and a capacity for weaving compelling narratives. After a promising start, it was revealed that Glee didn’t have any of these.
The Sue stuff just takes up so much time and moves so slowly that the not-at-all-insignificant fact that a fire destroyed Dalton Academy gets semi-ignored. Why focus on Sue so intently after you’ve set up that story – after you’ve set up many moving stories for the season? Show Blaine staying up until three in the morning hand sewing all of those fancy red blazers. Allow Jane more than twelve seconds to talk about how much it pisses her off that the Warblers rejected her and now she has to welcome them. Explain what Mercedes is even doing there in the first place – like, where does she sleep? Give Sam more lines. Be a little more excited about the fact that your show is featuring a song by one of its cast members for the first time, and let Darren Criss’s “Rise” shine a little bit more.
—  Vulture
Just remember Kurt fans

Finn Hudson loved Kurt Hummel:

Finn Hudson respected Kurt Hummel:

Finn Hudson admired Kurt Hummel:

Finn Hudson made Kurt Hummel feel awesome:

Finn Hudson Was incredibly supportive of Kurt Hummel:

Finn Hudson was Kurt Hummel’s friend:

Finn Hudson was Kurt Hummel’s brother:

Finn Hudson was the only person to call Blaine out on his sh*t for hurting Kurt:

He also called Rachel out on her sh*t when she screwed things up for Kurt at the school election:

BTW he also chose Kurt Hummel over Rachel:

Finn Hudson thought Kurt Hummel was Awesome/Amazing/Perfect just the way he is:

And if he were still alive..:

..he would would stand by Kurt Hummel because he truly cared about him:

I am so sorry to all the Kurt fans going through so much crap with Glee’s destructive/unfortunate return. You all deserve better for a character you’ve all grown to love, respect and believe in more than anything. I see that you all feel so alone, sad and angry just as he seems but remember this…Kurt Hummel did have at least one friend in the end of it all. A terrible tragedy took that special friend away forever but never forget Finn Hudson was his friend and he had his back til the very end and now he is watching over his little brother. 

Here’s one last Furt hug from me to you.


“What Ryan Murphy does really well in all of his shows, and he did this a lot on Glee, is that he takes issues, but he knows how to handle them in a way that’s good in humor…”

“ Nobody knows how to write for women better than Ryan Murphy. For a man, he represents women in such a beautiful way and features women so incredibly.”

-Lea Michele (x)

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Something that this episode does do well is prove that the writers lack much professionalism as, six seasons into the show, they are still using physical attributes of their actors to convey comedy. Santana rightfully calls out Kurt for ruining her proposal but soon loses credibility once she mocks his looks. It’s one thing to joke about a character’s personality but the writers are somehow still stuck on the idea that they need to laugh at their employees’ faces for humour purposes. It’s easy to tell which television writers are legitimately skilled and which are not based on what kind of comedy they believe is funny. Colfer has been a part of Glee since the very beginning and one would assume that by now he would be respected enough by the writing team. But of course, with a group like this we cannot expect decent comedy, we can only anticipate jokes that would come from an eleven year old trying to fit in to middle school.
—  TV Journals on Glee’s Lack of Professionalism 
Fans Vs Glee Season 6

Ryan Murphy & Glee keep telling us how they’ve got a list that tell’s them what fans have been wanting for the past 5 seasons & how their going to give us everything we wanted.  Well to prove or disprove that theory I decided to make a list of somethings I know the fans wanted against things being forced upon us in the final season of Glee.