Hello fellow Sifki shippers! With another successful Mischief & Mistletoe behind us and a new Thor movie on the Horizon, we (@elyzas​, @psychoticgirl, @marvelsamwilson) thought it’d be a nice idea to have another Sifki Week to celebrate our favorite space vikings. It’s always good to pump some life back into the fandom, and create some fun new content to share. 

How does it work? Each day of the week will come along with a general prompt to give you inspiration for your work. You can follow the prompt as loosely or closely as you want, as they’re mainly there to give you a starting point to create from. You can also submit for as many or as few days as you’d like, and fics or artwork can be any length or size. We want to see as much new fan work in the fandom as possible, so don’t feel limited.The schedule for this year’s celebration is as follows:

Day 1 (Sunday July 9th) - Young Love: Exploring the early days of Sif and Loki’s time together growing up on Asgard. How did they spend their days in the pre-canon universe?
Day 2 (Monday July 10th) - Secrets: Pretending to date? Sneaking around Asgard? Keeping a relationship under wraps? This theme will explore the ways Sif and Loki keep their love secret
Day 3 (Tuesday July 11th) - Gifts: How do Sif and Loki spoil each other? Who gives the best gifts, who hates surprises, who tries to one up the other? 
Day 4 (Wednesday July 12th) - AU: Rival Spies? Pirates? Wild West? Any and all Alternate Universes are your inspiration
Day 5 (Thursday July 13th) - Star-Crossed Lovers: Love throughout the ages, two people destined to be together but torn apart. Do they find their way back to each other? 
Day 6 (Friday July 14th) - Battlefield: Focused on Sifki before, during, and after battle. How do they train together? Do they look for each other on the battlefield? How do they handle the other being hurt or wounded?
Day 7 (Saturday July 15th) - Ragnarok: Reckoning Day comes for Asgard; where will Sif and Loki be? How do they navigate the aftermath and rebirth? How does their story fit into the upcoming film?

What’s acceptable?
Anything else!

Basically anything creative you want to contribute, there’s no restriction on what type of content you can create. We only ask that you tag your work with #sifkiweek17 in the first 5 tags so it’s easy to find and share (and tag all nsfw stuff with the appropriate tags), and that Sif and Loki are the main pairing in your work. Each day we will reblog the creations, and encourage you to do the same. A master collection of all created work will also be saved at Sifkiweek2017.tumblr.com, so anyone can check out all the work whenever they’d like. If you have any questions, feel free to shoot us a message or ask here. Have fun and happy creating!


so I closed requests for the Sifkiss art challenge, but I had to do my favorite prompt: eyelids kiss!*_* Which is as cool as impossible to draw apparently.

(More Sifkiss and general Sifki here )

Greetings Mischief Makers!

We hope everyone has had a great year and is preparing for Ragnarok and a Sifki-filled holiday season!  

Here is a quick rundown of what the schedule for out 6th annual Mischief and Mistletoe exchange will look like:  

Sign-ups: October 21-October 30
Assignments Out: November 1
Last Day to Drop Out: December 15
Assignments Due: December 22
Fanworks Posted: December 25
Author/Artist Reveals: January 1

We’ve updated all the FAQs with the new dates and our info. We realize that signups and assignment due dates will fall between the arrival of the new movie. You will have the option to state whether you’re willing to have events in Ragnarok affect your gift work or not. Make sure to keep an eye out on this page and if you have any questions, don’t hesitate to ask!  

-Amanda and Ann

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Do you have any personal favorite stories? Like, ones you always go back and read? Just curious❤️

Oh man, I have so many. So many. Lots of the fics from the recent Sifki Week and M&M I’ve been rereading and will be my forever fave. I also tend to end up rereading lots of works when someone asks for a fic rec post. But I’m also a fandom grandma, I’ve been in this ship since 2011 so lots of my faves come from the peak shipping era of 2011-2013. Here’s some of my very faves.

haven’t forgotten my way home by jade. This was written for me for the very first Mischief and Mistletoe exchange and it’s just a straight up masterpiece of emotion. 

After the Fall by damalur. My favorite thing about this pairing is that there are literal centuries/millennia to explore with them and this one involves a puppy!

Flowers for Frigga by garconne. Sif helps Loki through a rough day and it hits me straight in the heart every time.

envelope bones like new skin by mira_jade. I love a good quest to save your lover’s life. Honestly her entire Steel!Verse is one of my most cherished reads. The hair-cutting scene in bid the soldiers shoot is one that has really stuck with me for years. 

I Am Stretched on Your Grave by sidhemail. Another great “hurry up and save your lover’s life” fic. 

and in sadness you paused by meritmut. I have extremely strong emotions over a hair comb. All of Nina’s fics are amazing and my favorites.

i’ll know you by your name by magisterequitum. One of the first post-Ragnarok reincarnation fics I ever read and it remains a favorite.

you could be my unintended by coffeesuperhero. I told you accidental/arranged marrieds is my jam. All of her fics are spectacular and I re-read lots of them, my heart is out traveling is a great modern roadtrip fic

Hulinhjamur by runrabbitrun. Loki casting protective spells on Sif and her weapons is another one of my favorite things and this one is just so sensual and hot.

and lo there do i see by nefelokokkygia. Danielle has a really unique style and the sex in chapter 2 is just so evocative

Fundamental Forces by nayanroo. This fic really pulled me deep into the Sifki fandom and was one of the few big fics out there at the beginning.  And I’m a sucker for arranged marriages. Speak in Rounds is another great Save Your Lover fic featuring children

Christmas Yet to Come by residualaffection. Domestic goodness with Loki and Sif mostly happy and peaceful with their kids.  

What Stays and What Fades Away by norationalthoughtrequired. Speechless, dramatic Loki tickles me. 

Where We’re Going, Where We’ve Been by margokim. The slow building of their relationship as they travel to Earth is the best. I love this idea so much.

Kick off the moss by Lizardbeth, a very good, sexy modern AU. The Last Contract is amazing too. 

I could go on forever honestly I love this ship so much it’s not even funny. 

Loki and Sif dating would include...

Characters: Loki X Sif

Universe: Marvel, Avengers, Thor

Warnings: Swearing

Request: Loki and sif dating would include plz ? 💕💕💕💕

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-          “Hahaha that was humorous brother… wait… You’re serious?”

-          Yep, no one on Asguard so that coming.

-          But they soon get used to it when they see first-hand that they make each other happy.

-          Subtle hand touching in public.

-          Sif picking fights to defend Loki.

-          Loki having to pull her away to calm her down.

-          No one makes fun of her man except her!

-          It does work though.

-          Odin approves, if nothing more than the fact that he stopped being a little brat and trying to rule a world.

-          He doesn’t have to tell him to sit down and shut up anymore.

-          Sif does it, and he actually listens.

-          Fucking finally!

-          Do I need to say who the ‘man’ in the relationship is?

-          “Sif, Loki’s gonna-“ “Say no more. LOKI!” *a scream and something hitting the ground, mostly shattering*

-          Oh Thor loves watching the shenanigans and reporting them back to the Avengers.

-          They want to meet Sif just to thank her.

Hope you like it! If you have any questions, please send them in!

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Sifki Week Day 4: AU

In her youth, Lady Sif had once been engaged.

Despite her lively attitude and general good spirits, it had been a shy, severe scholar that captured her affections. Their understanding had been so passionate, so closely beheld by both parties, that the young man had begged for her hand not a month after it began. And Sif had been weak to do anything but grant it.

However, the boy’s guardian was a proud, wealthy, cruel gentleman, who instantly voiced his intense disapproval of the match and demanded it be dissolved. After all, Sif was the daughter of a widowed seamstress, with hardly any money to her name. A most undeserving match for his youngest ward who was to inherit, not so much as his biological son, but still a considerable sum.

And so it was that on the day of their intended elopement Sif received a letter in her beloved’s hand, calling off the engagement and apologizing for troubling her. Though she sent him several notes in reply to this, she never received any other correspondence.

That was the last she had heard from Loki Laufyson…

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A Love Letter

Sifki Week Day 2: secrets

A secret. He is the one who defined the terms of their arrangement. Their pact was made in the dying firelight of his chambers, a deliberate agreement regarding what would follow.

This was only a fling, this thing happening between the two.

They were free and open.

There was to be no talk of “them”.

It meant nothing.

No attachment.

No commitments nor allegiance.

Just a dalliance that would burn hot before inevitably crumbling to ash.

She had agreed. A lasting relationship between them was unfathomable, given his status and promiscuity paired with her obligations to her craft. Public knowledge of their affair was undesirable to both of them. This would be their little secret. And so they carried on that fateful night, happy in their mutual understanding, moving from the furs laid before the fire to tumble into his bed heaped with silk.

It was his insistence to deal in shadows and stairways. But this fact did little to stem his newfound contempt for their rules. Simmering and easily overlooked at first, the longing had now grown to the point that he could hardly stand it.

She had not asked for this, and he had demanded assurance against it. He knows that he could not confront her with these reactions and emotions. It is his secret to bear, and bear alone. Loki will keep his word, and keep his silence; tongue tied and heart shredding, he finds another way to soothe the emotions that brim inside of him, threatening to spill out.

He whispers his secret to her but, not with his voice.

Tracing slow letters, he writes Bound, looped with the pad of his thumb into the delicate skin of her hip as they doze, sated and satisfied atop his bed.

Warm and serene, he washes her hair in the tub, grazing Loyalty into her scalp with shampoo slick fingernails.  

Feet flying while she laughs and runs in his wake, he pulls her by the hand down hallways and scrawls Us into her palm with a sly knuckle.

Heavy and unhurried, bathed in moonlight after a grand feast, Sif turns and lifts her hair for him to unclasp her pendant’s chain and untie her gown. Loki ghosts his fingertip to spell Devotion down her spine

By candlelight as they move together, between jagged, frantic breaths, Loki’s tongue paints Forever against her throat, his face tucked against her neck.

His lips brush the skin of her stomach, her shoulders, her breasts, every inch he can reach, he forms every rune, every letter, every symbol, in every language he knows. His mouth writes Love.

Each night, word by word, he writes a love letter, one she could never read. His secret.


Hate stumbles forward and leans in the door

Weary head hung down, eyes to the floor

He says, “Love, I’m sorry," 

And she says, "What for?

-The Ballad of Love and Hate