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I woke up to an explosion of Marvel/Civil War!AU and I just?? Thank?? (If Oikawa is Loki, wouldn't Iwa-chan be Thor?? Wouldn't Iwa-chan be Thor just on principle of "look at those arms and winning smile") but the real point of this was Scarlet Witch!Kenma is super cute and thank u for that. Thank you, friend. This is a good. I will just sit back with the popcorn now ♥

you’re welcome although you gotta give half of the credit to these amazing anon(s) sending me stuff like really guys bless you????

and yeah, I thought about Iwa as Thor as well the moment I pictured Oikawa in Lokis role, but then again… he doesn’t really fit into this whole “wow I can’t wait to be King because I’m hella awesome”-role, does he?? also Thor is kinda awkward a lot if times (which is adorable), but Iwa. Iwa is just cool. I need him to be Hawkeye. shooting arrows at people and throwing stupid jokes at his fellows and loving dogs and pizza and just. /clenches fists
I love Clint so much…..