A Superman Post

I’ve been feeling upset, depressed lately just trying to deal with things in my life, but the one good thing that makes me feel positive is Superman. I had ordered two Superman graphic novels: One is Superman: Lois and Clark and DC Rebirth Superman Vol 1 Son of Superman and I love them.

For me seeing the Pre 52 Superman and Lois Lane back together is great because they are my favorite couple, but now they have a child and seeing Superman, not only being a hero, but also a father is awesome. I love Jon and think this is Lois and Clark’s kid. I can’t wait to see him and Damian in Super Sons. For me, personally, this made me what to read Superman again. I thought some stuff with the new 52 was good, but other stuff like Superman and Wonder Woman becoming a couple made me angry and upset. With DC Rebirth, I love seeing one of my favorite couples back together, seeing them raise a child together is great and I just love reading about this family. It makes me feel happy! They are all wonderful and I can’t wait to read more. The stories are interesting, the art is gorgeous and it leaves me wanting more.

For me, Superman gives me hope. he deals with a lot in his life just as I do, but he reminds me to never give up and keep going. He may come from another world and may not be human, but he knows what its like to live among them. Overall, definitely check the Superman comics now because they really good and are worth checking out.

Characters who better be in Young Justice season 3

• Jason Todd
• Cassandra Cain
• Starfire
• Raven
• Victor Stone (Cyborg)
• Reverse Flash
• or Inertia
• Supergirl
• Vibe
• GAN AND TRAVIS WILLIAMS (Thunder and Lightning)
• Darkseid
• Doomsday
• Lois Lane