Spent the first couple hours of Day 3 eating, drinking Grain Belts and blogging at the Lowry Cafe. Without power this was the only option. Beer was just an added bonus. Ate a great cuban and talked to Chef Steve before heading out.

Afterwards, I focused on the hardest hit street: Logan and 29th. The area above the Jordan Pond was as close to a post-apocolyptic wasteland as I’ve ever seen. I met a family protecting their rented home and their possessions that were out of reach, literally locked outside of their own house. The interview is here.

  • Tre Smith and Deion Wesley_ The Fallout on Logan

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Tre Smith and Deion Wesley discuss the fallout on Logan. Without renter’s insurance Deion is forced to stay in front of his home, protecting his belongings, despite the fact that he’s not allowed to enter the premises and his landlord isn’t accepting June’s rent. No power and no access to news has left them out of the loop.