A “something with Logain” collage for @adurna0-art (for some reason I can’t tag @adurna0 properly, sorry!)

I hope you like it- I went for ‘general Logain vibes and symbolism’ so hopefully nothing is too obscure. (I can’t believe I actually had a Chinese dragon image lying around in my magazine cutouts pile!) I had not previously thought that much about Logain, prior to reading up on him for the gift, and he is a pretty cool character! I look forward to paying a little more attention to him on my next re-read.

Thoughts while reading…

Wheel of Time spoilers obviously…

But when Nynaeve did… that thing with Logain in Lord of Chaos, did anyone else fist pump? Especially after having been told repeatedly that it couldn’t be done… She’s one of the characters whose POVs I really like.

Unlike Rand who annoyed me a lot (especially in the first three books). The taint made him bearable. I hope the madness continues. And I hope he’ll find out more about his parentage. It was rather enjoyable to see him squirm because of the whole… cousin thing.

(I haven’t finished Lord of Chaos yet…)

Nearby a youth looked at Logain with admiration.  A dozen youths.  Light, a hundred.  Not a hint of fear in their eyes.
“Thank you,” the young mother said again. “Thank you.”
“The Black Tower protects,” Logain heard himself say. “Always.”
“I will send him to you to be tested when he is of age,” the woman promised, holding her son.  "I would have him join you, if he has the talent.“
The talent.  Not the curse.  The talent.
Light bathed them.
He stopped. That beam of light to the north… channeling like none he’d ever felt before, not even at the cleansing. Such power.
"It’s happening,” Gabrielle said, stepping up to him.
Logain reached to his belt, then took three items from his pouch. Discs, half white, half black. The nearby Asha'man turned toward him, pausing in Healing and comforting the people.
“Do it,” Gabrielle said. “Do it, Sealbreaker.”
Logain snapped the once unbreakable seals, one by one, and dropped the pieces to the ground.


Before talking with Threnn about Logain I hadn’t even considered that he made his choice to save his own men which, in retrospect, might have been the right thing to do. However his campaign to pin all of Ferelden problems on the remaining grey wardens, and his disregard for the blight sealed the “Logain as the villan” deal for me. I don’t think I could ever spare him.

"And he shall wear a crown of swords"

Ok, so since my first read of the Wheel of Time, I’ve thought that that was one of the dumber prophecies.

The prophecy says he’ll “wear a crown of swords,” so when he gets a crown with little swords on it, people rename it so it will be the “crown of swords” from the prophecy. If the prophecy hadn’t called it that, neither would anyone else. It’s like Logain calling his army “the people of the Dragon.” Just calling it that doesn’t necessarily fulfill the prophecies.

However, after rereading Towers of Midnight, when Nynaeve learns to see and Heal the madness of the taint, she tries Delving Rand with this new insight, and sees “Thousands upon thousands of the tiny black thorns pricked into his brain, but beneath them was a brilliant white lacing of something.” (ToM 15) The swords in the supposed “Crown of Swords” are often described as pricking his temple like thorns.

So the Laurel Crown isn’t the true “Crown of Swords.” Rand’s madness is. The Prophecies are a list of things that are supposed to help Rand towards the Last Battle and to help humanity prepare for it. Did Rand really need the crown of Illian? No. He just needed them to fight in the Last Battle. But to win, he did need the memories of Lews Therin, which he gained through his madness…through the Crown of Swords.

Nolan’s been told the story many times by his Ma. About them being with the other Caemlyn refugees and the sudden swarm of Trollocs trying to consume them. Of his Ma thinking all was lost and even after they had both survived the village burning, even after surviving Caemlyn’s fall, now they were going to die. That she watched his Da die, torn about by a Trolloc as he tried to defend her and then, and then…

Then the Asha’man came. Then the Asha’man came and lived up to their names.

Nolan’s been told that story every year on the anniversary of that attack, every year as a reminder to the gratitude they owe to the Asha’man. They had moved to the Two Rivers after the Last Battle, looking for safety in the home region of the Lord Dragon Reborn and finding it. But Nolan had never forgotten, knows his Ma would never let him forget and he’s grateful.

Now at 16 he’s finally old enough to be tested to see if he could be trained or had the spark to channel. For as long as he can remember he’s wanted nothing more than to channel, to be like the Lord Dragon Reborn, or Lord Logain, or Androl Genhald. To become an Asha’man and fulfill the Black Tower’s purpose.

To protect.

He watches nervously as the Asha’man strolls down the line, speaking briefly with some and smile warmly even at those who can’t channel, encouraging them to return the next year since one never knows! Nolan rubs sweaty palms against the coarse wool of his pants. It’ll be fine, he reminds himself. Even if not this year, he’s only sixteen, young for a possible saidin channeler.

The Asha’man finally pauses in front of him, the silver bells woven into his hair chiming softly as he stops. Dark eyes meet Nolan’s light brown, and Nolan bites back a slight gulp as the odd sense of menace he feels coming from the Asha’man. Light, did he do something wrong? Why does the Asha’man feel so dangerous?

A sudden smile crosses the older man’s face and he clasps Nolan’s shoulders, making the young Andoran man jump slightly. What is…?

“Welcome to the Black Tower Initiate,” the Asha’man says, smile broadening as if he can read the hope in Nolan’s eyes. “I am Jahar Narishma. Please follow Dedicate al’Caar.”

He can channel. He can be like his heroes.

Even in the first month of his training, in all its harshness Nolan can’t stop smiling.

He’s going to be an Asha’man!

lonyn  asked:

Hellooo, I'm in a DA mood and greedy! So perhaps 4, 11, 12, and 44, for Colette, Kahlan, and Hara? :D

Oh thank you so much! Gives me a chance to delve into my DA characters more :D

4. Has your character ever witnessed something that fundamentally changed them? If so, does anyone else know?

Colette Cousland: Probably the massacre of her family and the betrayal of Howe and Logain. She’s pretty much completely changed after those events. Most every companion knows what happened to her, she is reluctant to talk about it with anyone but Alistair or Morrigan though.

Kahlan Hawke: Watching Bethany die was really hard on Kahlan. They were very close, and her father charged her with keeping her safe (even though they were both mages). So when she failed and in the heat of the moment her mother blamed her, she took it very hard. Most of her companions find out about it eventually. Also when Anders *did what he did* she knew it was time to make a choice and take a stand. She had no family to protect anymore so she could fully commit to the cause.

Hara Lavellan: I don’t have a lot of backstory for Hara yes, but I think becoming the Inquisitor and then becoming so involved with Solas definitely changed her a lot. She grew up a lot in those couple of years, and she really started trusting people (humans) more. Also she has been an archer practically since birth so losing her arm was devastating to her. Nobody really knows what she was like before becoming the Inquisitor, so not many people know how much she changed. But she is a different person that she was. Dammit Solas!!!

11. In what situation was your character the most afraid they’ve ever been?

Colette: Leaving her parents to die was terrifying for her. Also asking Alistair to preform the dark ritual with Morrigan. She was so afraid that he would refuse and then lose him to the arch demon. But she was also afraid he would say yes. And then when she started experiencing her calling (she hasn’t told anyone yet) D:

Kahlan: Watching Bethany be crushed by a brute D: In the deep roads when Carver is infected by the blight. She is always afraid of loosing Anders, whether it is to templars, or Justice, or anything else she always worries about him.

Hara: Meeting up with Solas at the end of Trespasser, she feared the worst but was willing to hear him out, turns out the truth was worse than she had imagined. She is determined to stop him but she is afraid that she will have to kill him to stop him, or that she wont be able to and he will fulfill his purpose.

12. In what situation was your character the most calm they’ve ever been?

Colette: I am having trouble thinking of one. Colette is normally calm in most situations, though she is very angry during the events of Origins and is driven by her sense of justice and tends to blur the lines a bit between justice and vengeance. But I guess she is most calm when she is at camp with her companions. The quiet calm of the forest, the crackling of the campfire, sleeping under the stars, Alistair’s laugh, Liliana’s humming, her mabari barking at bunnies, and just being surrounded by people she trusts and knows would have her back not matter what.

Kahlan: Probably right after her mother died. I wouldn’t say she was calm so much as she was just numb. She had lost her whole family in the span of 6 years and by then she just felt….free. She was tasked with caring for them and she had failed in the worst ways possible. She no longer had to be responsible or careful. She could live for herself now, and as selfish as that sounds, it is something she had never done before. Everything she did, she did for them, so in a way she felt very free.

Hara: Hmmm another tough one, I think to her companions Hara always seems calm and in control. She is always calm in battle. She is and expert marksmen and is extremely focused when she is using a bow. That’s about all I can come up with right now.

44. How easy or difficult is it for your character to say “I love you?” Can they say it without meaning it?

Colette: It was fairly easy for Colette to say it. Alistair is the first person she ever fell in love with, but she couldn’t really contain it even if she wanted to. I don’t think she would every say it if she didn’t mean it.

Kahlan: It is very difficult for Kahlan. She says it to her family but never to anyone else. She knows she could never be involved with some one because she is a mage, and she could never let anyone find out that she or her sister were mages. So she never bothered getting close to anyone. So when it came time to expressing to Ander’s how she felt….well it wasn’t easy for her. It didn’t help matters that he was reluctant too. They danced around it for years (mutual pining ftw!!!).

Hara: Hara is very confident and goes after what she wants. Until she meets Solas. He is a complete mystery to her and so when she develops feeling for his it is really hard to her to determine how he feels about her. She wont risk saying it first, she doesn’t like feeling exposed or vulnerable. I don’t think she has ever really said it to anyone, so she would never say it if she didn’t mean it.

Thank you so much for asking!!! Sorry this took a bit, took me a while to get into their heads, but it was fun :D


Playing through origins I loved Alistair to bits, the humour, the cuteness. Right up until he threw a massive tantrum when I wanted to make use of Logain and make him a warden! I had to go back and change my playthrough so that my warden could become queen, but it felt so cheap because I went against what I would have done. I now find Alistair, who made me laugh so much on my first playthrough, annoying at best which almost breaks my heart.

allalpha  asked:

Shipping - 3, 4, 10, 30

What is the rarest rare pair (that you ship)? 

I mean, it’s gotta be one of my book fandom pairings. Probably one of the book fandom femslash pairings. Ooh, let me check. 

Yep, apparently there are zero fics for Semirhage/Moghedien on AO3. I know of one drabble. Which I wrote. 

I would bet Logain/Min doesn’t come up much either.

In fandoms you’re more familiar with: Caranthir/Angrod is a pairing that is sadly rare, to the tune of five works in the AO3 tag. But honestly I’ve got a lot. I seem to be constitutionally incapable of shipping things that actually have a lot of content.

Name a popular ship you don’t get the appeal of.

You want my salty bitterness, don’t you? That’s what I’m getting from these questions. Which is fine! I have a lot of that. 

Clint/Coulson is the biggest one where I cannot fathom what the appeal is. I mean, I don’t get the appeal of Coulson in general, but Clint/Coulson? why is it such a thing, idgi.

Most of the other popular ships I don’t like I can at least understand why other people do. But that one is just baffling to me. 

Is there a ship that makes your skin crawl?

Hmmm. Oh dang there was one someone mentioned to me yesterday that was that, but now I can’t remember what it was. Melinda May/Grant Ward and Skye/Ward both skeeve me out for similar reasons. But I think mostly the things that skeeve me out are more…situations? So like, any ship with a huge power differential where the power differential is not acknowledged.

Like, slavery fic with sex where the coercive element is just ignored. Doesn’t matter if I like the pairing, I can’t with that.

There are also ships that I have a visceral reaction to in a different way, where I just dislike them so much but with those there’s usually more…personal issues in the way. I mean, that’s how I am with Steve/Bucky at this point, tbh. But I don’t think it’s like…creepy, or anything. I just really don’t like it.

Is there a ship you like but you dislike the fandom? 

Hmmm. I mean, I have a love/hate relationship with just about every fandom I’m in except Wheel of Time (hey Wheel of Time!) so probably I dislike at least some of the fandom for every ship. I have had…issues with the Thor/Loki fandom at times, but I’m not even really a Thor/Loki shipper, so that doesn’t really count. 

Most of the pairings I’ve ended up shipping actually have really lovely communities! Which may be a chicken-egg thing with the fact that I tend to end up hating pairings because of meta reasons 99% of the time anyway.