Calling all fanmusicians and fanartists!

Development of the Land of Fans and Music 4 album is well under way, and for the most part all that’s left to do is wait as the track art for our songs come in, courtesy of the amazing artists who’ve signed up. (Seriously, you guys all rock. Keep it up.) 

With that in mind, there’s still a lot to look forward to in the future, even past LOFAM 4. Courtesy of some solid restructuring, the unofficialmspafans team is bigger, better and livelier than ever. Most importantly, we’ve got a number of new albums in the works. But with large projects like these, we could always have some new faces. In other words, we are formally accepting new musicians and artists interested in working on new Homestuck/MSPA fanalbums. As of right now these include an album based on the Guardians, an album focused around Andrew Hussie’s pre-MSPA work, and a potential few other ideas still in the conceptual phase.

If you’re interested, message @xzazupsilon on Tumblr or on Discord at Lambda#0419 with some of your previous work for an invite to the unofficialmspa Discord server, where most of these projects are based. There are some minimal quality standards, but there’s really no pressure– in the end, we’re all in it for the fun. We’d love to have you on board! 


anonymous asked:

Is the music being done by the same artists that did the beforus and LOFAM albums or is this an independent thing with all new people?

Some old, some new!

Seeking contributors for a new Homestuck fan music project

Hello, everyone! It’s been a little while since the release of Beforus, and while Homestuck has now ended, I think that it’s still an exciting time for the Homestuck music community! In just these few short months, we’ve had Seatbelt Safebee (courtesy of our own Beforus team members, including myself), the release of the end of Homestuck soundtrack albums, the sublime Volume 10 (which I reviewed on my main blog), the inception of the @ancestralalbum project, and the prospect of LoFaM 4 sometime soon!

Well, I’m pleased to announce that we are looking to contribute a little something more to this renaissance. Some of the other Beforus musicians and I are looking to put together another new fan music project, based on a concept that I’ve had in mind for a while (it incorporates not one but two of the bullet points that were on my initial “new Homestuck album concepts” list from 2014, which is the initial source of the idea for the Beforus album).

Now, I know that a lot of fan musicians are burnt out from Homestuck’s ending, or else are currently busy working on music for Ancestral (I know I am), and so might not feel up to putting together another really large project. For this reason, this new project (which I will refer to as “RotG”) will be a slightly smaller and more rigidly defined affair. We will be working with a smaller artist pool and with a smaller track number that with Beforus, but we hope that this will allow us to deliver something that is overall more polished and to do so in a more timely manner. Also, the burden on each contributor will be a lot smaller, and each individual will likely only be required to complete a single work for the project, except for in a few special cases.

This project is currently in somewhat early stages; we are testing the waters, and so I won’t be releasing very much information at present. However, more will come once we have more contributors signed on (and we already have a few). Similarly, for the same reason, we will not at the moment be opening the project up for open public applications. Rather, we will at first be seeking for contributors from the current base of Homestuck fan musicians and visual artists who have already contributed to a collaborative album (or are already signed on to do such; for instance, current Ancestral contributors fall into this category). However, this will likely change later on for visual artists at the very least, and possibly for musicians also depending on availability factors.

So, to clarify, we are currently looking for:

  • Musicians and visual artists from the Homestuck community who have previously contributed to either an official or unofficial collaborative Homestuck album (such as Beforus, Ancestral, any LOFAM album, or ColoUrs and Mayhem).
    • To fill a probable maximum of 28 musician spots, and
    • To fill a probable maximum of 32 visual artist spots.
  • Some of these initial places have already been filled!

If you fit one of these categories and want to take part in making a new Homestuck album, please get in touch! You can do so either via this blog ( @beforusalbum ) or through my main/personal blog, @blackhole-is-not-terezi. Sample works will not be necessary, as I’ll evaluate applicants through their previous Homestuck works! Slots are of course subject to availability, but if you get in quick it’s not unlikely that you’ll get a place. Many tracks may be allocated, but there will also be a degree of choice available to early applicants, so please do get in touch quickly! More details about the nature of the project will initially be revealed to contributors as they get in touch with me, and then I’ll make a more public notice later along once the ball is rolling (and possibly open up some public applications at that time)!

This is in early stages yet, but I’m really hoping that we can produce another great compilation for the Homestuck fan music community, to fill yet another hole in the current musical canon! In the meantime, it would be great if you might reblog this post, so we can try and get it out to some of the potential early contributors!

All the best, and get in touch soon!

- Mod NTP.

Beforus Structure

The layout of the Beforus album is largely taking its cues from the ColoUrs and Mayhem albums and LOFAM albums which is sensible as these too were big collaborative fan albums, and, in the case of the first two, focussed on discrete character groups as does Beforus. The original plan was to have the album split into two “discs” and a “bonus” disc, but I’ve realised that some of the things I was going to put in the “bonus” section deserve better than to be relegated to additional content, and so right now we’re looking at the following structure:

  • Disc 1 (Principle tracks)
    • The first section of the album contains twelve tracks acting as the main “theme” for the twelve Beforan trolls, in zodiac order, and prefaced with a short “Disc One” track that serves as a book end.
  • Disc 2 (Main body of the album)
    • The second section is the largest and contains additional character tracks in addition to tracks that tell parts of the story of Beforus and the Beforan troll session. These tracks are arranged in a roughly chronological order (although this is not a strict rule). The number of tracks here is still undecided. Again, this will be prefaced by a bookending “Disc Two” track.
  • Disc 3 (Epilogue/Finale/Extra tracks)
    • Quite probably the shortest disc (although it may be of a similar length to disc one), this disc contains tracks that differentiate themselves from the others in some way, such as tracks with vocal content, remixes of previous tracks or tracks with particular stylistic motifs. Again, there isn’t a hard and fast rule as to what goes here as opposed to disc two, and it will mainly be down to the best arrangement to ensure track flow. Again, this will be prefaced with a brief “Disc Three” bookend track.

This is all of course subject to change, but I have a preliminary track order based around this setup (although I plan to overhaul that in a few days once I’ve received more tracks). Still, this should give you an idea of what to expect!