New promotional video for My Fair Lady directed by Dame Julie Andrews at the Sydney Opera House.

Jools looks so beautiful!

Guess what happened at Batman… on Flickr.

So, I went to go see Batman today down at the Waterfront.  Was enjoying the movie very much.  Then, you hear two people yelling at each other in bursts.  Soon, they are fighting and the one brings up the incident in Colorado.  This sets off panic and people start rushing for the exits.  All you see are large groups of people funneling to the two exits by the screen and others trying to run down the stairs or to other exits in the theater.

No one injured, thankfully (to my knowledge).  It was just two ass hats fighting and saying things they should not of have.  With recent events, everybody has been a little worried about possibilities of a copycat and so on with the events in Colorado.  We got lucky, but unfortunately, they stopped playing the movie and shut down the showing, which immensely pissed off everybody in the theater.

It’s bad enough to scare the living hell out of everybody then denying everybody the right to see the film.  Sure, we got a free pass for one show, but honestly we sat through almost about an hour and forty five minutes of the movie with one more to go.

This photo is people getting their free passes, which was a long wait, too, because they kept running out of tickets and having to get more.

It’s been a pretty crappy day.