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How do you even become cosplay guests with no skill?

LOL I can’t tell if this is sarcasm or honest seriousness but, here’s what I got! 

First and foremost, being a convention guest is not just an honor and a priviledge, it is a job. 

A job that has responsibilities and expectations, and should be treated as such. When Sylar and I go to a convention as a guest, we are 100% working. 

We have a work resume for conventions, a contract, a portfolio of programming, and more. Because that what you are really, programming. Even if all they want you to do is sit at a table and sign things, thats still programming. Its your job to   represent the convention, and give con goers more content for the tickets they bought. You owe it to them to make sure your 100% postive, there, working, and providing something they can’t get anywhere else. 

And all con guests are asked to attend for different reasons. Some cosplay guests are asked to come because they are widely known for their technical skill and they will provide programming related to that. Or they simply have a huge fanbase, and are keeping their fanbase happy at your location, therefore spreading that market around. 

Sylar and I work hard on our panels. We’re also trained speakers. Both he and I have taken classes, in college, about public speaking. We implement that and our presentation experience into all our panels. As well as our meet and greets at the table, interviews for the con’s media (there is a ton of backstage media going on that most con goers don’t know about. A lot of con time for guests is spent locked up in some empty room giving an interview,) and any floor time we have. 

We also have 7 yrs experience working conventions. We have run cafes, hosted events, planned gatherings, organized raffles, done mutiple panels and workshops. We’ve also worked as Guest Liasions ourselves, written out program guides, sat at registration tables, and MCed masquerades as well as judged them. All things that involve systems, filling out paperwork, knowing how to handle negative situations, and doing menial tasks. Heck, we’ve even done set-up and break down for dealers halls. We know cons. 

And this is something valued because honestly, its not a job for everyone. 

Lots of cosplayers out there with amazing technicality skills just don’t like catering to crowds. They aren’t good speakers. Or they don’t have it in them to sit at a table for 6 hours just listening to strangers speak and ask them questions. Or they might hate having to write out workshop forms. And thats okay! But thats the difference between who gets asked to guest and who doesnt. 

Guests have to be okay with not getting time to shop, not getting time to hang out with their friends, and devoting all their energy to the convention goers. Devoting their whole day to smiling and talking and making sure everyone who meets them goes away happy. 

If you are interested in coming a guest, awesome! My biggest tips are; 
Figure out what service you can provide to the convention experience. What are you good at that you think a con needs? How can you expand that? How can you turn it into programming? Are you a health nut – maybe do a panel on dieting and working out, anime style!  Awesome at writing and editing? Fanfiction panel! A cosplayer who loves acting but hates sewing? Think about being a commentator for Cosplay Chess or the AMV contest! 

Start volunteering now. All cons need volunteers and this is the best way to gain experience in the feild, just like any other job. I have friends that started volunteering as security for a con and now they run a convention of their own. No joke. It’s also helpful to know and understand the inner working of how a convention is run if you plan on guesting at one. It helps you help them by knowing what types of panels work best, what programming would work for that con specifically, or even just give you ideas on what their budget for you might be. 

Write. A. Resume. Seriously. Just like you have a resume for job searching, write up a resume for cosplaying. How long have you been cosplaying? How many costumes? What skills do you have? Armor making? Public speaking? What experiences? Any awards? What topics are you an expert at that can be turned into an hour of programming? Put it alllllll dowwnnn in youurr resummmee. 

Also, protip, you can always write to a a convention’s program director yourself and ASK to be a guest. It’s a job. Submit your application.

Hope this helps! 

And funnily enough – this is all information that we talk about in our panel, Cosplay and Convention careers. Where not only do we cover working for cons, but we cover translating cosplay and con work into LIFE CAREERS and how to translate being in a maid cafe to a resume for a 5 star resturant hostess. Lol. My entire Graphic Design resume is pulled from cosplaying. And now I am a full time graphic designer for a state university.


My first apartment renovation! This is a renovation of the 18 Culpepper House lot, located in the Spice Market. I absolutely love the way it turned out, and I think I’ll try renovating one of the larger apartments next. The apartments is saved to the gallery as a room. All you have to do is add walls to the bedroom and bathroom, then place the doors. Also, it would be better to bulldoze the lot first before placing the apartment.  

Origin ID: SkaoiSim

18 Culpepper

  • 1 bedroom
  • 1 bathroom
  • $80,139

Aori Ramen 6th branch will opening soon at Dongdae-mun Plaza, Seoul, Korea.
4th branch of Korea, Aori Ramen Dongdae-mun is located at DDP design market, Master dining D hall.
DDP is multi-culture area which stands for Dream, Design and Play.
Checkout Aori Ramen at DDP with variety of conventions and fashion shows. 7/28 Grand Open!

Opening hours (DDP branch)
MON-THU am11:00-pm10:00(L.O 09:30)
FRI-SUN am11:00-pm11:00 (L.O 10:30)

Divine Flora Hosts: Summer Garden Party!

Now seeking vendors, performers and collaborators!

Do you have a special talent? Perhaps that talent is performing music, or maybe your talents lie in making beautiful things for others to enjoy. Either way, Divine Flora of Balmung wants you to be part of a veritable extravaganza of fun and frivolity this summer!

Please continue reading to find out what I’m looking for and how you can help! (Under a read more just so I’m not spamming peoples’ dashboards!)

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Dorian never liked staying at Colorado Springs for too long. He only went there to trade or pick up jobs in exchange for supplies and as soon as the deals were done, he made his way back to Fervention. He had a room at The Legless Man that he stayed in often mostly after a long night of drinking. Otherwise he found a home to duck into and spent the night there. But with how late he arrived at Colorado Springs, he had no choice but to stick it out overnight. But while he was there, he figured he would do some trading.

Bartering was hard enough as it was. But when the person he was trying to talk to refused to budge on any offered he made, Dorian started to get a little irked. He thought he was making a pretty solid deal: rare parts he had picked up from a run down auto shop for one bottle of fresh water. He even threw in some food. But the guy wanted more food.

“Oh come on,” he started, “all that for one bottle of water? Two, sure, but one?”

“Two rations of food and the scrap for the water,” the man insisted.

“Scrap? This is–”

“Two rations of food and the scrap, or you get jack shit.”

“Like you’re worth as much,” he muttered.

Before he could get another word in, the guy’s large paw of a hand was around his throat, practically lifting him off the ground. Dorian’s hands gripped at the guy’s wrist, knuckles white as he tried to breathe.

“I’m fuckin’ done talking to you, asshole,” the man growled out, his grip tighter on Dorian’s throat. Well, so much for bartering…

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hey! i love ur blog a lot & i know u have some aussie mods so i was wondering if u could help me? do u know of any physical places to buy stim toys in aus? specifically tangles, squishies, chewies, & textured (bumpy/rigid) things? alternatively, do u have any good online shops/links that ship to aus?

Thank you so much for the compliment! Yes, we can absolutely help. Mod Rainbow and I (Mod K.A.) are both Aussie and invested in trying to make stim toys more accessible for Aussies - part of the reason I started this blog was because few people at the time were talking about places Aussies could buy stim toys that didn’t involve dollar conversion and international shipping costs.

We tag by country of toy origin (not countries to which toys ship) so you might wish to check out our Australia tag for locally-sourced toys. We’re now up to twenty pages of posts! Note that I am Victorian (regional Western Victoria, close to Melbourne) so that a lot of my resources tend to skew Victorian. Mod Rainbow is based in QLD, and I’ll ask them to add to the post if they have any local offline sources that I haven’t covered.

But, to answer your question more specifically, I’ll go by store and list the things they sell. Links below go to that store’s tag or a post featuring that item. Please note that it might be worth checking on the store’s tag, as all these stores stock many more stimmy things that don’t quite meet your brief for the toys you’re after - everything from bouncy balls and poppers to wooden puzzles and bubble wands.

Also note that dollar stores right now are stocking spinners and knock-off fidget cubes as well as the usual range of hedge balls/hedge creatures, bouncy balls and knock-off slinkies. There’s lots of things available in the toy, stationery and party sections, often for inexpensive prices.

First, offline (or offline and webstore) Australian stores:


(Store locations: Australia-wide, mostly on the East Coast.)

Mind Games

(Store locations: Victoria, Tasmania, QLD)

  • Tangles: $10 AUD for Tangle Jr and Tangle Jr Textured

Queen Victoria Market

(Located in the Melbourne CBD, Victoria.)


(Store locations: Melbourne and Sydney.)


(Store locations: Australia-wide. Also allows online purchasing.)

Sensory Oasis for Kids

(North Altona, Melbourne. Also allows online purchasing with flat-rate shipping in Australia for $9.95 AUD.)


(Store locations: Australia-wide. Some items for sale online.)

  • Mini Snake Puzzle: $7 AUD (often on sale at 2 for $7 AUD)
  • Large Snake Puzzle: $14 AUD (often on sale for $7 AUD
  • Serpent Puzzle: $14 AUD (often on sale for $7 AUD. Note: not available online, but I have still seen these available in offline stores).


(Store locations: Australia wide, mostly on the East Coast.)

Second, Australia-based webstores:

Sister Sensory

Source for: Chewables, Tangles, Fidgets

No shipping price listed on their website, so it seems they calculate based on weight.

The Therapy Store

Source for: Chewables, Tangles, Fidgets

No shipping price listed on their website, so it seems they calculate based on weight. 


Source for: Chewables, Tangles, Fidgets

Shipping is calculated based on the value of your order. $0-$25 is $8.25 AUD shipping; $25-$50 is $14 AUD. I do not recommend this as a good way of determining shipping, since it’s possible via this metric to purchase two chew pendants, which are light, and pay $14 AUD to ship both when they’d both fit in Australia Post’s under 250 gram weight bracket.

Third, international sources:


Source for: Chewables

Despite being located in the US, I really recommend Stimtastic as a source for chewables. This is because Australian stim toy/OT stores only tend to stock Chewigem and ARK Therapeutic chewables, which are usually priced around $20-$22 AUD plus shipping (usually around $10 AUD … thanks, Australia Post). Stimtastic’s chewables are $10 USD or less, so even by the time you pay dollar conversion and international shipping, you’re still often saving money. Depending on the chewable in question, sometimes you can even get two items for the same price as one purchased here in Australia.

(Because of issues of weight, there’s other items that I wouldn’t purchase from Stimtastic and would try to source here in Australia instead, but the chewables are too well priced not to purchase from this store, even with international shipping. Plus the shipping is quick!)


Source for: Squishies

Most things have free standard international shipping. Despite shipping from China, I’ve had everything I’ve purchased so far arrive in three weeks or less. There’s a range of squishies available here, from only a few dollars each to $10 AUD and more for the larger, higher quality squishies. Not paying shipping makes their offerings that much more affordable and I’ve had no problems with the items I’ve bought.


Source for: Squishies, Tangles, Spinners, Knock-off Fidget Cubes

A great many of these things also have free standard international shipping from China, Hong Kong, the Philippines. Please note that quality varies widely and most of these things (especially the cheaper free shipping options) are knock-offs. (Check out this post of mine about the knock-off eBay Tangles: they work just like a Tangle Creations-packaged Tangle, but they’re lighter, looser and clickier.) For stimmers without a lot of money, though, these things are well worth checking out, especially if you don’t mind something clickier and louder (fidget cubes particularly).

If you need more help with finding sources closer to your state, please let us know. I’ve probably forgotten something, but my wrist is starting to hurt so I’ll end this one here! Being Victorian, I have more resources than many other Australian stimmers, but availability varies so widely from state to state, at times it’s like being in another country. I know a lot of what I take for granted just isn’t available elsewhere.

- Mod K.A.

Siti Khadijah Market - Malaysia

Siti Khadijah market is a fresh food market located in the middle of the islamic city of Kota Bharu. Also known as Central Market, everything from fresh fish and eggs, to exotic fruits, such as durian, can be found at this market. 

The market is named after the  Prophet Muhammad’s entrepreneurial wife. This is fitting, as the market is predominantly run by women. 

How does sugaring work?  Honey, let me take you by the hand ...

I received this message from a lovely young woman who is “trying to do her research”:

Hey! I was wondering if you can let me know how sugaring works exactly. Like I get the summary of it but I’m more so curious as to how some women get sugar daddies who are fine w companionship etc

Oh also may you maybe add in what’s best to start off? As a escort, spoiled girlfriend, sugar baby (platonic/‘mentor) etc?  j really appreciate your help

Honey, let me take you by the hand as we go through the Looking Glass!

Experienced and successful SBs say that sugaring is a lifestyle.  And they are absolutely right!  In many respects, it is completely different from the way you approach and live in your “vanilla” world, and in other respects, the two overlap; for example, a good “sugar hustle” can serve you well in a “vanilla career”, but the fact remains that sugaring is a unique craft or skill.  

Sugaring is about pleasing a man and providing him with an experience that he cannot or does not get in his own “vanilla” life, but, equally important, it is about making sure that you are pleased and satisfied in return.  For most SBs, this involves meaningful financial support as the bedrock foundation of a good sugar relationship, and that is the way it should be! You can spin it anyway you want, but the truth is that a good SB is providing a “service” first and foremost, and, in return for “services rendered”, she should be compensated. So, that, in my opinion, is the first rule of sugaring.  It takes time to find the right “price point” that is appropriate for you and there are myriad factors that come into play; including your location (big or small “market”), your financial needs and goals, the type of sugaring you want to do (platonic, long distance, skyping, sexual, extended meetings or short dates), and your work/school/home situation.

Like any skill, work, career or profession, sugaring has a learning curve; often a steep one at that! There are no shortcuts, there are no “one size fits all” manuals that are going to transform you from a newbie to an experienced SB overnight.  It takes time to learn the craft of sugaring.  It takes commitment and dedication.  You will make mistakes, and you have to learn from those mistakes. You will encounter personality types that you have never dealt with before – whether good, bad or even monstrous – and you will have to have or get a “thick skin” if you are to succeed! You can read the blogs of SBs all day long, which is very good and important, but reading a blog (even mine! lol) is NOT going to transform you into an experienced SB; you have to experience the bowl for yourself!  Above all, always be careful, stay safe and trust your instinct.  I often say this, and I’ll say it again, because it is TRUTH: never let financial need cloud your judgment!  Decisions made based on financial need are almost always bad decisions!  Do not put yourself into unsafe situations; do not “trust” some guy that you have just met (or are going to meet) and do not be intimidated or manipulated into doing something that you know that you do not want to do!

Especially in the beginning, feel free to reach out your SB sisters if you have questions; and, when possible, try to do that BEFORE you make a decision or commitment.  I always feel bad for a SB that posts an “after action report” about a mistake that she made; I think, damn, if she would have posted a question before she went on that date, she could have avoided the entire mess!

I think the best way to start is to sign up on a sugaring website.  There are a lot of them out there, and, believe me, at this point, since sugaring has achieved a “mainstream” presence in our society and culture, every single sugaring website is going to be loaded with guys who are salty, creepy, freaky, perverted, childish, foolish, stupid and mean.  One of the true skills of sugaring is being able to weed those losers out without wasting too much of your time and focus on real POTs.  Again, that skill takes time to develop.  No shortcuts there!

I have only used SA, and it has worked for me.  I know that a lot of SBs don’t like it, but, quite frankly, I think the same can be said for any sugaring website out there.  

I have posted my thoughts on various aspects of starting out as a new SB, and, rather than repeating those points here at length, here are the links.  Read them! I think they will provide you with a good starting point on some of the Dos and Don’ts that may actually save you some time and frustration.

Avoiding burnout with sugaring websites

Using your profile picture to communicate your message

Learn from a Newbie’s mistakes; SA Profile No-Nos

Make sure you get the money off him before he gets the clothes off you! 

What to put in your profile

Advice on whether sugaring is right for you

I want to address one part of the question that you asked me; i.e., whether it is possible to be a strictly platonic SB.  I can tell you that I have never sought out or been involved in a platonic arrangement; i.e., one that did not involve sexual intimacy.  I imagine that it is possible, but there is a unique set of challenges that come with drawing the line to exclude sex.  I do think it is more difficult to find a SD that is willing to pay you “top dollar” for just social companionship and, as other SBs have posted, if the thought of having sex with an older guy turns you off, maybe you should rethink whether sugaring is “right for you”, if for no other reason than you still have to “compete” with SBs who are willing to have sex with these guys.  Now, I’m not saying that you have to “hop into bed” with a guy on the “first date”, but, I do think that you will make your sugaring life easier if you are willing to acknowledge and accept that sex going to be “on the menu”.  

Turning to your last question, i.e., the best way to “start off” is difficult to answer because the escort, spoiled girlfriend, sugar baby (platonic/'mentor) routes are so completely different.  Sure, they share certain things in common, but, ultimately, they are very distinct approaches to “alternative relationships/lifestyles.” Again, it is all a matter of experience; some girls who start out as escorts end up going the sugar daddy route and vice versa, because, at least in part, they learn, over time, what sort of “vibe” and experience works best for them. Again, there is no substitute for experience, dipping your toe into the bowl, so to speak and finding out what works for you.

Finally, do not measure your success or progress by what you read on blogs!  Sugaring is very personal and individual-specific.  You may find a SD that you think is absolutely perfect that someone else would say is “splenda” or “salt”.  The only thing that matters is your own happiness and satisfaction!

Glasgow Named McLaren European Retailer of the Year

McLaren Glasgow, in Glasgow, Scotland, has been named McLaren European Retailer of the Year for the second year running, in recognition of its sales performance and highest standards of business operation.

The Retailer of the Year program saw entries from the full McLaren retailer network in Europe, comprising 21 locations in nine key markets. All contenders were benchmarked using an extensive assessment process and rated in key areas such as sales, customer service, after-sales and marketing. McLaren Glasgow emerged as the European Retailer of the Year 2016, joining McLaren retailers in Auckland, Toronto, Kuwait City and Shanghai as one of five regional finalists for the Global Retailer of the Year 2016 Award, due to be announced later this year.