Got myself tied over my Birthday week vacation! Working on some minis for my local game store so they can demo Warhammer Shadespire with unique looking models. 

I may or may not have something to post for Tuesday or Wednesday, since I might dedicate time away for miniature work and the fact they are due by Saturday, I can’t procrastinate!

Next weekend, October 28-29, get ready for things to get dino-sized at your local game store!

Participating stores will host Dino-Sized Sealed events and special four-pack booster drafts Dino-Sized four-pack booster drafts, and Sealed events, with this mini-poster available as a prize!

Find a nearby store at locator.wizards.com!

As a worker at a local game store

I wanna keep my eye out for new players or anyone that may have had a bad day
Reason why is because
I wanna make their day with an unexpected booster pack for them :)
The lgs i work for has a surprising variety of packs :)

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Ok. First time asking, long time reader. How about some headcannons where Asahi, Ushijima and Kuroo see a pretty girl and want to ask for her number? I know Asahi and Toshi would NEVER do it. Maybe their teams are there to push them?

Sorry, it’s been a while! Life and motivations are hectic af lol

I’m trying to focus on the headcanons in my pile to move things along faster so that I can make some room for the Omegaverse AU :P


~Admin Kay


  • Karasuno had decided to meet up at the mall for some “team bonding” (aka shopping)
  • After an hour or so of impulse buys (“Tsukki! You already have a fuckton of dinosaur stuff we need to GO”) they decide to stop by the food court for a break.
  • It’s at that point, while waiting in line to order with Suga and Daichi, that Asahi spots you, arguably the cutest girl in the whole mall, making you way over to the restaurant next to them.
  • Asahi’s first instinct is to turn around and run walk until he’s out of the mall, but his two tormentors friends already have his wrists in deadly grips
  • “Where do you think you’re going?” “Asahi, that girl is cute! You should get her number!” Daichi’s and Suga’s voices are half encouraging and half terrifying (I’ll let you guess which)
  • Honestly, it’s kinda sad how hard Asahi is shaking, whether that’s from fear, anxiety, or he’s struggling to get away, at this point the ace looks less like an ace and more like a scared puppy.
  • Before he can struggle out of their grips, though, he’s already thrust forward so hard that he almost tackles you (poor girl)
  • After a moment of unadulterated fear and fervent apologies (both from Asahi), he miraculously strikes up a conversation with you about your interests. Apparently, you two have a lot in common.
  • Swallowing his fear, he musters up the courage to ask you for your number. Face flushing, you write it on his hand and remind him to text you later
  • Asahi walks back to the traitors, and what do you know, Suga and Daichi’s faces are smug af. We all know that on the inside they’re proud parents.


  • It’s an all intensive summer camp for the Shiratorizawa volleybaes, and the coach had the team run with Ushijima down his usual route (extremely difficult in and of itself)
  • All of the boys were halfway dying already (with the exception of Ushijima), so they decided to take a short break in your neighborhood’s park to chill in the shade and drink water.
  • Meanwhile, you were reading a book on a nearby bench (let’s be real tho, you were also checking out that ushi-booty).
  • While you were staring glancing not paying attention to Ushijima at all, a certain intuitive blocker happened to notice your (not) staring.
  • “Oi, I think that girl over there likes you.” Tendou nudged Ushijima and nodded towards you, “She’s cute~. Why don’t you get her number~?”
  • Ushijima turned his attention your way, meeting your stare with a piercing gaze (scaring you partially out of your skin) and got up to walk towards the bench you’re sitting at.
  • Shiratorizawa is sh00k “he’s…not actually going to do it is he?”
  • The team watched as Ushijima politely greeted you and sat down on the bench. In a feat they never thought they’d ever see in their lifetimes, Ushijima managed to actually converse with you and was his smile always this adorable???
  • The team’s collective jaw dropped when they see you take out a spare bookmark, write something on it, and hand it to Ushijima. In a move that practically gave every person in the park an aneurysm, Ushijima said something again and gently kissed your hand in a sweet, albeit traditional, gesture. (Rip Reader, I’d be ded™ after that)
  • When Ushijima jogged back to the team, they asked him how/what/why did he do that? His answer was simple “She had a great taste in literature”
  • Shiratorizawa is STILL SH00K

(I always like to headcanon Ushijima as a classic guy who likes literature..idk why but like…it makes me really happy. So this was also kinda self-indulgent lol ~Kay)


  • After a long day of practice, Kenma dragged Kuroo to the local game store to try to grab a new game that he’d heard about. Of course this means that Kuroo had to help him look (it’s time for hell). He didn’t really know why, Kenma usually preferred getting his games online.
  • Apparently this was a very popular game because there weren’t any left, at least for Kenma’s console.
  • What seemed like hours of searching and scanning for some kind of sign (of that game), Kuroo finally spots it!
  • As soon as Kuroo closed his hand around the accursed game, he feels a tug of resistance from the bottom half of it. He looked down, to find you holding on to the other half, a stubborn pout painted across your features. Who is this cute, angry lady-child? he thought.
  • You were prepared to throw down for this game, he could see it in your eyes, but Kuroo looked like he was waiting for an opportunity like this (…besides, he can’t afford to have his ass handed to him over a video game, best friend or not)
  • He used his superior height to tug the game out of your grip, and leaned down to whisper “I’ll let you have this game…if you give me your number.”
  • To be quite honest, you weren’t expecting a fight over a game to “end” so civilly…heck, you didn’t even expect to be hit on when you walked out of the house this evening. Eh what the heck, he’s cute as hell, and he was willing to give you the game. It was a win-win situation.
  • “Alright fine, let me see your phone” you quickly typed your name and number into his contacts, embellishing it with a couple of cute emojis, and motioned for the game.
  • The deal was done. He handed you your prize, with a charming smile and a quick wink “My name’s Kuroo, I’ll text you later! If I live after this…”
  • After paying for the game, you could hear Kenma’s enraged screeches from the other side of the store. You decided not to hang around too long for the aftermath.
99% of my Magic: the Gathering collection has been stolen.

This is not a joke or a setup. I’m kinda bummed.

If anyone in the western Washington (Tacoma, Seattle) area of the United States has any questions or information, please contact me privately. I have a list of high-profile cards for anyone who would like it. I am missing nine commander decks and one modern deck as well as Modern Masters Box pulls, and the approximate value of the stolen cards is $2,200.00 USD. A police report has been filed and I have contacted local game stores and the network therein. 

Where do I even go from here? Nowhere, honestly. And that’s not such a bad thing. The cards were, well, they were just cards. Things. There’s only so much attachment I can have to them. But it was a decade of collecting, so many years of fun and community, and now it’s gone. I’m still kind of numb. It’s something to work through, and no matter how much I thought it wouldn’t happen to me, well, now it did.


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Find a local board game group and forcibly insert yourself into their dnd sessions. That's how I keep finding groups! Seriously though, board game meetups are a great place to start if you want to try dnd.

im afraid of my local game store everyone there is hardcore gamerz they spend like $50000000000 on magic the gathering i cant compete with that devotion i cant goof off amongst people who admittedly have sold their souls to the gamer gods

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5 players and 1 DM who have never played D&D before. As the DM - please help me haha

Oh man, you’re in for some fun!

First off, I highly recommend you sit with each player while they make their characters. That way you get familiar with everything that character can do, and what the players want from their characters. 

  • Do they want an epic quest, or to play the hack and slash backup for other people’s epic quests? 
  • What kind of things from their backstory can you exploit later in the campaign to make them more invested? 
  • Any special quests you’d like to do just for their benefit? 

Second, consider what kind of campaign you want to do. There’s pros and cons of any type. Pre made campaigns require less prep work, but they’re harder to customize to the way your players want to play. Making your own campaign is a lot more work, but can end up more satisfying and memorable for your players.

Since none of you have played before, I’d probably go with a pre made. Pick one as a group that everyone has interest in, and go for it! I personally enjoy horde of the dragon queen, but there’s a ton more out there. That one’s an official release from wizards and there are also a ton of home brews to find online. 

Some tips for pre-made campaigns:

  • Note that I said *less* prep, not *no* prep. There will always be prep work. 
  • You should definitely read through the entire adventure thoroughly, so you know where you’re going, and you should read the part that you’ll play next several times over. 
  • Make sure you have all the monsters readily available before the start of play. Basic stats like health, marked page numbers in the monster manual, etc. 
  • These campaigns will have specific parts you’re supposed to read to your players. Practice them. Rewrite them if you don’t think you sound authentic when reading it, but whatever you do Practice Reading It Out Loud so you aren’t fumbling over your words in game and you can keep a steady flow. 
  • Consider what you’ll do if {when} they go off track. Are you prepared to alter course and let them go off before guiding them back to where they need to be, or are you going to immediately put a block on them so they have to go where the quest says to go? Either way is fine, and there’s no shame in the second option. Its railroading, which gets a bad rap, but its perfectly acceptable in some situations. 

Third: remember that this is a game and you’re supposed to be having fun. If your players aren’t enjoying themselves, ask if they’d like to try out a different type of quest or a new setting. Sometimes it take a bit for people to find their stride. 

Also, your players will do something you didn’t expect or plan for. They also might get totally off track and do something stupid for a while. Let them! Sometimes that stupid shit is the most memorable thing and they’ll be talking about it for years to come. Hell, I still tell a story that happened in a game I was in 8 years ago! That random, off the wall, sometimes stupid shit is what makes this game great. You don’t get that from a video game unless the developers put it in there, and that frankly just isn’t as much fun. 

Obviously there is a time to reign people in, like when members of the party start getting bored and frustrated with it. I err on the side of ‘let them be stupid’ but even I know that there are times I should step in and move the story along. Knowing when that moment is takes some intuition and experience, but you’ll get the hang of it!

As an aside to all this talk of players going off track, if they do something you were totally unprepared for it’s OK to ask for a game break so you can figure out what to do next. There is no shame in that, and your players should appreciate it because it means you really care about the game and you want to give them something good rather than pulling something not so great out of thin air. 

Lastly, here are some resources I have used when creating this game that I’m doing now. It’s been a hot minute since I’ve even played D&D, and even longer since I was a DM, so I made sure to be prepared. As evidenced in one of my more popular posts…

  • GM tips from Geek and Sundry. I know a lot of people got into D&D lately because of their Critical Role series, so you might already know about this series. https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PL7atuZxmT9570U87GhK_20NcbxM43vkom
  • DM’s Guild. This is one of my favorite websites to find campaigns, setting help, random tables for anything from the weather to NPC names or random rumors you can plant and make a quest from, and a whole lot more: https://www.dmsguild.com/ 
  • Dungeon Master’s Block. This is a podcast that deals with a variety of issues that come up while trying to DM a game. They have one particular episode that every new DM should listen to, which is episode 44: DMing for Dummies. Not that you’re a dummy, it’s just a great overview of DMing! I listened to it very first when I found this podcast, and it was great. After having a listen to that episode, just skip around to topics that interest you. And make sure you take notes, there is a lot of helpful info in there but that won’t do you any good if you don’t remember it!  https://dungeonmasterblock.podbean.com/
  • How to Play Dungeons and Dragons 5e, from Don’t Stop Thinking. If you watch or listen to nothing else, watch this video series. Also send it to your players. He walks you through all the basics of combat, the RP, and there’s a few videos at the end where he guides you through character creation. It’s a really great little series, and it’s even animated! https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLJmFJXf3BXjwXkNFo_-iwtHb24AuJcXqx&app=desktop
  • Finally, the best place to learn is just from listening to and watching more experienced DM’s. I already mentioned Critical Role, but other real play shows/podcasts are fantastic. My personal favorite is the Sneak Attack! podcast. Another option is to find a local game store and see if they have a D&D night where you can observe and possibly ask the DM questions after or before the game. 

Good luck with your game, I hope this helps, and I wanna say again have fun! 

O great battlecrazed-axe-mage, could you help me identify these dice? I pulled them out of the tank at my Friendly Local Game Store but have been unable to find the two to complete the set, despite many tank dives and google searches. (Also, if it helps, they’re a little more off-white than pure white irl)

Ooooh, interesting! It looks like most of a set of Chessex opaque white or ivory (white is my guess, ivory is a bit yellower) got a mistaken painting with copper numbers instead of black–likely why they were in the bulk order, but that looks really nice on them! You may not be able to find their matches, but if you can find a matching paint, it’s dead simple to ink a normal white d12 and d20 to complete the set.

Glitch In The Matrix Stories #28

I Duplicated A Box Of Magic: The Gathering Cards

I have a deck of Magic cards themed around Elves that I dusted off to show a friend last night at my local game store. I haven’t opened this box in almost 2 years. It was my first deck. Before I left, I opened up the box and looked at the deck list that I had put in the box, and checked to make sure all the cards were there, which they were. 

I went up to my LGS and played some (with a different deck) and my friend had to leave before I could show him the deck, at which point I left too and came straight home. When I got home I played on my computer and went to bed, the deck remained in my bag.

This morning, I woke up and the deck box was sitting on my desk. I thought it was odd, but brushed it off figuring I had put it there last night and forgot to put it on my shelf where it sits. Well, I went to my bag to grab some cards I got last night to put in a different deck and there’s that box. It’s the same box. I thought that I had accidentally picked up someone else’s box. And so I look through it and it’s the same deck. Down to which cards are foil and what version it came from. No one but me has seen this deck since the last time I played it, 2 years ago.

Credits to: crushcastles23

Someone Was Missing

Me and four other friends of mine were hanging out after school because there was pizza or something- I don’t really remember why we stayed. We were bored and wandering the hallways when one of our guy friends excused himself to go to his sports practice. The locker room for that particular sport is in the basement, a place well known for its title, “The Dungeon”.

Now it was me and three other girls and we were just messing around the stairs, going down into The Dungeon, when one of the faculty members began coming down to where we were. We freaked out and got the hell out of there (because four girls messing around the guy’s locker room isn’t exactly “OK”).

As we were about to go back to the main part of the school, my friend stopped and said “Wait, somebody’s missing.”

At that point I got horrible goosebumps, like not the “oh that’s creepy haha” goosebumps, but the “something is terribly wrong here and we need to go NOW” goosebumps. The air just seemed dangerous and off and it still gives me goosebumps to this day.

We never figured out who was missing because it had been us four girls since our guy friend left, and we couldn’t figure out why we felt that way. I can only think that somebody had been with us and they were kind of “erased” from the universe, and we don’t remember.

Credits to: keikabug

Flash With Silhouettes

I must have seven or eight years old. That’s somewhere in the early 90′s. it must have been 11 pm or so and I was getting ready to sleep in my parents’ bedroom. I could see the dark sky out of the window. The lights were off. I was staring at the sky, when suddenly I saw 3 simultaneous and separate flashes in the sky, equidistant from each other, and a godlike figure in each of them. 

From what I can remember they looked like 3 Indian gods- Bramha, Vishnu and Mahesh (Shiva). Just one flash and they disappeared. I cannot give you the exact description of the figures as it was long time ago and whenever I try to re-see it in my mind, I can see just 3 silhouettes. The reason I’d call it a ‘glitch’ is because I can clearly remember my eyes were wide open at the time (I wasn’t dreaming).

Credits to: tekenaki

My Clothes Keep Duplicating

A little backstory about me. I’m a male 23 year old who lives with his parents, brother and grandmother. The washing, putting away of clothes etc is done by my mom.

One day I noticed that one of my favourite pair of pants was missing. Black sweatpants with cuffed ankles that were the comfiest pair of pants to wear. At first I thought my mom had placed it in one of the other wardrobes in the house or was hidden away by my grandma who seems to move items into seemingly strange places due to her dementia. 

After about a month of searching, I thought the pants were a goner - alas I was wrong. As it turns out, I found the pair in the boot of my car buried under bags and other items that i kept hoarded in the back of my car. When I placed it back in my wardrobe for a split second I was confused. An exact pair of the same pants was in my wardrobe. I don’t recall ever buying a second pair nor did I recall ever picking someone else’s pair up from a party, nor does anyone else in the house wear these same kind of pants. I didn’t think much of it at the time as I was more happy at the fact that I had a second pair of my favourite pants. 

After a month however, another item of clothing went missing- a denim button up shirt. Again after about a month of searching, the shirt popped up in my closet… twice. The first time I saw it, I assumed my mom had finally found the shirt (there are 3 bathrooms with 3 separate laundry bins in my house) and after questioning her, this theory turned out to be correct. 

However, that day when I arrived home, threw the shirt in the laundry bin, showered and came back to my room, the exact same shirt was there. I questioned my mum about it and she recalls only cleaning one (albeit there are a lot of clothes my mum cleans and sometimes gets my grandma to help out as it helps give her a bit of structure with her illness). This however hasn’t stopped there. 

In the past two years I’ve had socks, a t-shirt, a jumper and a pair of underwear duplicate with each time just as perplexing as the last. I have a coat that has been currently missing for the past year (I might have genuinely lost that one) and am totally perplexed as to what’s been going on.

Credits to: roprobro

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I want to create a large "library" of your wonderful tokens, one which I can take with me when I travel to my local gaming store. Any recommendations for miniture storage?

So, because I glue my minis to paper bases I use an old Warhammer carrying case and just toss ‘em all in there - it’s a terribly ignoble way to go about it and I feel guilty every time.

But, if you are using clip bases that you can easily take on/off the paper minis then I’ve seen both of these methods used to good effect,

The paper filing folder, great for even the large paper minis (just make sure you get a flexible “accordion” style one that will let you open up each folder wide enough to pull out any tiny minis that might have gotten wedged at the bottom)

and then the other way I’ve seen is to use collectible card sleeves/binders,

Kinda neat being able to have a page for “undead” or “goblins” or whatever.

Anyhow, I hope that helps!


Lots of gameplay lately and more to come. Over the weekend played Dominion, King of Tokyo and family favorite Pit. Then last night was Pandemic. Started with 5 Epidemic cards. Proceeded to draw one on the first pull and the game went downhill from there. So played with 4, which we handily beat. So tried 5 again and got 3 of 4 cured before we hit max outbreaks. Oh, well. This weekend my youngest has her 15th birthday party at the local game store, and later this month my oldest will have board games at her grad party (in a park). Also talking with a local coffee shop about having “game nights.” As the man says “Play More Games.”