As a huge fan of the Marvel Legends series, Hasbro is bringing out a 12" series as well! Captain America, Iron Man, and Spider-Man are the first three coming out soon! So be sure to ask your friendly local game store if they have these amazingly detailed and articulated figures on pre-order today! 

Do you collect any of the Marvel Legend figures?

From Someone Who Works At A Card Shop

PLEASE, PLEASE Clean up after yourself!

If your LGS offers food or drinks, please make sure you put the garbage where it belongs, in the trash cans. That goes for pack wrappers too.

I had to spend 20 minutes Saturday cleaning up every single table at the store I work at, simply because people couldn’t be bothered to walk 5 feet to the nearest trash can to put their trash there themselves.

@flavoracle, do you have anything fatherly to add to this?

I really enjoy my LGS, but my main complaint concerning it is that some of the guys there are total dudebros and complete assholes towards women.

For example, I was talking to a girl that I usually play against that’s really good. She had just made some changes to her deck and said something along the lines of, “I’d say we could sit down and you could take a look at it, but there’s nowhere to sit.“ As if on cue, this guy shifts around in his chair and says, “There’s a seat right here for ya,” motioning to his lap.

Seeing a golden opportunity to teach this guy a lesson I moved toward him and said “Awh sweet! Thank you!“ Just as I was about to not sit on his lap he threw a string of “no’s” and curses at me, which the girl I was talking to followed with, “Well, you did offer.“


Magic: the Gathering - LGS with new drive through

Get Your Fun On / Famous Faces & Funnies gaming store / comic / hobby shop had a bit of a nasty surprise yesterday (27th May) as an elderly woman attempted to use the non-existent drive-through service.

If you can provide a witty caption for this beyond that of the above store sign, please pipe in.

Kidding aside, I am happy to hear that there were no serious / life-threatening injuries during this accident.  Also happy to hear that the store’s fans came out to help clean-up - what a great community!   Get Your Fun On / Famous Faces & Funnies are already back up and running.

Get Your Fun On / Famous Faces & Funnies
3030 W New Haven Ave
West Melbourne, Florida


Watch out, Kotobukiya is bringing a new Neon Genesis Evangelion: Eva Unit-01 Godzilla colored version kit! This December kit release has 300 pre-colored parts, so no painting needed! This Unit stands 7.5 inches tall and has multiple points of articulation! Be sure to talk to your friendly local game store to find out if they have this kit on pre-order today!

finalfandomxv  asked:

Random question(hope this hasn't already been answered) but can you actually purchase the Titan's grave game to play?! O.o

You can! It’s published by Green Ronin. You can get it at your local game store, or from a bunch of different places online.


Straight out of Nickelodeon’s TMNT Movie, Out of the Shadows, comes Bebop and Rocksteady in 1/6 scale from Threezero! Both have over 25 points of articulation with sculpted likeness to their Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles likeness. Talk to your friendly local game store to find out how you can pre-order these March release knuckleheads!

silerrin  asked:

Just wanted to say that the Judging community I've seen are super inspiring, and helped me get from a time where I was missing month after month of events after I started in Origins from social anxiety, to getting second place in last week's FNM at my local game store. And that's before the other things having Magic to work on my anxiety helped with, like getting back to school, so thanks for all your hard work!

Always glad to help. :)

littlelibrarianintraining  asked:

keith’s shack: what would your dream home be like?

now i’m not sure exactly what it would -look- like, but some key features of my dream home would be:

  • an arcade room filled with various rhythm games, such as jubeat, pop’n music, neon fm, and pump it up.
  • a floor or house pathway made up of a bunch of led panels that i can control the light pattern it displays, including a mode where the panels light-up when you step on them. i will make sure to have a whole room with these panels, for intense dance parties.
  • a fridge filled with nothing but sandwiches.
  • speakers throughout the house so music is playing no matter where i am
  • a home theatre where i can watch all my cartoons and anime
  • a voltron shrine room, complete with a scale voltron replica (guys i’m pretty sure i saw one in my local video game store for like $250…it’s so tempting….)
  • a figurine display room, combined with my poster art gallery

Such a simple but great look to these Warhammer bracelets! About half of these have already been sold to a local gaming store but there’s more in the making for a gaming tournament soon. Anything left afterwards will be put in the shop!