YFIP : @foodball 

  • loves Isco #problematic 

  • knows its #problematic to love Isco

  • but cant stop

    (thats Carly fighting me for him :/)

  • turns into /that/ bayern fan sometimes

    (^ when i asked what this other BuLi team was celebrating. smh)

  • is Arsenal’s lucky charm :)

    (seriously, we win whenever she watches? WHEN WILL YOUR FAVE)

  • is super talented and Getting Stuff Done? WOWZ


  • is an IOS user and constantly bullies me, a local android loyalist

  • drags me in general

  • truly she lives for drags and drama 👀

  • tbh find a better drag duo than us?

  • we really love each other A Lot

  • but she’s the sappy one

    (yeah that was a RM reference but we truly are picha-bros so its ok)

  • wanted to show me photoshopped Bald Mesut. i blocked her
  • THIS :


New Doctor Who “Sleep No More” Promo Pics!!!

The Doctor chokes Clara out for not being as good as Amy Pond.  A group of aliens look on in approval.

A local android has both a drinking and a gambling problem.

The Doctor must question a hotel porter about strange going’s-on.  He finds him to be pleasant and not at all drunk.

Some holograms are naked.

Party guests menaced by tractor beams.  Can the Doctor save them?  Or will he just keep dancing?

This bitch.

The Doctor must face his ultimate foe.  Who will prevail???

geronimoxdingdong-deactivated20  asked:

"Ehem, hello, hi, Doctor. This is your local neighborhood android Doctor come to pick you up for our hat date. I've chosen my olive green double-breasted trench coat and matching green thinly striped tie for the occasion." [I hope this is okay but it seems so sweet lol]

The Doctor smiled and clapped his hands. “ Oi, about time, I’ve ben waiting much longer than I expected.  But oh my, android Doctor, you look absolutely astonishing in that coat. and that tie is just dreamy.”

((OMG. You just made my day already with this. xD ))