Loading Ready Run

10•24•15 || 2/100 days of productivity || so I accidentally forgot about this yesterday and the day before :/ but I’ll pretend this is my day 2! setting up a homework schedule for the day, digging my post-its and flowers || watching Commodore Hustle


In case you missed it last week, the official site for Strip Search, a reality game show created by Penny Arcade in which webcomic artists compete for a totally baller grand prize, went live! The show itself isn’t due to start airing until the end of the month, but they’ve posted bios and introductory videos for each of the competitors. This is mine!

You can visit the site to learn more about the show and my fellow competitors. You an also follow my sideblog for The Cloud Factory to learn more about my upcoming webcomic! Yeah!!


THIS IS SO GOOD. Disdainful Stroke + this? Counterspells are coming back, baby! I hope.


New update of The Eternally Injured Ninja over at Dumm Comics! Go check it out! Also, fellow Dumm Comics artist Katie Rice has just announced she’s participated last month in the Strip Search show being done by Loading Ready Run and Penny Arcade with 11 other artists (Sort of like Master Chef or Project Runway, but low budget and for comic artists!) All the best to everyone involved! :D


New Friday Nights!

There’s no time to relax, as Paul tries to crack Magic Origins ahead of the Pro Tour with the help of an algorithm that is slightly suspect. Meanwhile, Ladies’ Night is overtaken by a pair of Spikey villains. Sort of.