Imagine: Being an elf from Lothlórien and joining the Fellowship where you grow close to Legolas and slowly fall in love. [x] [x]

Legolas: It has been a pleasure talking to you, Y/N. I wish I could stay longer.
Y/N: I’m not planning on leaving you just yet, Legolas- I’ve been invited to join the Fellowship and travel with you on your journey.
Legolas: Y/N, that’s… that’s great. *smiles* I will not have to say goodbye to you so soon, then?
Y/N: No, it appears not. *smiles*

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Ambarussa at MFC

More photos here: https://hisielome.wordpress.com/finished-ambarussa/ambarussa-at-mfc/

I was at the Medieval Fantasy Convention in Solingen last weekend, and I had a lot of fun. One of my highlights was our Tolkien cosplay shoot to which I managed to invite one of the two Middle-earth guests at the convention, Craig Parker (Haldir) - photo see below.

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