We're not allowed to be mad at Riot?


Maybe it’s not fair to be angry at Riot for the stream not working due to internet issues, but it’s certainly fair to be angry with them for not having LAN compatibilities built into their game. Just like it’s fair to be angry at Riot for not having replays. Just like it was fair to be angry when there was no spectator mode. Just like it’s fair to be mad at ANY company that doesn’t please its customers. Why is there an exception being made for Riot?

I’m not mad myself, but putting myself in the shoes of, WE, all of the people attending the event, or even the casters, I sure as hell would be mad. Some people traveled from across the world to go to this event (paying hundreds of dollars) and they got cut short almost a full day. I can’t even imagine how mad everyone on was after the second disconnect since they were so incredibly close to winning and advancing to the semi-finals.

Riot is a company and they need to be held accountable for their poor decision making. Not having LAN compatibility in the game before a two million dollar tournament is absolutely mind-boggling to me. I don’t know why Riot has such a difficult time putting features into a game that other games have had for YEARS (i.e. replays and LAN compatibility). I think it’s fair for us to be angry at Riot for LoL not having features that a game made OVER TEN YEARS AGO has (Warcraft III).

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This kid is the most adorable “Summoner in Training” ever. 


I have the hugest mancrush on Dyrus right now.

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A more emotional interview with Xpecial after TSM’s game against OMG today.

OFFICIAL League of Legends Season 4 World Championship Power Rankings

Our top analysts have put together a list ranking the 20 teams who participated in the Season 4 World Championship group stage. Obviously ranking the top participants in any game is never simple - For instance, Samsung Blue might beat Samsung White consistently, but that doesn’t necessarily mean Blue is a better team than White since White performs much better against teams that aren’t Blue and Blue performs much worse against teams that aren’t White. But we do believe our list is the most accurate representation of the current power level among all Worlds participants thus far.

  1. KaBuM! e-Sports
  2. ahq e-Sports Club
  3. Samsung White
  4. Samsung Blue
  5. TSM
  6. C9
  7. NaJin White Shield
  8. Edward Gaming
  9. Star Horn Royal Club
  10. OMG
  11. LMQ
  12. Taipei Assassins
  13. Dark Passage
  14. garbage
  15. poop
  16. SK Gaming
  17. Faker. Just Faker, playing by himself.
  18. Fnatic
  19. my Bronze III ranked team, the Iran Contras
  20. Alliance