LoK Spoilers

One thing I really appreciate about lok and atla was how stunning the visuals were. I really love the scene in the finale where Korra and Kuvira end up in the spirit world. It’s beautiful.

I’m going to miss the show, but I am truly grateful for the work that was put into the series.


Nothing tastes sweeter than a canon OTP

  • korrasami:has deep conversation alone at the very end
  • korrasami:walks off hand in hand into the portal alone and step towards each other while gazing into each others' eyes at literally the last part of the show
  • bryke and other crew members:reblog/share korrasami support/confirmed articles
  • fans:hMMMMM idk it was so unclear they're just friends don't try to make it anything more

I’m still in awe over the fact that - after risking her life, Raava’s “life,” and the Avatar cycle - Korra managed to bend the equivalent of a nuclear explosion, manipulating and deflecting enough spiritual energy to blast a whole through the plane dividing the two realms of the Avatar-verse. Not through the earth or anything like that, but through dimensions.

Literally no one in Avatar-history has demonstrated this kind of power and Korra is queen goddess of everything.

“You think your power has limits. I say it’s limitless.”