LoK 3x11

Mako can’t shut up about Korra

When I first watched “The Voice in the Night” (1x04), I thought that Asami was just being polite speaking to Korra here. It just seemed a little weird to me that Mako would say much about Korra to Asami.

Then we get to “The Ultimatum” (3x11) and Grandma Yin mistakes Asami for Korra.

Apparently, Mako told his grandma “so much” about Korra. We didn’t really see much of it though. And where did Grandma Yin get the idea that the Avatar is beautiful? She’s just being really nice here, right?

But then…

…we get to “Remembrances” (4x08). All Wu has to do is ask and Mako starts talking about Korra.

Mako even gets frustrated when Wu interrupts his story about Korra because he wants to keep talking about Korra so badly.

If Mako didn’t feel like telling Wu that much about his relationship with Korra, he easily could’ve changed the subject here and talked about his pro-bending career. But nah, he keeps talking about Korra.

And he’s interrupted more than once.

And just as annoyed by being interrupted.

Really all you have to do is ask Mako about Korra and he’ll go on…and on…and on.