Hey guys! It’s been a few weeks since I uploaded, but I’m finally done with my summer job so I took some time to finish this little guy.

This is the 5th entry as part my Spirit Project - I try to model a spirit from The Legend of Korra every week (ahem ahem) or so this summer. This one can be found in the Art Book for the third season I believe, I don’t have it with me at the moment.

So here’s a little four-legged catfish / armadillo leaf spirit! I definitely had more fun rendering this time, I ended up with a result I was happy with quite quickly, and I like how the eyes look ! 

Hope you like it !

So umm...

I’ve been thinking about giving up this blog.

I had the blog for over a year now. And I don’t wanna just straight up leave.

If you don’t already have a sideblog and want to reblog/post exclusively Avatar/Korra stuff this is the way to go! (or you already post ATLA/LoK and good at multi managing, whatever floats ur boat) 

There are no perks. Just posting ATLA/LoK stuff periodically.

If your interested: 

Requirements: Follow this blog, message me your username and age

And yeah. If you have any questions message me also.


Okay, I designed a shirt for Dan, but I hate it when muscle work goes to waste. I may or may not put up his fully clothed version >.> So, here’s Danuma from my anchorverse fic Sea of Chains.

Also, my kainora baby Nima (who’s the protagonist of the fic and the person Dan is companion to for height comparison). He’s 6′4 and she’s appox 5′4 (maybe slightly shorter).

She smol. He tol and swol.

I’m a mess for height differences okay.

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