The RFA as Black Butler Charas

Jumin Han as Sebastian

Both black haired hotties, have weird humor and love cats. 

Yoosung as Finny

I mean seriously, they could be twins xD

Seven as Grell Sutcliff

The mischievous, mysterious weirdo. Crossdress!

Zen as Pluto

THE BEAST™!!! Also both show their abs… a lot

Saeran as Snake

Poor, misunderstood babys. Just want a family… and a cuddle

Rika as Lizzy

Innocence on the outside, drama on the inside

MC as Paula

Has absolutly no idea how she ended up in so much drama. Kind and happy marshmallow


Miss Vanderwood as Mey-Rin


Seeing these two amazing leaders together makes me so sad. Kahi started crying because she saw Nu’est and Jonghyun said he almost cried because of Kahi. The moment I saw Kahi crying I started bawling as well. Kahi was the one who first introduced Nu’est back when they debuted and I think she feels like a mother to them. I just checked instagram and saw that former After School member/leader Jungha also posted about Nu’est saying that she supports them. Lizzy commented on Jungha’s post about how sad it was to see them. I’m just glad that Pledis Artists are supporting them even if Pledis itself isn’t doing a good job.

Also hearing Baekho saying that he wishes Nu’est was as popular as Seventeen or IOI just breaks my heart. These boys are so talented and I just hope that after this they can finally get the recognition they deserve. As always I want to wish all the contestants luck throughout this really tiring and emotional process. © ©


Raina, Nana, Lizzy, Kaeun and former member Jooyeon in pre-wedding pictures for Jungah’s wedding. 💖
- “When it comes to loyalty, it’s After School! Despite all their busy schedules, Joo Yeon, Raina, Nana, Lizzy, and Kaeun showed up for a bridesmaid pictorial. I’m so thankful for them. The other members couldn’t make it, but I understand ^^ I will forever be a good friend to you girls ^^ But wow, we’re all so pretty. It’s hard to find a combination of people like this! Jung Chang Young’s so lucky to have such beautiful sisters-in-law.”