Good skin begins with a good nights sleep

Hi everyone! Sorry I’ve not posted much recently, my laptop has finally given up on me after 6 great years of friendship so I’m needing to buy a new one and hope to do that in the next few weeks.

As a lot of you will know, I’ve did so many posts before about how important sleep is to your skin, your mind and body. I always try and get at least 7 hours of sleep per night and on the days that I don’t manage to get that; I can notice a difference to my mood and my skin.

My boyfriend does completely different shifts from me and often has late starts ect, so when we go to bed, he still wants to watch things on his kindle whilst I sleep which can be annoying because it lights the entire room up. I’ve tried eye masks before and they never seem to really help block anything out and still let the light in at the sides - generally just uncomfortable to wear. I tried out the Bedtime Bliss Eye/Sleep Mask which is one of their best sellers recently as during the week, I get up at 6.30am and want to make sure that I’m feeling refreshed in the mornings – so far, I’ve actually noticed a massive different.

The eye mask is relaxing to wear, doesn’t put any strain or pressure on my eyes and my favourite thing about it is that when you put on your eye cream before going to bed, the shape of the mask does not rub it off and I’ve found that it actually helps the product do what it’s supposed to do without being wiped all over the pillow – bonus for me as that stuff is too expensive to waste haha. I can’t see anything when wearing the mask and this helps me as I’m so easily distracted by my phone lighting up ect so it works to help my mind really shut off from the world. I’ve tried it during the day and it works just as good so it’s ideal for anyone who finds it difficult to sleep, particularly if you do night shifts ect. It came with ear plugs too but thankfully, Mikey just uses his headphones so I don’t hear anything. I got this from Amazon and I believe the mask costs about £8.90 which is brilliant – would also be really good for travelling.

Getting a good night’s sleep is always as important as the skin care you use – often, if you lack sleep, it can cause a decrease in your blood flow and no-one wants that when aiming to have lovely, hydrated skin. Lack of sleep can also cause those puffy eyes we all get from time to time, make your complexion appear dull and take out all the skins natural oils.

Too often in life, there always seems something more important we have to do and sleep is put on the back burner but giving yourself an hour or two each night will give you so many benefits!

What’s your skincare secrets?

Natalie xox

Always a massive Liz Earle fan and this product is amazing for giving your skin the hydration it needs!!

Finding my skin quite sensitive and dry at the moment and using this beauty at night, allowing it to sink into the skin really it doing wonders!