My friends from BYU successfully Kickstarted the second volume of their art anthology Reality Not Included! One of the project heads, Christopher Hayes, asked me to create an 18" poster that would be given to backers.

While searching for inspiration, I stumbled upon a 1924 cover of La Vie Parisienne by George Leonnec. I knew at that moment I needed to paint its companion.

So here’s to impossible couples and finding love in strange places! Just don’t think about the logistics of this particular relationship. Things get weird. Fast.


Hey Friends!

I created a Facebook page for my graphic memoir Tomboy, which is coming out from Zest Books on September 2nd.  I have conflicting feelings about making a promotional page for a book, especially because I’ve been actively trying to LESSEN my social media usage, not increase it, but in the crazy, internet driven world, it seemed like I might as well try it!  

Please go LIKE the page, because the more LIKES it has, the better it looks, and this is all just an ego game, isn’t it?  There’s not much on there yet, but as the release date gets closer, there will be all kinds of goodies.  And, this is especially helpful to those of you who aren’t friends with me on Facebook already: you can hear about the book without having to see pictures of my cats (although I don’t know why you wouldn’t want to see pictures of my cats, they are super cute)!  


it’s Liz Prince‘s OH MY REBLOG contest!!  Simply reblog this post to be entered to win: 

1. a signed copy of Marceline & the Scream Queens #3 featuring her 7 page Lemongrab comic 

2. a color sketch on 4.5"x6" bristol board of the Adventure Time character of your choosing


3. an Adventure Timeage merch pack from the Silver Sprocket Bicycle Club, which includes a Finn Goes To College t-shirt, and all of the stickers, patches, and buttons in the set!

This will make a great gift for yourself or your favorite friend!

The winner will be chosen randomly on Friday (11/30) afternoon.  GOOD LUCK!

“I’ve always thought about gender, as someone who has been categorically ‘gender nonconforming’ for my entire life, I was forced to think about it, but obviously I became more conscious of it as a social issue as I’ve gotten older. And as I’ve met more folks who are genderqueer or trans, it’s been really enlightening to hear their stories, and it got me thinking about my own gender history.

"An unexpected side effect of writing Tomboy is that I have gotten a lot of letters and emails from parents of tomboys, who say that they read the book, and they feel like they understand their children so much better now. I got a really emotional letter from a woman who has a tomboy daughter, who she has in the past tried to force to conform more strictly to a gender norm, and my book made her feel really terrible for doing that, because she understands now that her daughter should be free to express herself the way that is comfortable to her.

"I was really unprepared for receiving feedback like that; letters about how my book has actually changed the way someone approaches their parenting. It’s very validating.”



With intense excitement we now present our first set of screen-prints centered on epic art without a band connection with works from some of our favorite artists in the punk scene – Nation of Amanda, Liz Suburbia, Will Laren, and Andy Warner, and a bonus xmas card by Ferin Fick.

This is a brand new thing for us, and I hope these are well received as there are plenty more punk rocker artists and ambitious designs we hope to make prints for.  But really, what am I saying, of course these will be well received – just look at them!

This first batch of designs is limited to 49 pieces each, every one hand-numbered and dated on the back. Lovely and economical, the 5" x 7" screen-prints are $8 and the 11.75" x 15.75" ones are $14.

The Liz Suburbia “House Shows” print especially has been demanded by everyone who picked up As You Were #1, fuckyea being able to have nice things!