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you give love a bad name

Draco was having a lovely Thursday evening, spending the time reading books on new Quidditch techniques and scribbling down any potion ideas that came to mind. Of course, Draco could be more productive.

Wait. No, he actually couldn’t.

Because Harry was playing unnecessary, loud, cantankerous garbage. Usually, Draco can drown it out and chalk it up to Harry going through a ‘hardcore’ phase.

But it’s been over a year.

His so-called “music” booming from underneath Draco’s room was trembling the floorboards, shaking the windows, and rattling the thoughts inside Draco’s mind. Which wasn’t “punk rock” at all.

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love by its definition is a deep feeling of affection. it’s only that, no butterflies in your stomach or flustered words spilling from your mouth. only a deep feeling of affection, only five words that what never be enough to describe what it felt like to look at bodhi, what it felt like when he started to idly swing their hands back and forth as they walked, what it felt like when his pet names for cassian just rolled from his tongue. no word would ever describe what it was to see bodhi when the sun was dancing on his skin and his soft hands were traveling up to rest on cassians shoulders. no five words would ever be enough to describe how cassian felt about his pilot.

cassian wasn’t even able to say that he loved bodhi, because he felt so much more for him than love. he felt adoration, friendship, loyalty, he could feel everything for bodhi. he could feel the sunshine that generated in his cheeks whenever bodhis thin arm wrapped around his torso, and the cold that plagued his guts when he woke up from a nightmare. he felt empathy for bodhi, another word that the definition was too small for.

“bodhi, i’m not in love with you.” cassian had said to him one night. they were outside partly because the inside of the base was too stuffy and confining, but mainly because bodhi wanted to see the stars.

“pardon?” he questioned. his pretty doe eyes were making cassian feel everything all over again, all of the empathy and affection.

“i’m not in love with you, i’m more than in love with you. i’m astonished by you, impressed, i don’t know but what i feel for you is more than love.” bodhi smiled, a blush rising on his cheeks.

“what do you feel for me then?” cassian smiled and kissed his pilots forehead.

“everything, my dear. i feel everything for you.” bodhi leaned up and kissed cassian, lips soft and motions slow.

“i feel everything for you too, cassian.”

Liz Phair

every time I see your face I think of things unpure unchaste


and Liz… she’s alive


these looks they give… I swear it was like a new sexual awakening for me tbh

Basically Yuko was me

  • Cammie Morgan: plaid shirts, sunrises over miles of farmland, m&m's scattered on a desk, indie music playing softly in the background, old quilts on woodframe beds, running shoes that need to be replaced, well-worn utility knives, the smell of freshly cut grass
  • Bex Baxter: bar-hopping at a quarter to midnight, raw knuckles wrapped in athlete's tape, the sound of a flowing fountain in a big city square, brightly-colored nike workout gear, heeled boots, falling asleep watching bad movies, the smell of exotic food, laughing at innuendo-laden jokes
  • Liz Sutton: floral print shirts, a fleece blanket passing through hands, tall travel mugs of coffee, a stack of science books on a neat desk, white sneakers, cartoon-print Band-Aids, cowboy hats, country music playing loudly on a long trip
  • Macey McHenry: perfectly plucked eyebrows, white wine pouring into a wine glass, high heels, the smell of a freshly-made cappucino, the sound of an exasperated sigh, rolling eyes at bad puns, driving late at night with the windows down, dark-wash jeans

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YESS!!!! oh my gosh yes, north and doyle drinking tea together. doyle confiding in purple dad about his insecurities. north being super reassuring. north and doyle being lovely besties. thank you so much. 


Liz en Septiembre trailer.

Y’ALL. lesbian (and possibly bi) Latinas. It looks like at least one Afro-Latina included. It’s not centered around homophobia. I’m so excited!

anonymous asked:

Where do you see ciel and soma's relationship heading? Since right now it seems really one sided on soma's part and ciel is just annoyed with and tolerates him.

Hi Anon! :)

Hm, well I don’t completely agree because I think the turning point was during the Weston Arc actually, when Soma helped him with Cole.

Because since then Ciel hasn’t been very angry or annoyed with Soma in particular. I think finally Soma became a part of Ciel’s life, enough so that Ciel doesn’t even bother being surprised anymore with him.

Soma is particularly important as a character because he’s the very first friend Ciel made, though we gotta all thank Soma’s personality for that because he stayed and remained friendly even though Ciel was like “ew, go away”. I like to think that the friendship became more natural on Ciel’s end after a while even if he’d never admit it…

But Ciel is still Ciel, so even as a friend he stays very sly, haha (I don’t think this scene would have worked with someone who wasn’t Ciel’s friend or as nice as Soma can be by the way, but it’s nice to see them all have fun).

To answer your question more precisely, for me the Ciel/Soma friendship is an equivalent to the Vincent/Diederich one, except that Ciel is more like Diederich and Soma more like Vincent ironically (though Vincent was sly like Ciel), so it’s already heading in literally the same direction. :)
Ciel is the pissed off one in the Soma/Ciel duo while Soma barely gives a damn and remains friendly because Ciel deserves someone at his side and I’ll forever be thankful to Soma’s character for that.

(more ramble under read more, feel free to ignore)

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!!!!!!!!!!! THEY WOULD ARGUE LIKE FUCKS AND like each of them thinks that their way is the best way and thats that. north with his positive reinforcement and sarge with well his sargeness. also would absolutely love to test sarge’s temper with the help of york, he thinks it’s hilarious until he’s introduced to sarge’s shotgun.