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me: wow 2016 was a shitty fucking year I hope 2017 is bette–




(on a serious note I am really sad about Hatchworth leaving and I will miss Sam and his songs but I welcome Bryan with open arms and high hopes. Good luck to both of them :B)


I’ve been in this fandom for over a year now and it took me that long to get a t-shirt ; w ; As soon as I saw wristbands were back and there was a new pin I decided to order everything. My brother got a wristband, too. We match~

(PS - I am officially going to buy every SPG-related pin I possibly can. I love pins.)






oh god I don’t even know man but this is pretty much the best thing to ever happen to me ever in the history of my entire life ohmygod

they signed my art

The guy at the cafeteria deli knows the sandwich I like to order now, and that wouldn’t be a problem it’s just that now he suggests the sandwich when I walk up and it throws off the rehearsal order I did in my head and I have to scramble for new words suddenly :U sir please I’m bad at improv