Kadesh sends her feathersome shout-out to the Livyathan System. You guys aren’t birds, but you’re all some manner of winged… or quasi-meteoric. XD

Close enough for flock status. <3

[Image description: a comet, a wyvern, a wasp, and a dragonfly are all faced by a white tern, who is viewed from very close-up and only the head of whom is visible. The tern is making a heart thought bubble. End image description.]

Anonymous asked livyathan-system
2011-12-19 20:46 Ah hello. I just wanted to inform you that my host followed you (our accounts are linked) because I’m very much interested in finding angel/demon multiplicity blogs. I noticed your system thanks to the tegidsystem, who reblogged your post. I’m not quite sure if you have me blocked on your system, but just to clarify, I mean no harm. I’m just searching for more blogs like yours. -Sen, thecynicalmonarch As far as we know, we don’t have you blocked, and we followed you just now. :)