What if Prowl lives just to make Jazz laugh. 

Like the two are sitting together at some small little cafe outside and Prowls small taking, telling some not so great jokes but Jazz is just eating it all up and busting a gut.

Prowl takes a sip of his drink each time Jazz laugh just so he doesn’t see him smiling. 


The Ritz-Carlton, Millenia Singapore

Designed by Pritzker prize-winning architect Kevin Roche, The Ritz-Carlton, Millenia Singapore blends clean, modern lines with refined Oriental touches and stunning contemporary art.

The spacious, luxuriously appointed rooms have top-notch marble bathrooms and floor-to-ceiling windows with unsurpassed views of Marina Bay and the stirring skyline. Additionally, the lavish suites come with access to the exclusive Ritz-Carlton Club Lounge and limousine transportation services.

The hotel’s fabulous dining options range from traditional afternoon tea and live jazz in the sumptuous Chihuly Lounge to superb Cantonese cuisine in the Chinese-style Summer Pavilion. Complete with a fitness center, the spa offers a variety of massage therapies.



Flood In Franklin Park - Grant Green (Live At The Lighthouse, 1972)

Contemporary Bass Great - Stephen Bruner, Thundercat

“Session musician Stephen Bruner has played bass in other people’s bands for more than a decade. He can play metal, R&B, hip-hop, jazz. And he’s been folding all that into his own music, which he puts out under the name Thundercat…….But Thundercat says he learned how to play bass when he was a little kid by listening to three musicians: "I learned by listening to Jaco and Stanley Clarke and Marcus Miller”. All three bassists — Jaco Pastorius, Clarke and Miller — have also played all kinds of music: jazz, funk, rock, folk, fusion, pop and R&B. Thundercat feels a responsibility to remind people — musicians and listeners alike — of how much they miss if they don’t stay open to everything.“ NPR


Smoking cigars at Boisdale (Canary Wharf). If you are looking for a boyfriend, there’s a lot of bankers after working hours on the cigar terrace and at the bar.

They also have a Cuban Cigar Library, the price ranges from £8.50 for a 4" petit cazadores cigar to £850 for a box of Cohiba Siglo VI cigars.

On a weekday expect the first floor to be occupied mostly by gentlemen. Also prepare to be the youngest and prettiest girl not in a suit, in the room (which is always a plus in my books). Great Date spot if you already have an SD, the restaurant is lovely and they play live jazz music.

Freestyling Potential: 6/10
Competition: 3/10
Caution: don’t go to the cigar library of you know nothing about cigars!


Steve Lehman Octet playing “As Things Change (I remain the Same)” with a slight edit for some reason, from a few days ago in Turin. The audience should have gone nuts to this…


Wynton Marsalis & Eric Clapton - Layla

Unsung contemporary great - Allan Holdsworth:

“When it comes to putting all the elements together Allan Holdsworth has got it. I give him more credit than anyone for just pure expression in soloing. He has something totally beautiful." - Carlos Santana

"Holdsworth is the best in my book, He’s’ fantastic. I love him." - Eddie Van Halen

Holdsworth continues to play like no other guitarist on the planet, closely emulating the spirit of John Coltrane’s “sheets of sound” approach with his horn-like legato phrasing and uncanny ability to blow over the changes. - JazzTimes


Both Sides Now - Lars Danielsson


Anderson .Paak and The Free Nationals on The Late Show. Great album, talented guy, and a mean-ass drummer too.

It’s Valentine’s Day and once again they are celebrating at a fancy local restaurant. As is tradition this place employs a live jazz band but the once intimate harmony of instruments has become a somber collection of guilty beats who mesh together, although beautifully, now out of obligation.

The meals have filled them to content but a portion remains on their plates. You can see it has been constantly picked at, and if they were to taste it they would feel the once sizzling plates have gone cold, only being heated now by the lone flickering candle light between them. He looks up at her, she at he. An exchange of brief smiles as their gaze shifts past each other to the other couples in vibrant lighting and lovely conversations. 

The thought enters: Have we become the dining the dead? What am I missing?