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I demand you buy me a Ferrari. If you don’t you are denying my right to one. How is that different than you demanding I buy you food and healthcare? If you say “I need food to live” then you are saying I owe you labor because you exist. The fact that it’s a little labor or a lot of labor doesn’t equation. No one owes you anything just for existing.

So, essential goods are the same as luxury items?

This is the argument you make when you have nothing better to say. When you have no real argument against something this false equivalency bullshit is what you have to resort to. 

You see the world full of individuals who purely exist to exchange labor. What I see is that our society has been built collectively over millennia. Together we have built governments and architectural marvels, sustained our existence and built everything you see around you. There was no single person who labored to create anything, it has taken collective knowledge and skill. 

Now we must ask a question why do we have people that do not have enough to eat?

If we are to believe capitalism, it is because food is scarce and that there is not enough to feed everyone. In this line of thinking, we produce not enough food and supply and demand requires that those that can afford our limited supply are able to secure food while those that don’t have the means cannot. 

But we produce enough food to feed 10 Billion people, while there are only 7.5 billion people in the world.

So if we are producing enough food to feed all, why does everyone not have access to food? How does a system that is dependent on Supply and Demand create a system where there is a surplus of food while 1 in 9 people do not have enough food to lead a normal lifestyle?

Artifical Scarcity is why. We create a system where supply and demand do not actually apply, where companies regularly discard large amounts of perfectly good food in order to drive greater profits for their “perfect food.” This is why you don’t allow capitalist near anything that is a necessity to live. In order to turn a profit, they must create scarcity in something that is not scarce. 

So, if we collectively produce more food than we need worldwide, why can we not feed the world? 

We are calling for taking our existing system and saying, we produce more than enough food for all, everyone must be able to eat. This is not a difficult thing to pull off, and if we lived in a truly capitalistic system the price of food would be so low that everyone could afford it. Basic Supply and Demand would set pricing. 

But to take it a step further, if food was available to all, the price of feeding oneself would be less. In the end, you are arguing that you should pay more for food and healthcare so that a small group of people can become wealthy beyond their wildest dreams while another larger group dies. 

When you argue that a good that is not constrained by supply should be limited all you do is argue that you should pay more so that others cannot have access. 

Do you really have to feel special that bad? Oh, I guess that is why you asked for a Ferrari…

- @theliberaltony

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could you maybe do homeless Richie??

oh boi i cri,

  • richie ‘got kicked out’ of his house at 14, he had been living in an abandoned shed on the edge of town - somewhere out of sight, he hadn’t the risk of anyone finding out
  • when he hung out with the losers, he always made sure to travel most of the way toward his parents house before turning in the other direction and heading back the way they came
  • he never told them that he got kicked out, because he didn’t want to worry them.
  • all he had with him was hid bike, his cassette player, several articles of clothing, a worn down toothbrush and a bar of soap that he stole from the chemist (which he does regularly)
  • he tried to go down to the quarry every other day to ‘wash’ himself as best he could. It didn’t matter too much to richie but he didn’t want to gross eddie out more then he already did
  • he mainly lived off whatever food the losers would give him at lunch time because they already knew he gets neglected in his ‘house’ so they always bring him extra food but sometimes he’d rock up at this small diner that belonged too a nice little family and they’d let him clean the restaurant after closing in favor for giving him whatever food was left over from the day
  • he stole cigarettes from bev, even though she knee he was doing it. he didn’t do it often, only every now and then. bev was okay with it
  • it was obvious to all the losers that richie barely slept, the poor boy had dark circles under his eyes that looked never ending. they also noticed he was stick thin and always servely dehydrated but his personality had never flattered he was doing pretty well, hiding it from the losers
  • but when it came the day of richie’s sixteenth birthday (if he was being honest he had completely forgotten about it) the losers had rocked up at richies parents house to surprise richie, and it didn’t take long after Maggie had answered the door and told the crew that she hadn’t seen her son in two years for them to panic
  • they had all felt extremely guilty for noticing but when they had all sat and thought over the past years it had all made sense to them
  • richie was suppose to meet the losers at the quarry later that day do when he rocked up, smile wide on his face making up some joke about eddie’s mother was when the losers couldn’t take it. they all saw how happy he pretended to be and now that they paid attention, behind richie’s thick glasses all they saw in his eyes was pain.
  • bev had started crying, and that’s when richie jumped into action. which made her cry even more, seeing as how much he much he cared for his friends and yet they didn’t even care enough to see that he was literally homeless.
  •  none of the losers parents would let richie stay in their houses but he bounced back and forth from each of them, stay at their houses each and every week so he wasn’t living out in the wild.
  • bev had snuck him in past her dad;
  • mike let him stay in the shed and brought him more food than he could ever eat;
  • bill gave him clothes and he slept on a mattress on his floor;
  • eddie supplied him with a large amount of hygenie products and allowed richie to sneak in through his bedroom window when his mother fell asleep;
  • ben lived with his aunt so he would in the same position as richie if she hadn’t taken him in so he tried to get richie as much food as possible while allowing him to sleep on the couch in their living room whenever he needed;
  • stan’s family never got in the way of allowing richie to stay over because his parents willingly let richie come and go as he needed
  • richie was glad he had such great friends and was just happy everything was finally looking up

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A/N: Heyho you guys! Have you opened the first little door of your advent calendars already? ;-) I’m so hyped for Christmas, gahh! Here goes my first Christmas Imagine! Tagging @that-was-not-supposed-to-happen because it’s based on her prompts! Have fun reading!

Words: 3338
Warnings: ONE MAJOR SPOILER FOR THOR: RAGNAROK, smut, dub-con, spanking, incubus!Loki

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Bravery and Bullets

Pairing: Dean x Reader

Summary: Reader has an awful week at work, a run-in with an ex, and an experience with the supernatural that she’ll never forget. Thankfully, the Winchester brothers are there to help.

Word Count: 7,848

Warnings: Angst (gasp! Ash writes angst? It’s light. Give me a break it’s my first time), language, violence, attempted (threat of) rape, death (not major characters), smut, dry humping, fingering, squirting, protected sex (I know you dirty ducks, some must be prepared!)

A/N: The commands given are German dog training commands, the meanings will be at the end of the fic. Thank you to my fantastic beta @wheresthekillswitch, your help is priceless. Hope you all enjoy this, it’s taken me over a year to finally finish it.

This week has been the week from Hell.

To kick it all off, while driving the remote stretch of highway that you travel to work on every day, your car had decided to take a shit on you. And in the time it took for the tow truck driver to show up, load your car, and drop you off at the office, your sleazy coworker Randy had stolen the new account right out from under your nose. Then, while he was gloating, and you were battling the urge to clock him right in his pretty boy face, you got word that your boss wanted to see you, immediately. Sitting behind her big ass oak desk with you standing there like a teenager facing detention, Sue lectured you on how important it is to be prepared, in every way possible, for such a big project. She finished the meet letting you know just how disappointed she was with you.

The rest of the day, and week for that matter, was spent trying to redeem yourself while dick-face Randy strutted around the office like a goddamn preening peacock. Then, to top it all off, you find out this morning that your ex is engaged to some beautiful, successful small business owner. Your own mother had called to rub that one in your face. Not that she was upset with you still sitting it out from the dating game, oh no, not at all.

And that’s what led you here, drinking a beer as the hot, pulsating spray of your shower head beats down on your back. Thinking about where things all went downhill. Heaving a sigh, you chug down what’s left in the bottle and set it aside to rinse the conditioner from your hair. Your life had been going so good, following your carefully laid out plans; a dream job in a field you loved, a loving boyfriend, and a quaint country home the two of you shared with your dog, Mac. But when you found out the loving boyfriend was actually a cheating dick, you kicked him out on his ass. Leaving you with a job that was starting to be less dream-like every day, a house payment you can barely cover every month, and the furry form of the only male you trust anymore. You hang your head, arms wrapped around your waist, letting the water beat down on you until your resentment clears and the water runs cold.

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