From there… Weiss continues to display her newfound skill in Summoning (which excites me, because Weiss is badass, her powers are badass, summoning is badass, giant ghost knights are badass, and literally everything about this image is badass).

This shot segues into Nora and Ren fighting Hazel. Yeah, sorry kids, I don’t like your odds.

Then Blake is attacked by Illia. :(

And then… An exciting promise of a fight to come.

I hope this one ends with a broken leg too.

Okay, maybe that’s cruel. I recall that Mercury and Emerald were displaying the hints of disgust in their actions, and fear of Salem. I’d be down for their redemption.

Joyous joy.

We’re actually getting more Qrow/Oscar this episode. And it is hilarious.

Qrow is drunk off his ass and Oscar is nervously floundering and stuttering, leaving Jaune, Nora, and Ren to boggle at the sheer absurdity of literally everything about this.

Maximum shenanigan potential achieved.

There it is. After making a point to say that he noticed Ruby’s eye color(!!!), Oscar continued by introducing himself as Oscar… Though they may know him as Professor Ozpin.

Ah, what a glorious beginning to a Volume this was. Before I go over my thoughts on this episode as a whole, we have something important to watch…

Volume 5′s opening. Let’s go!

Hooooooo wait what

Hazel was supposed to be on his way to meet with Sienna Khan, right? What’s he doin’ standing with Adam, who intends on overthrowing Sienna?


All I know is that this image means NOTHING GOOD.

uh. so uh

we kinda cut to this shot of, like… a big camp in the wilderness. And that sure is Cinder smiling coyly at a young woman with SILVER EYYYYESSSSS

Who is probably, in all honesty, the Maiden of Spring. Probably

*screams externally*

Yep. Definitely the Bronwen camp. And if that silver-eyed young woman is framed as being there, it probably really is Spring.

And the fact that CINDER is THERE is TERRIFYING. I mean, she has a badass eyepatch and is actually expressing emotion again.


And then there’s Yang and Raven. Yang needs a confidence boost, man. She’s gonna be insecure and afraid of her mother… Well, perhaps rightly so.