Uh… wow. New song in the credits? It’s like… creepy atmospheric whale songs? The heck–

Right. Anyway. This episode was… okay, if a bit predictable. I’ve already forgotten the song, for what it’s worth.

I rate episode 111, Three Gems and a Baby, a 6/10.

And… I have some bad news. This is the only episode I am watching today. I have multiple reasons for this.

1: Yesterday, I blogged essentially five episodes, which exhausted me to hell and back.

2: This morning, I was glued to the toilet for three hours. Right now I feel like dying.

3: My parents have started to comment that I’m getting worn down by this daily liveblogging, so I guess it really must be affecting me in the long run

4: I feel like my analytic edge has dulled since around the middle of Season 3, and in my gut I feel I’ve been doing a bad job liveblogging.

So… Yeah. Sorry. I need to rest.

I’ll catch you with more Steven Universe… in a few days. For the sake of my health. I’ll come back when I’m at my prime. No less than that.

ok but
can we take the same road ??? two days in the same clothes ???? And I know just what she’ll say if I can make all this pain go CAN we stop this for a minute !!??! You know !! I can tell that your hEARt isn’t in it or with it !!! Tell me with your mind, body and spirit !!! !!! I can make your tears fall down like the showers that are British Whether we’re together or apart !!! We can both remove the masks !!!! and admit we regret it from the start !!!!!