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Hi.. I know it's weird... but I love the way you draw expressions (especially that vampire girl drawing you did aaa) I was wondering, if you had time and wanted to, if you could draw up a spread sheet of different expressions. I kinda reference your art because the way you stretch them to truly express an emotion, and I want to be good enough to do that on my own one day. (I hope that's alright that I reference. I don't post any of the referenced art tho, I just do it for me.)

hello friend! ahh you’re too kind, thank you for your wonderful compliments. while i always recommend referencing live models over artwork, i did do a quick doodle sheet of expressions for funsies. ໒( ͡ᵔ ▾ ͡ᵔ )७

thank you for the ask, this was very sweet!!<3


I would like to learn how to ink/finish my drawings properly… so I tried a fountain pen at live model. Lots of messed up drawings, but I find the line quite nice when I manage to stay loose :D Now to work on keeping that looseness when there is an underdrawing!
Also I know I post a lot of studies lately, but I’m actually working on an exciting comic project! I can’t wait to show you some character designs and stuff from it :D :D