Etta James

I’d Rather Be Blind


Live at Montreux


Jaco Pastorius - Portrait of Tracy


Toto - Rosanna (Live At Montreux 1991) 

great quality


Son Lux - “Easy” with Woodkid - Live at Montreux Jazz Festival 2016


Albert King - As The Years Go Passing By (live in Montreux with Rory Gal…

Swiss Time - Chapter Three

**Sorry this took so long!  Had to wrangle with it for a while.  Thank you @lovedyouwild for taking a look and making sure I wasn’t going completely off the rails lol. <3  The slow burn continues - baby steps. :-)  Here are links to chapter one and chapter two for those interested.  Thanks for reading!**

The walk to the restaurant might as well have been a march to the gallows pole, and she wished she could disappear.  The sight of the restroom in the antechamber of the lounge was like a beacon of light, and Natalie slipped inside, savoring the solitude of the chamber.  She leaned over the sink and twisted the tap, cupping her hands underneath the icy stream.  It felt like heaven on her burning cheeks, but regret was soon to follow as blurry, black splotches littered the basin.  She winced as she peered into the mirror.  Her makeup was smeared.  Badly.  All the painstaking work her aunt had put into it was, quite literally, going down the drain.  Sighing at the dismal reflection, she plucked a towel from the elegantly folded stack to her left.  She patted the skin around her eyes in an attempt to correct the damage, to no avail.  Accepting defeat, she scrubbed it off, tossing the stained cloth in the large gold basket under the vanity.  With the last bleak peek into the glass, she bounded for the door.  All she really wanted to do was go to bed.  Surely Susan would let her leave.  She yanked it open, pondering which book would put her to sleep, only to stop in her tracks.  He was lying in wait, draped against the wall, smoking a cigarette with not a care in the world.  She willed her legs to move as the door bumped her from behind.

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Paco de Lucia - Live at the Montreux Jazz Festival 2012 (HD)


Jon Batiste - What A Wonderful World (Live at the 50th Montreux Jazz Festival)

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