“If you were to change into one of the members, who would it be?”

senra “I dunno~!” *munching on chips and talking while his mouth is full* “If you’re asking that to a narcissist ww” *still munching*
sakata “‘Since I’m really cool, I wouldn’t change dumb***!’”
(senra muffled laughing because he’s still eating)
senra “I buonder hoph it'r end uph.” (‘I wonder how it’ll end up’, he’s literally talking with his mouth so full I can barely understand him)
urata “For me, maybe Shima-kun..”
shima “Eh?! Seriously?!!”
sakata “What’s with that? Picking Shima-kun.”
shima “Once you become me, what’ll you do?”
urata “Well… What would I do.. Well, one way or another…”
shima “One way or another?”
sakata “Oh? Is this a secret you can’t say out loud?”
senra “ww What’s with that w”
urata “Well, because you’re a cool person. ‘I wonder how he lives viewing the world. How he feels, living with that mole.’ kind of stuff.
(shima laughing)


urata “The one I absolutely don’t want to become is sakata.”
shima “Well, with sakatan, I wouldn’t want to become him too.”
sakata “Ah, I see… Good night.”
urata “But, if I were to become sakata, I would definitely lose weight for him and return his body back in that state.”
shima “Ahh”
sakata “That’s kind!…. At the same time, that also hurts so stop it.” 


Before and after progress on my custom Rogue figure.

So far: repainted lips, eyes, parts of eyebrows. Some blushing around eyes. Removed stock red hair. Rooted white hair to front of brunette wig.

Left to do: Blush body to better match head sculpt, change from center hair part to side part and style the hair, a few more face touch ups.

Before you say “People should start caring more about cops killing black people than about animals like Cecil...”

…please take these facts into consideration.

  • Poaching seriously threatens the biodiversity which all humans, including the black ones, need to live. It is precisely because we care about black people that we oppose poaching. If poachers ruin the biodiversity, all black people (and white, and asian, and so on) will be unable to survive.
  • If somebody cares about the endangered animals, s/he’s a compassionate person. And a compassionate person is more likely to care about innocent black victims.
  • It’s perfectly possible to care about multiple things at the same time. People are neat that way.
  • Black US citizens do suffer, but so do the black people of my native Sweden. Why do I never see any international outcries about what goes on here? Why does Tumblr only care about American problems? U.S. people ought to be damn grateful that we Swedes know and care about your problems, considering that the average American knows and does absolutely nothing about ours.
  • If we’re going to play “my problem’s more important,” then consider that while cops killing black Americans is a huge problem, global warming is an even huger problem. But I never go around acting like people who fight racism don’t care about global warming. Because I know that’s not how it works.

BlackLivesMatter is an amazing hashtag, created to create awareness of very real problems. Stop ruining it by insisting that animal lovers can’t be concerned about racism.

How am I supposed to tell you about Arkus without screaming for 84 years


The Love Live! first years: Rin, Hanayo, and Maki, as a traditional Japanese light-up parade float at Aomori City’s Nebuta Festival, August 2nd 2015. 

I had no idea these guys would be there and I chased them down the street for several blocks trying to get the second photo. (And that was the best I could do.) A couple of other love livers were doing the same.