Some thoughts I’ve been having given the recent developments on Star vs the Forces of Evil

I’ve just been thinking about the Star situation we’re in. My sister and I have been talking a lot and we’re ASSUMING Star’s feelings for Marco started as far back as Cheer Up Star. This being the case, Star is actually a much more complex character than I ever gave her credit for. 

Cuz here’s the thing: it could’ve been entirely possible to say that she has a crush on Marco but still feels attracted to Oskar. She could’ve still had feelings for him despite her crush on Marco. But, as Sleepover revealed, that’s not true. Meaning that she no longer has feelings for Oskar. 

If we’re right in saying her feelings for Marco developed in Cheer Up Star (aka Oskar’s first episode), I’m gonna take it one step forward and say she never did. 

Think about it: given Star’s past history with crushes and relationships, she goes for the bad boys. So when she found out that Oskar has a record, she made that little connection “Oh, this is a bad boy. I’m usually attracted to bad boys, so that means I must be attracted to this one.” Because of her past relationship history, she’s convinced herself that she has these feelings for Oskar that really don’t exist at all. Sure, it’s possible and likely that she’s attracted to him, but more in a crush-on-a-celebrity kind of way where she doesn’t actually think (or even WANT) anything to come of it. 

She doesn’t want to admit that she’s got feelings for Marco, so she’s been lying to her friends, to people like Mr. Candle, to Marco, and even to herself (a really interesting plot point alluded to more here.) 

 And I don’t know I just find the whole thing really excellently written. I didn’t think this would be the direction we’d take and now that it is I love this show more than ever. It makes you look back at season 1 through a whole new perspective. 

Also, I can’t get over Marco’s speech about his feelings for Jackie. Time after time in shows you see characters elevate their crushes on pedestals but never address what they’re doing before they move on to their endgame love interest. I ADORE that that’s not what they’re doing here. Marco straight up says that he has been elevating Jackie and that he doesn’t really know the real her, but that he wants to get to know the real her and maybe that’s enough. And that’s just such a REAL portrayal of a crush and I love it so much. 

In short, the writing in this show is very spectacular, and I can’t wait to see where we go from here. 

I really really like Honoka’s design in the Monster Master AU created by @in-perfect-silence!!! I just had to do fanart!! Hopefully there will be an update on that AU soon. Looking forward to whatever is coming up!!

A Bunch of Parallel Lives Headcanons

Because I can’t sleep and I’ve had these ideas for a while… Have some Fem!Triumvirate headcanons

  • Kirk was a preemie, born a month too soon on the Kelvin. The day Nero attacked was the first day her mother was back on duty. Jane has had to work hard to overcome some of the hardships that come with being born early.
  • Bones may look kindly, but she has the bones and will of steel of any good Georgia girl. Her ex-husband only got to keep Jo because Lea said fuck it and joined the academy. It is her biggest regret that she didn’t drag her child with her when she left.
  • On that note, in this universe, Bones’s ex still took the whole planet in the divorce, but he wasn’t a gold-digger. He wanted Bones to settle down and she wouldn’t give up her profession.
  • Not triumvirate but… Scotty likes knitting. Shes terrible at it, but everyone dutifully wears their lumpy scarves around christmas time. The questionably legal home-made hooch included with the knitted gifts are much more appreciated.
  • Bones has a moonshine recipe handed down her line for decades. She won’t share the recipe with Scotty, but they share the “secret” still in the engine room. Kirk pretends she doesn’t know about it.
  • Bones likes to bribe people with pie. It’s a Georgia tradition.
  • Spock still gives Uhuro a necklace. Only it had been her father’s and has a medallion rather than a pendant.

Bonus not-quite headcanon: Lea is a dumb name for Bones. She should have been named Lynn. ffs


These Ohio assisted living facilities are designed to look like neighborhoods from the 1940s, with front-porch rocking chairs, ‘grass’, and a fiber-optic sky that transitions from day to night instead of sterile walls and doors. For patients suffering from Alzheimer’s and dementia, the setup can remind them of early memories and reduce anger, anxiety, and depression. Source

okay so that new episode was really emotional but can we just talk about

pearl jumping into bismuth’s arms laughing and hugging her

bismuth wrapping an arm around pearl’s waist whenever possible

pearl blushing because of bismuth

is this pearl fuckign showing bismuth the diamond card isn’t bad beCAUSE


'' We will live... ''

 Thanks to @unisonraidd for helping me with the text ♥ 

undertaletrash3144  asked:

What time did Frisk begin to speak more frequently that originally? Or in other words. What was their first sentence to anyone?

After the whole incident settles down and all the gangs accept the new human, I imagine many would try to teach Little Pup many things? XD