Umm ok so yesterday I wENT TO SEE FREAKING IDK HOW LIVE AND IT MIGHT HAVE BEEN THE BEST THING EVER!! Also I 100% recommend the opening band that played! They’re called “Cherry Pools” and they are so good live! I really hope they get bigger because they deserve it!

Credit: me :)

So I just saw ohGr in Philadelphia last night and I have to say… Nivek Ogre performing an entire show with a broken jaw is literally the most badass thing ever. He could have called it off. I think anybody else would have, being in that kind of pain (and he said he was in lots of pain). But he pushed through and I just have SO much awe and respect for him…. the set was awesome!

(Re: the broken jaw - He didn’t talk about what happened in too much detail, but from what he said at the end of the show, it *sounded* like a random thing on the street. Like he got punched out - literally flat out - by a rando? Only in fucking Philly. “City of Brotherly Love” my ass.)

Anyway Nivek Ogre and his bandmates are amazing. I hope he gets to rest, and I hope this doesn’t mess up the remainder of the tour too much for anybody.