In which I headcanon that “bracing shower” is a euphemism for touching yourself.  Rated E.  Spoilers for 6x18.

Killian stomped up the stairs, a pleasant tingle in his fingers and toes that made him feel heavy and tingly.

“Tingly,” he whispered to himself, shaking his head, and his hand for good measure.  He grabbed a hold of the railing when he nearly slipped on the landing, socks sliding on the slick wooden floors.

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Your Name (Prologue) - Stiles Stilinski

Author: @mf-despair-queen

Characters: Stiles Stilinski/Reader

Word Count: 3,012

Warnings: NSFW, 18+, Oral (Female Receiving), First Time Sex

Notes: I have been thinking about this series for the longest time, and here is just the prologue for you guys! It is inspired by a REALLY good movie, called Your Name (Kimi no Na Wa), but it works perfectly for Stiles. Expect great things from this and give me your thoughts!

Listen to Me (Please note you are not required to listen. The song is japanese, but it goes with the series)

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Lying Is The Most Fun a Girl Can Have Without Taking Her Clothes Off (Sebastian Stan x Reader) Pt. 6

A/N: yaaay! chap 6 is finally here and the big moment finally happens you guys! *throws table* i always felt like seb would do some spontaneous stuff like this in this situation! I hope you guys like it! ENJOY! - Delilah

Warnings: None. 

Originally posted by vibraniumdoll

Sebastian: What are you wearing? ;)

You snickered at your phone as you walked through the large building. Since the grand discovery a couple weeks ago, you both have been completely honest with each other. No lies, no secrets, just the absolute truth.

You learned quite a bit about Sebastian; you both were similar in so many ways. You both were devoted pizza lovers. This conversation ended with Sebastian sending you a pizza all the way from Melbourne (where he was filming at the time) and made sure you got you and his’ favorite topping: pineapple and pepperoni. He made sure to tell the pizzeria to place the toppings in a heart shape, which you found absolutely adorable.

 Sebastian was also highly obsessed with Sharon Stone, which led to you sending him a body pillow with her body printed on it. He practically imploded when he un-boxed it the day he got it. You made sure he sent you pictures of it for your lock screen.

 Also, you found that Sebastian and you loved Star Wars with a burning passion. This led to a giant craze where you both sent each other merchandise of your favorite characters. Your favorite character was Leia Organa -she took absolutely no shit from anyone and was the most important female protagonist in a film full of males. Sebastian loved Finn -he was an unlikely man who was able to save lives despite his harsh upbringing. He also had a huge man crush on him. You both may or may not have spent your free time reading the scripts together for fun. 

You were currently leaving your latest internship job. You were tired, but still grateful for the opportunities you were given. You knew to never give up, no matter what life threw at you. You texted Sebastian back a snarky little reply. 

Me:  khakis and crocs. :)

Sebastian: ugh, i love it. are you wearing a fanny pack, too? that’s such a turn on. 

You giggled as you typed out your reply. He was such a little dork and you loved it. 

Me: oh yeah. my hair’s in those little leia buns as well. i’m a hot mess. 

Sebastian: i think you look lovely. that jacket brings your eye color. :)

You froze.


You furrowed your eyebrows, your eyes narrowing in suspicion as you peered around the crowd of people around you. There was no way he could see you from your phone, so what was he on about? 

Me: how did you know i was wearing a jacket? are you having someone follow me around?  >:|

He didn’t reply right away, in fact, your phone stayed silent. You knew Sebastian wouldn’t have someone spy on you, that was a ridiculous thought and all, but you couldn’t help the nagging feeling in your tummy that someone’s eyes were on you. 

You picked up your pace, eyeing every single person that walked by you with suspicion. You were almost to the entrance when your phone buzzed again, the notification chime blared loudly from the speakers. 

Sebastian: and that skirt! man, your legs are amazing!

Now you were getting a bit annoyed. How on earth did he know you were wearing a skirt? That was impossible, as he’s on the other side of the earth at the moment. 

Me: haha. very funny, seb. tell your buddy to stop following me or i’ll use my pepper spray. 

You were instantly reminded of your car, which was waiting for you in front of the building. You had put enough money in the meter for an hour and you really needed to get going. 

You power walked outside of the building, hugging your purse to your body. Your eyes were on everyone and everything that was in your sight. You were highly paranoid person all together and Sebastian being a little shit wasn’t helping at all. 

You’d get him back for this! 

You spotted your car, just a few steps away. You let out a sigh of relief as you got closer and closer to your vehicle. You’d give him a call shortly after you got settled in and demand answers. How did he figure out your outfit? Maybe he was just a lucky guesser?

As soon as you made it within a foot of your car, you immediately stopped in your tracks. Your purse you had clutched in your arms, slid from your shoulder fell to the ground with a thud. 

“Hey, kiddo,” The man spoke with a sheepish smile. One you had only seen from a computer or phone, never in person until now. He held up a bouquet of roses, along with a pizza box in his other hand. 

You covered your mouth with your hand as you stared at a very lively Sebastian, leaning against the side of your car. 

“I guess I’ve got some explaining to do, huh?” 


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Request: May I request one where you are newly-married and express worry that Bucky would leave you for someone? Like Natasha maybe?

Originally posted by luvinchris

Being married to Bucky was no different than when you two were just boyfriend and girlfriend, it was just a much bigger commitment, and you both were happy together. The romance is top notch, the butterflies still erupt in your stomach when he looks at you with those blue eyes of his, and you two have kept that connection between each other. None of the good changed. And none of the bad changed, either.

Bucky is best friends with Natasha, and you’ve always felt insecure when you and Bucky were around her, which is quite often and will remain so until you and Bucky find a house to live in. 

It just terrified you to think that she could easily steal Bucky away from you. She was everything you weren’t and she was close to Bucky. Maybe not as close as you and him, or even Steve-of course not-but it was a type of close that makes you worry.

You were anxiously biting your fingernails as you sat alone in the kitchen. You had just gotten back from your amazing honeymoon with Bucky today, since you two had gotten married just a week before, and he was now on a take-out run with Natasha. She was so happy when he got back, and even though she hugged your neck, too, she held Bucky a lot longer.

It was wrong to doubt Bucky, and you also doubt Natasha. She wasn’t a huge threat but it was enough to make you start an old habit you kicked after getting close with Bucky. You always bit your nails when you had nightmares, felt anxious, and were at war with your demons. The more you thought about it, the more you bit at your nails, even the skin. You just couldn’t shake the thoughts away.

You quickly stopped chewing at your nails when you heard the elevator ding, signaling that someone was about to get out. You sat still and tried your best to keep your fingers away from your teeth.

Your stomach dropped as you heard Natasha’s boisterous laugh echo throughout the area, only for it to die down as her and Bucky walked into the kitchen with a few bags. The smell of Chinese food filled your nostrils. “Hi, Doll!” Bucky cooed as he leaned down to kiss your head. You put on a fake smile and watched them unload the bags.

Natasha told FRIDAY to let the others know that food was here before she turned to you, giving you a white box of food. Her expression wasn’t all that friendly. Her smile was gone and her eyes were cold. You gently took it from her and Bucky watched, noticing a trickle of blood coming from the skin around your index finger.

“Are-are you biting your nails again?” Bucky quietly questioned, stacking his boxes of food on top of each other. His eyebrows were creased and he looked at you with those blue eyes and you bit back your tears, quickly wiping the red liquid on your jeans. “Y-yeah, I am. I’m gonna eat in the room if that’s okay.” You said quietly, hopping off the stool and making your way to the elevator.

Bucky followed after you, his long strides giving him a speedy advantage. “Why are you biting your nails again, Y/N?” Bucky asked, looking down at you as the elevator took you to your shared bedroom. You sighed and stared at the mass amount of floor room buttons. “No reason.” You all but whispered. Bucky scoffed softly.

“You don’t get to do that to me. Tell me what’s going on.” Bucky pushed further, his voice laced with concern and worry. You inhaled deeply and titled your head back a tad, tears brimming your eyes again. 

“I don’t want to talk about it.” You replied just as the elevator doors opened. Bucky followed after you, hot on your heels. “Tell me what it is, right now! You broke that habit a year ago!” Bucky nearly shouted, his voice thick. He was so frightened that your nightmares were back, or maybe you were dealing with something and hadn’t confided in him.

Biting the inside of your cheek, you shoved the bedroom door open and set your food down on the bedside table. Bucky stood there expectantly, his eyes glued to you. “Y/N, I’m not going to ask again. You’re scaring me.” Bucky whispered the last part, his jaw clenching with nervousness. You turned to face him and shrugged your shoulders. “I-I don’t know..” You trailed off, averting your eyes away from Bucky.

He sighed heavily and set his food down beside yours. “It’s me, Y/N. Please, tell me what’s wrong.” Bucky pleaded. Your lip quivered and Bucky’s left hand lifted to caress your cheek. A single tear fell from your eyes and Bucky breathed out. “You don’t-did you not want to marry me?” Bucky’s eyes filled with tears and you gasped, looking up at him.

“Of course I did, Bucky! I’m just-I don’t know how to say it!” You sobbed, quickly wiping at your cheeks. “Well, please! You’re scaring me!” Bucky repeated as his chest heaved up and down. You shook your head and took a deep breath. “I’m scared, Bucky!” You squeaked. Bucky stepped towards you and his heart started to pound in his chest. 

“What are you scared of?” Bucky’s lip quivered slightly, his hand reaching out for your arm; he hoped it wasn’t him. “I’m scared that-that you’re going to leave m-me for Natasha!” You spoke through your sobs and Bucky’s hands slowly lifted to rest on your cheeks as he processed what you just said.

Bucky’s eyes looked back and forth between yours and you inhaled shakily, moving backwards to sit on the bed. “Y/N, that will never happen. Don’t you know how much I love you?” Bucky asked, sinking down onto his knees in front of you. He placed his hands on either side of you and you sniffled harshly, your eyes blurry from your tears.

“Doll, I love you so much. I wouldn’t-God, I’d never leave you for anyone. You’re the one for me. Nobody else.” Bucky whispered, resting his forehead on your knee. You heard a soft sob come from him and you let your hand rest on his head.

“Bucky, I just-” You took another deep breath, not holding anything back. “-Natasha is so close to you. I can’t help but feel like one day you’re going to fall asleep holding me, then wake up with her on your mind.” You whispered, running your hands through Bucky’s hair.

Bucky’s head shot up and his puffy eyes stared into yours. “Doll, that won’t happen. I promise you. I promised you at the alter, and I’ll make that promise again. Every day for the rest of our lives.” Bucky quickly leaned up to capture your lips with his and you sighed into the kiss, your eyes immediately fluttering shut.

You felt Bucky leaning you backwards, his hands holding you close as he hovered above you. Bucky pulled away and placed a kiss on your forehead, and made his way around your face until he kissed your lips again. Your stomach erupted with butterflies and you couldn’t help but let a small smile show.

Bucky pulled away and rested his forehead against yours. “Y/N, I love you so much. You have no idea.” You wrapped your arms around his neck and nodded your head gently. “I think I do. I love you more than anything.” You said softly, pulling Bucky in for another kiss.

All of your worries faded away that night.

Note: I hope this doesn’t suck. I feel like it sucks. FEEDBACK IS WELCOME! .c

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stealing kisses

I adapted your prompt a little anon, but I’m such a sucker for high school aus. plus it’s clexa con and ed sheeran’s new album is so romantic. 

Clarke and Lexa steal kisses from one another without their friends realising, or so they think anyway. 

listen to how would you feel 

“You have paint on your fingers.”

Clarke pulls away and Lexa watches as her nose crinkles, eyes narrowing even as a smile plays at the corners of her swollen lips. Her gaze is soft with affection and the ends of one of her braids tickles Lexa’s cheek when she leans back.

“Is that really what you want to say to the girl who’s making out with you?”

“It’s distracting,” Lexa draws up their hands from where they are tangled together at their sides and brushes her thumb tenderly over the flaking blue paint covering her girlfriend’s index finger.

“Distracting enough to stop me from doing this?” Clarke crowds against her again and Lexa’s eyes widen, darting up when Clarke presses her back into the bookshelf, their bodies close. Her lips skate over Lexa’s jawline, a ghosting touch and Lexa’s head falls back, barely catching the groan that trips out of her throat. 

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My Prince

Ivar x deaf!Reader

There is simply not enough Ivar fluff out there to satisfy my thirst

Originally posted by smiletotheshadow

You played with the daisies you had picked up, starting to braid them together carefully as you laid in your lover’s lap. Ivar sighed, shaking his head while smiling and playing with your soft hair. He couldn’t help but stare at you - you looked so beautiful when you were relaxed. “Y/N” he muttered softly, but quickly caught himself as he realized you weren’t looking at him. He often forgot of your condition. You were born deaf, but you soon learned to read lips. From a young age you were excluded from most child games, as you couldn’t orientate yourself as well as the others, and the other kids did not have the patience to talk slowly enough for you to understand. That’s how you found yourself often sitting beside Ivar, the crippled boy who stared longingly at his running brothers. Your friendship seemed to have no choice but blossom, and turn into something more beautiful. You relied on each other, understood and loved each other in a way no one could. He was your ears, always on the lookout and keeping you safe.

You smiled at the memory, clenching the daisies you were holding closer to your chest. You couldn’t help but remember your first kiss. An alarm rang through Kattegat, while you were alone in your house, preparing a meal for your mother. You didn’t hear anything, and naturally you were not aware that your village was under attack. You had jumped when you felt a hand suddenly grab your ankle, shaking it violently enough for you to drop the egg you were holding. Panicked, you turned around quickly, ready to defend yourself when you saw Ivar. His face was red and his eyes were wild – large and filled with panic. 

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Free Dessert? Hell yeah ~ Jack Maynard

Characters: Jack x reader x Conor

Word Count: 1417

Summary: Where two lovers fake a proposal to get dessert and it goes viral. This is based by the new viral tweet.

Requested: “One where you and Jack make a fake proposal to get a free dessert but a fan sees and videos it so they can share the the cute moment and everyone freaks out thinking they’re actually engaged.”

Note: I broke into my best friend’s house last night because she forgot to leave the door open for me, while she is at work. She died when I told her I climbed through her bathroom window😂

Jack sighed, setting down his editing on his laptop. It was Saturday night and he had the worst week of his life, nothing was going right. From meetings, to cancelled meetings, to running around after the boys, to filming videos and lastly, not seeing you for a week in a half and not speaking to you in four days. 

All he wants is to be with you. He knows how stressful you have been; he loves that you’re doing a major in photography but he hates that you stress yourself so much out with it. He also knows that you have an exam coming up and knows you won’t be sleeping because you have to get everything perfect, the smallest of things would make want to start over again.

It wasn’t until he watched someone fake a birthday, that he could the best idea ever. 

Scrambling up to his feet, he glanced at the clock seeing it was only six, if he planned this out perfectly he would get to yours around ten to seven depending on traffic. Taking a shower, dressing in his best clothes and grabbing his keys, he was out the door by half past and already on route to your apartment.

As reached your apartment he heard Conor’s old album playing around the apartment, he remembered the day he asked you why you listened to it and you said, “The faster I do my art, the faster I can stop listening to it.” He couldn’t stop laughing when you said that and never fails to tell that story when he’s with the gang.

Stepping into the apartment, Jack closed the door and made his way into the living room. He leaned up on the door frame, smiling loving at his girlfriend who was dancing and singing softly to Royalty around the living room picking up photos and placing them on black boards.

“As much as I would love to stand here watching you all day, we my crazy baby are going out.” Jack spoke up, an amused look on his face watching you jump around to face him with your arm in the ready to attack.

You slowly put your arm down and pulled Jack into a hug, “I’ve missed you so much.”

“I missed you too.” Jack mumbled into his girlfriend’s hair. “But get dressed up fancy, we are dining like King and Queens.”

“Why?” You mumbled looking up at Jack,

Jack grinned unwrapping his arms and stepping back, “We need some fun. So get your cute little ass in that room and put on that sparkly red dress, do your make up and let’s go. The meal is booked for eight.”

You nodded your head and made your way to you room but stopped turning your head over your shoulder, “I’m not crazy.”

Jack’s laugh echoed the flat, “You were going to attack me with a photograph.”

Glaring at him, you stomped into your room where a little smile on your face appeared on your face from hearing Jack chuckling to himself.

45 minutes later you waltzed out of your bedroom doing a twirl for Jack who was making camera noises and gasping. Laughing you turned to face him with a smile on your face, “How do I look?”

“Fucking beautiful baby.” Jack smiled, the look of awe pure on his face. “Do you have a fancy diamond right by any chance? I have a little plan for tonight.”

“Aren’t you suppose to buy the ring, if you’re going to propose?” You teased with a smile but took off into your room to get a ring.

“When I buy you a ring, you’re going to know about it.” Jack smirked holding his hand out for the ring.

“Oh? Will I?” You smirked back. 

Jack just laughed grabbing your hand and pulling you out your apartment, “Why do you need this ring anyway?”

“Want to get some free dessert?” 

“Free dessert? Hell yeah.”

Jack has been relaxed and smiling the whole entire evening and he notice he and manage to make you relaxed and happy. Which is all he had wanted to come out of this meal, to make you happy. 

As you got up to the toilet, Jack called the waiter over and told them about the proposal and just like Jack wanted they offered him a few desserts, which he could not say no to.

By the time you got back to the table Jack was grinning like a mad man, you smiled and sat back down in front of Jack with a questioning look. “Why you looking at me like that?”

“Time to get our free dessert.” Jack whispered before getting down on one knee. Your hand flew to your mouth in fake surprise, as people around the restaurant gasped.  

Jack smiled widely looking directly into your eyes, “Y/N Y/L/N, you are my love of life and I couldn’t think of anyone else to spend it with. Will you marry me?”

Tears welled up in your eyes as you nodded your head, holding your left hand out so he can slide the ring on your finger. Jack stood up and kissed you lovingly as the restaurant clapped and cheered for you both. As Jack broke away from the kiss he whispered against your lips, “When I propose for real, it will be ten times better than this.”

Laughing you pulled back smiling at the couples and families in the restaurant as Jack thanked them all sitting back down. The waiters came towards your table congratulating you and handed you a bottle of champagne and gave you some dessert with “Congratulations” on the plates.

As you were eating Jack looked up towards you with that cheeky smile on his face, “I told you it would work.”

You smiled at him, “I’m glad we did this, I need this. Thank you.”

“Why don’t I go pay and me and you will take this bottle of champagne home and have a night in bed?” Jack smirked at the blush raising on your cheeks while he got up to the bar to pay.

When you and Jack walked into his apartment you both didn’t expect to be tackled onto the fall by the older Maynard screaming at the two of you. “You’re engaged! I’ve been waiting for this moment since you started going out two years ago!”

“Conor!” Jack shouted pushing his brother onto the floor getting up himself, then helping you up. 

“We aren’t engaged.” You laughed at the look of his face.

“Um, yes you are. The video of Jack proposing is all over twitter and Instagram, some fan caught you.”

You and Jack laughed to yourselves as you walked into his living room. “It was fake Con, we did it to get free dessert and to have fun.”

“You proposed to get free dessert? Are you fucking stupid? Why not say it was your birthday?” Conor asked leaning against the door.

“Where’s the fun in that?” Jack asked smirking as he threw himself on the sofa, turning his head towards you, “Looks like I’m going to have to explain we aren’t actually engaged.”

You nodded, taking off your heels walking into his kitchen to get glasses. “We should wait till your next video, keep them guessing.”

Conor shook his head in disbelief at the two of you while Jack pointed at you, “This is why she’s my girlfriend.”

“Whatever.” Conor sighed making his way to the door, “Your both fucking crazy and when you propose for real, don’t expect me to excited for you guys.”

You and Jack heard the door slam before giggling to each other. That night you and Jack spent the time in bed watching films but mostly you spent your time talking about the future and you will always remember the words Jack spoke to you that night.

“When I propose, I will be damn if royalty isn’t the theme.”

Jack kept to his promise and Conor failed his. It was two years later and Conor was playing a music gig down on Brighton beach, he was in the middle of singing royalty. When he noticed you and Jack down the back of the beach, Jack on one knee and you screaming the word yes over and over again. He stopped singing for a moment too lost in what was happening before it all clicked, he started screaming and jumping on the stage like a fangirl but he swears he never cried.

Although, everyone saw him cry…

Club Soda and Whiskey

Characters:  Dean x reader, Sam

Summary:  Dean meets reader at a rock show.

Word Count:  3317

Warnings:  Language, sex, slightly angsty 

As aways, feedback is welcomed and appreciated. Tags are at the bottom. There is still room on my new Forever Tag list! Add yourself here

Originally posted by bringmesomepie56

Club Soda and Whiskey

Sipping your drink, you sit on the stool at the bar. As far as venues go, this one isn’t too bad. It smells of beer, but not in a funky, sweaty man and stale cigarette kind of way. It’s not smoky and the crowd seems cool. The band has played in far worse conditions. Like that time at that dive bar in LA. That was a night that you’d never forget. A biker gang had decided the middle of the set would be the perfect time for an all out brawl. One thing was for sure, there was never a dull moment to be had.

You fiddle with the slice of lime garnishing the rim of your glass while you watch the crowd. A tall, handsome man threads his way through the crowd. He’s rugged and sexy, broad shouldered. You notice by his gait that he’s bow-legged. He sidles up next to you at the bar and gives you a broad grin. Damn, he’s one good-looking son of a bitch. Probably a total douche, though. Most of the guys you meet in these clubs are.

Lifting a finger to the bartender, the man says smoothly, “I’ll have whatever she’s having.”

You stifle a giggle as the bartender replies, “You want a club soda?”

The light catches his eyes as his lips turn up into a grin. They are a brilliant shade of green. He chuckles, “Scratch that. I’ll take a whiskey.”

The bartender nods and turns to pull a bottle off the glass shelf. Tall-and-handsome turns to you, extending his hand. “Hi there, I’m Dean.”

“Hey,” you respond, taking his hand and grasping firmly. Christ, he’s strong. “I’m (Y/N).”

“Have you seen this band before?” he asks casually.

“Yeah, I’ve been to all their shows.”

“Wow, that’s dedication! I’m just in town for a few days and thought I’d catch a show. I’d never heard of them until today.”

“Well, Dean, you are in for a treat,” you say, smiling up at him. Dean looks just past your shoulder and you turn to see the hulking form behind you. It’s Clint, head of security for the band. Clint is big and looks menacing, but he’s a teddy bear at heart. Clint leans and whispers in your ear and you nod in response.

“Sorry, Dean, that’s my cue. I have to get going”

“Wait…are you with the band?” Dean asks.

“Uh, yeah…I’m the tour manager,” you reply.

“Really? Awesome!”

You give him a wave and start to follow after Clint, before turning back to Dean. “Hey, what do you say to a backstage pass?”

“For real?” The expression on his face is like a kid in a candy store. “Man, I’d love that. But I’m here with my brother…”

“What’s his name?”


“Okay, when you find your brother, go talk to Clint. He’ll be to the left of the stage. Give him your names and he’ll bring you backstage.”

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Street Racer(Jhope Smut)

“On your mark, get set. Go!” You took off as fast as lighting, shifting your car in to the drive gear you moved it to slide into the top three. You were grinning as your engine started to purr, moving with the car letting it glide against the road. Street racing wasn’t something that was always easy but it was a heart stopper and a thrill that you seemed to love so much. Shifting gears on the car, you moved to get into another lane, cutting a car off looking up in your review mirror with a proud smirk on your pink lips.  You could see Hoseok’s car close behind your rear, until he was coming to drive beside you smirking as you both stare at each other. Of course, it was risky and you should have been looking ahead but seeing those smoldering brown eyes being hid under his brown hair, you were just becoming a puddle on the inside and losing your focus. Hearing a tire screech, you looked off checking to make sure you were good and taking a deep breath you pressed your foot down onto the pedal, pressing your hand down on one of the nitro’s helping boost yourself a little. Your car shot out in front of everyone else’s giving you leverage to get out of the stuffy lanes and cruise your car towards the turning point.

It was a thrill, a rush, such a joy to be doing something so dangerous. Your hands gripped at the steering wheel but not too tight to hurt you, only tight enough to make sure you kept a good hold on the wheel. Your phone started to ring, your eyes casting downwards to see Hoseok’s nickname pop up across your screen. You smirked lightly hitting the answer button on your wheel licking your lips.

“It’s dangerous to talk and drive Hoseok. Are you, trying to get me to lose concentration?” You asked with a soft laugh while your car did a short draft onto the street.

“I couldn’t help but want to hear your voice. You’re looking good up there. Don’t let me catch up. You know what happens.” Hoseok said and you could practically hear the smirking in his voice. You wanted to so bad get a word in but before you could, he was hanging up the phone and like that he was zooming past you blowing a playfully kiss through his tinted windows.

“FUCK!” You yelled out laughing as you slapped your hands down against your wheel, groaning you tried to turn on music using your next nitro to boost out with him. You were following in second with Hoseok leading and you hated it, you knew not to let him call you. You knew that Hoseok always knew what to do to get you flustered and before you knew it, you were slowing down on the pedal, not enough for anyone else to notice but you and him. The roads were starting to become cluttered with the other cars coming up behind you. Your head whipped up to look at them closing in but you could hear the cheers from the crowd as you approached the finish line so a slight sigh of relief left your lips. Your body leaned forward with determination and you were so close to Hoseok’s car you could graze the butt of it with the tip of yours. As he car came crossing into the finish line you could practically feel his gloating through his car.

You moved your car to the side steering it to your little set of friends, letting the speed accelerate down, taking a deep breath you leaned back against your seat letting the engine purr as you stare up at the ceiling taking deep breaths biting on the inside of your lips. How could you lose to him so easily? You puffed your cheeks as you punched your wheel lightly, only becoming mad that you lost not at the consequences for it. You hopped out of the car, shutting it off you looked your friends and they gave you before they came in to hug you one by one.

“It’s ok y/n, you did good!” Your friends encouraged you and you nodded your head smiling lightly at all of them.

“I did huh? Let me go congratulate the winner and give him my money.” You spoke lightly turning on your heels to walk towards the male. Your shorts rose on your body as you strutted towards him, the black halter top curving your breast the right way. You kept your eyes on the male looking over his broad shoulders, his dark brown hair glowing and blowing in the moonlight. He was talking to people and laughing, gloating about his victory. Your eyes roamed down his back, towards his plump ass cheeks, his thick thighs and toned legs. Sighing, you moved to tap on his shoulder slightly stepping close to him when you saw a girl grip at his hand. He turned around smiling down at you with a twitch of his lips nodding.

“Y/n. Good race.” He husked out, you could feel your stomach tighten up from him just looking down at you, his eyes staring into yours.

“Good race Hoseok.. Here.” You gripped at the stacks of hundreds wadded up in hundred bills. He pushed the money back to your body, a daring smirk on his lips mischief in his eyes.

“Keep it, bring it to my garage later. You and I have unfinished business.” He warned with a daring look in his dark orbs.

“Come on Hobi! Take a photo with us!!” This girl grabbed on his wrist pulling him towards their crowd. You rolled your eyes but listened to his words turning around you walked towards your car.

“Someone’s getting it tonight.” Your friend diamond tease as she opened your car door sitting on the hood.

“It’s nothing like that.” You lied shaking your head as you moved to sit down in your driver seat.

“You liar! You telling me, he’s taking everyone else money but not yours ONCE again? Let me guess, he told you to come to his garage and you were just like okay I will. And let’s not forget that you and him have been doing this since you were young teens old enough to drive!” She teased twirling her hair making your other friends laugh as your flustered body squirmed.

“See, petty.” You whined out grabbing at your door and she hopped off the hood to grab at the door, before a pair of eight eyes were on you as you looked around the small semi-circle. You sighed, pouting lightly you wiggled putting on your seatbelt, you nodded. You and Hoseok had met when you were fourteen and then you were starting small, stealing some cars and driving them until you were old enough to get a license and a car racing them for real on the streets. The cops were always after you and this was a dangerous life to live but you enjoyed it a lot. And you didn’t know if it was Hoseok in general or the life that came with being a street racer. Many times, you were also a flag girl going back and forth but the moment Hoseok challenged you, it had been a constant race between you both. Shaking your head of such thoughts you focused back on your friends.

“Don’t stay up waiting for me too late, lock the house and I will call you in the morning..” A string of cheers erupted from your friends, and you slammed your car door as they laughed and clapped on top of the hood. But you didn’t go straight to him right away. At first you went to one of your favorite café’s that stayed open late, getting you a bite to eat because you knew it would be awhile before you got food in your system again. Only when you were done did you drive towards Hoseok’s large car garage taking the back streets of Seoul.

{Text To: Wild Ride} Come open the door, I’m here.

Once you put your phone down, it took a few minutes for the garage to be opened, Hoseok was clever only pushing it open enough to let your car get through the space. You drove into the garage slowly, parking your car besides his, turning off your car you got out shutting the door watching as he shut the doors to the garage and make his way towards you. He was in baggy pants and a white Tank top smiling at you with that breathtaking smile that seemed to catch your breath in your throat.

“It’s about time you came.” He admitted standing in front of you cupping your cheeks.

“You know I keep my word.” You purred back taking your money from your back pocket to put in in front of you towards him.  

“You know I will never take your money. I’d rather keep taking your pussy instead.” Hoseok called out picking you up into his arms. You laughed softly as he carried you to the hood of his car laying you on your back. Your hand moved to sit the money down onto the top of the car, Hoseok gripped at your hips pulling you down more on to the hood, your legs wrapped around his waist as you let your body raise up, your arms wrapping around his neck.

“I don’t know why you just won’t change the rules. You know I’m going to keep doing all that I can to get you on my car.” Hoseok groaned kissing on your lips pushing closer against you, his hardened bulge resting against your clothed pussy. You leaned back with your hands on the hood of the car starting to roll your hips upwards against his moaning softly.

“Come on Hoseok, you keep fucking me into a pulp every time. You know that I’m going to get attached and then what would we bet on?” You asked softly and he rolled his eyes.

“As if you’re not already attached. We can bet on other things and you know that. I could actually take your money then.” He frowned pushing his hips back against yours. “You know that I want you.” He whispered moving his hands to grip harshly at your hips.

“And you know that I don’t do commitment. You’re like a hard-headed child. You keep dipping your hand into the cookie jar knowing you will get in trouble when it’s discovered.” You rolled your head to the side as he continued to rock his hips against yours going a bit faster, you sought the friction out between the both of you shuddering lightly.

“I told you I would give you everything. We both agreed on just this. So, I will live.” He leaned in to kiss you, pouting you gripped at his chin looking in his eyes.

“If I didn’t want you, I wouldn’t be coming back every single time. Let me think about it. And let’s both talk about this when we are thinking with our mind and not our flesh.”

Hoseok agreed, moving forward to press his lips against yours, he moved his hands up to grip at your top, ripping it off your body, he let his hands grip at your bra, pulling the straps down to let it rest under your breast, his hands moving to pinch on your nipples and pull them causing you to gasp against his soft inviting lips. He slid his tongue into your mouth to suck on the wet muscle, moaning softly he let his tongue search your wet warm cavern flicking your tongue playfully against yours. You started to slip your hand under his shirt, tracing over his skin slowly feeling the taught skin against your fingertips. Your hands went upwards to flick against his nipples as well and trail back downward but before you could do anything else he was pushing you back down against the hood breaking the kiss, he moved down to let his lips pepper kisses against your smooth skin. He flicked his tongue against your areola’s watching the skin pucker up and hardened under his ministrations. He moved one hand to slip inside of your shorts and slip your panties to the side, two fingers teasing your wet slit as he started to suck on your breast, eagerly letting the flat of his tongue grind against your skin. Your head rolled back and your hands gripped onto his soft locks, your hips started to roll up against his fingers feeling your slit become damp and your lower regions start to become hot. Hoseok changed sides with your breast, shoving two fingers inside of you burying them immediately.

“Fucking hell.” You muttered out spreading your legs wide bucking your hips up to ride his fingers as he thrust them inside of you. Hoseok smirked against your skin, curving his fingers and scissoring you open, though you were more than used to it, you let him do it because it felt good to have some sort of foreplay with him. He pulled back from your breast kissing down your body marking skin as he went, he used one hand to undo your button on your shorts and pull down the zipper. He slipped his fingers from your insides sucking on them and you took the initiative to push the bottoms down with your panties shuffling to get on your knees on the hood of the car, pressing your hands as close to the top of the car as you could not wanting to get the windshield dirty.

“You always know how to fucking make me want to pound into you.” Hoseok reached his hand up to slap at your ass cheeks. He slapped at both sides of the flesh, watching it jiggle for him, he moved to undo his pants and pulled them down his boxers to rest at his knees.

“Then stop talking and do it.” You teased wiggling your ass. He slapped your cheeks again harder eliciting more moans of pleasure from your lips. Hoseok gripped at your hips, pulling you back some but you knew to keep your hands in position, Hoseok aligned his shaft with your entrance pushing inside of you slowly filling you up. He didn’t hold still he started to pound at your pussy, deep hard thrusts that had you choking out cries of pleasure instantly. Your hands were becoming sweaty, it was hard for you to not slide them and to keep them in place. Hoseok moved to grip at your hair moving to arch your back, his balls slapping against your pussy burying himself inside of you with each roll and snap of his hips. His thighs pressing against the back of yours, his free hand going back down to slap at your ass cheeks, he switched and angle his hips differently teasing you as he pressed against your spot and then purposefully missed it. He wanted to edge you onto your orgasm but piss you off at the same time, hearing the grunts in your cries mixed with the little whimper made his hips speed up pressing harder against you. His hand stopped slapping at your ass once the skin was warm, he moved his hand around to rest on your clit.

“Shit- fuck Hoseok! Come on please fuck me on that spot, you know what I want! Please give me more.” He hummed as the pads of his fingers pressed down against your sensitive clit, causing your hips to roll and snap backwards against his. Both of your hips clashing and pressing against each other, your body was starting to crumple and give into the way he fucked into you, the hood of the car popping lightly as your body moved across the hood, your hands slid down the windshield’s lightly. Hoseok smirked watching how your body was giving into him, he leaned over to press his lips against your ear whispering dirty nothings to you watching you whimper and he felt you squeeze around his cock lodging him deeper into the tight space. With a few more of his rough deep thrusts inside of your wet warmth you were tensing up and loosing yourself cumming on his shaft.

“Fuck y/n.” Hoseok grunted against your ear continuing to fuck into you until he was pulling out and cumming on your thighs and the hood of his car. Your arms gave out as you slowly fell down against the hood of his car. He chuckled slapping at your ass groping the cheeks and massaging your thighs.

“I have another bet idea.” He started, rubbing his fingers across your skin softly.

“Go on.” You stated lifting an eyebrow.

“If I win this next race, you have to go on a date with me.” He smiled at you gummily causing you to roll your eyes. But even you had to admit you didn’t like how the girls tried to hog him tonight and it would be nice to have sex in both his house here and your house without having to sneak around, and to be able to hold him and spoil him with kisses for good and bad races.

“Alright fine. And if I win, you have to let me take you out on the date but- you have to get tied down.” You winked at him and he laughed slapping your ass as he picked you up nodding.

“Let’s wash the car, then I’m going to take you home and fuck you again.” He chuckled but instead of pulling out he moved to place you down on the hood of your car instead.

Fragments - Part 7

Word Count: 8219 (yikes)

Pairing: Dean x Reader

Warnings: Canon typical violence, Canon divergence

A/N: I can’t add any new tags and I’ve had to abandon the Fragments series tag list, but if you follow/turn on post notifications for @torn-and-frayed-writes you won’t miss an update. All updates will be reblogged over there right after they’re posted here. 

Fragments Masterlist

“Um, Dean, why are you getting in the back seat?” The three of you had just come out of the woods after another hunt. It seemed you’d been marathon hunting lately, not that you cared. It actually seemed to help keep your mind off everything. You enjoyed it.

“Decided to let Sammy drive for awhile. Thought I’d sit back here with you.” Dean shrugged. “Are you not ok with that?”

“I’m fine with it, unless you’re back here to gloat about killing Hitler some more because if you are I’m gonna throw you into traffic.” Sam’s laughter reverberated through the car but Dean didn’t find you at all funny.

“Killing Hitler is kind of a big deal, Y/N.” Dean grumbled. “You could show some more gratitude. Especially since I saved your ass from some Nazis too.”

“I know. I was there.” You rolled your eyes as Sam started up the car and started driving away. “But you really, really don’t need to tell me about it another thousand times. I got it.”

“Geez. Testy much?” You shot Dean a glare and he held up his hands in surrender. “Sorry.”

“It’s so good to have you back.” Sam chuckled.

“Aw, thanks Sam.” You giggled. “Someone has to keep your brother’s ego in check.”

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killing anders: fascism compliancy, evil, wrong

disagreeing with anders but letting him live: left-leaning centrism, passive, useless

agreeing with anders: radical leftism, barrier breaking, true game ending



requested: hey, I was wondering if you could do one where reader is camila’s best friend and she meets shawn through her and all fluffy please


“y/n!” your best friend called, walking into your bedroom. “hurry
up we are going to be late!”

she walked into the room, her long black hair swaying behind her.

“i’m almost ready, give me a minute to throw my dress on.” you sighed, putting down the last makeup product you needed.

“hurry up y/n, we’re going to be late and my manager is going to kill me!” she exclaimed, throwing the burgundy velvet dress at you.

“camila, don’t worry it’ll only take me a second.”

you walked into your closet, carefully putting the velvet dress on along with a pair of nude heels to match.

camila cabello, who also happened to be your best friend, invited you to come along with her to the american music awards and you happily accepted.

you had been her biggest supporter since her fifth harmony days, and it didn’t stop just because she went solo. the two of you became best friends when you were 6 and she was 8. you were in the same dance class and had basically been inseparable since.

“okay, i’m ready.” you announced, entering your room again. “can you just zip the last part?” you asked, moving your long hair out of the way so camila could zip your dress up.

you made your way to the limo that just arrived to your house that would take you to the awards.

the ride there was spent talking, jamming to some of your favourite songs, and trying to get the nervous jitters out of your systems. you were going to be walking the red carpet with her, and you were nervous that you were going to
trip or something.

“oh y/n,” she said as you stepped out of the limo. “there’s someone i want to introduce you to later.”

you groaned, knowing she was trying to set you up with someone again. normally camila’s set-ups didn’t turn out well.

“trust me, you’re going to like this one. i promise.”

“it better not be another 27 year
old,” you said, smoothing your dress before stepping onto the red carpet with camila.

“that was one time y/n!”

you stood to the side as she posed
for pictures and watched as she was able to turn in every direction that a cameraman was yelling her name.

you weren’t sure how she did it, if that many people were screaming at you and all those flashes were in your face you were almost positive you would have an anxiety attack.

after about half an hour of watching camila pose for pictures, talk to various interviewers, and her introducing you to her celebrity friends, it was finally time to go in the arena.

camila wasn’t performing tonight, but she was nominated for a few categories which you hoped she won. in a way, you were thankful that she wasn’t performing, if she was performing would would be by yourself surrounded by celebrities and some of your idols.

“oh perfect!” she exclaimed as you were escorted to your assigned tables. “we’re at a table with the guy i want you to meet, but i think he’s performing first so you’ll have to wait.”

you rolled your eyes, taking your seat beside your best friend. you had the feeling that whoever she was going to set you up with would be a disaster.

once again, you sat in silence and watched as camila talked to a few more celebrities. of course she introduced you, but you really had
nothing to contribute to the conversation, and it’s not like they were interested in your life anyways.

the lights dimmed in the venue as the tune to a familiar song you heard on the radio a few times had begun.

the singer stepped towards the mic and started the song. you definitely knew this song from the radio but you didn’t know what it was called, all you knew was that he was better live.

“that,” camila whispered, leaning close to you. “is the guy.”

your eyes widened as you got a better look at his face, you had to admit, he was definitely attractive.

“and,” she continued. “he’s your age.”

you smiled, secretly hoping this one turned out well.

“you already like him.” she smirked, leaning back in her chair and folding her arms.

you shook your head as the lights turned back on and the show was on commercial break. camila told you shawn would be returning back to the table soon and it just so happened to be the only seat available was next to you.

you were absentmindedly scrolling through your instagram account waiting for the show to start when camila practically jumped out of her seat.

“shawn!” she greeted, pulling the tall boy in for a hug. “i missed you, it’s been so long!”

you smiled as they had a small conversation. once again, you had no purpose in their conversation so you resumed scrolling through instagram.

“oh shawn, i want you to meet someone.” she pulled him towards you. “this is my best friend y/n. y/n, this is shawn mendes.”

you shyly smiled at him, finally standing up from your seat. even though you were standing he was still a good 6 inches taller than you.

“hi, i’m shawn.” he held his hand out for you to shake.

you blushed, tucking a piece of loose hair behind your ear.

“y/n.” you shook his hand quickly before sitting down again. you hated that you were so shy, but you couldn’t help it.

shawn took the empty seat next to you as the lights dimmed, the show starting again.

they were announcing one of the categories camila was nominated for, when they said her name she nervously grabbed your hand. you have her a reassuring smile, you knew she was going to win this.

when the announcer called her name, she squealed hugging you and shawn before making her way to the stage. you clapped and cheered for her the same way you would’ve if you were at
home watching her on tv. she quickly made her acceptance speech, thanked everyone and her fans and she was ushered off. a few more awards were announced before commercial again.

you noticed shawn had been staring at you since camila’s name was announced.

“is there something on my face?” you ask, suddenly feeling insecure.

“no, why would you ask?” shawn said, furrowing his eyebrows.

“you were kind of staring at me.” you managed to say, your shyness taking over again.

shawn’s eyes widened as you caught him off guard. “oh, uh, i think you’re cute.” he stuttered a bit. “i mean, the way you cheered for camila was cute. i like your, uh, supportiveness.”

you giggled, “i don’t think that’s a word.”

shawn continued to talk to you, it was like he took a genuine interest in what you had to say. which you were surprised, no celebrity has ever done that.

unfortunately, the award show came to an end and it was time for camila to drag you to the afterparty. you hoped shawn was going too, you didn’t want to leave him just yet.

“y/n!” camila returned to the table while you were still having a conversation with shawn about school. “you ready for the after party?”

you groaned, partly because she interrupted you and partly because you didn’t want to go. “no.”

she rolled her eyes, “it’s going to be fun y/n, don’t be such a grandma.”

she grabbed your arm, pulling you up from for seat. shawn looked just as disappointed as you did.

“shawn are you coming too?” camila asked, letting go of your arm finally.

“i don’t think so, they aren’t really my thing.” he said, “i was actually
hoping to steal y/n away for a bit, maybe skip the party?”

you nodded, thankful that you didn’t have to attend that party. you knew you would’ve done nothing there anyways, especially since you didn’t know anyone there.

“bye, you two kids have fun!” camila called as you walked away. “and be safe, use protection!”

you shook your head at her comment as shawn led you out of the building. luckily he chose a different exit and you weren’t swarmed by fans. there were a few, which you didn’t mind since you weren’t surrounded.

a fan came up to shawn to ask for a picture which he accepted.

“is that your girlfriend?” she asked once they took the picture. “she’s pretty.”

shawn chuckled, “isn’t she? but no she isn’t my girlfriend.”

you smiled at the ground, not wanting them to see your red cheeks.

after about half an hour of walking around, shawn offered to drive you home. you knew camila was probably partying her ass off and she was most likely drunk so he was your only option of getting home.

you gave him the directions to your small apartment, arriving sooner than you thought. it was early morning so there was no LA traffic thankfully.

“wait y/n,” shawn grabbed your hand before you could get
out of the car. “i, i want to ask you something.

"oh, yeah sure, ask away.” you winced at how awkward your answer was.

“would you maybe want to go out with me? i would love to maybe one day see your pretty face cheer for me like you did with camila earlier.”

A Good Dog With New Tricks

Batfam Week Day 2: Shenanigans 

Words: 3,423

Rating: Gen

AO3 Link

You all should know by now that I cannot resist the urge to make Damian the head instigate of any shenanigans, he is my favorite little troublemaker and the star of today’s fic. Though, Titus might give him a run for his money. Enjoy! 

Damian locked his eyes with the large, warm, black ones belonging to one of his closest friends. His companion held his gaze patiently waiting for the boy to begin.

“Titus, I must impress upon you the serious nature of this mission.” Damian started, keeping his tone serious, “If I asked anyone else they would surely fall victim to a double cross for a foolish photo of me in a compromising situation.” Damian grimaced thinking of the many times he’d tried to pull a fast one on his siblings only to have his assistant turn on him, “You are the only one I can trust with this, boy. Do you think you can do it?”

Titus blinked and then licked Damian’s cheek, his wet, velvety tongue tickling the boy’s face. Damian resisted the urge to smile and instead nodded his head. “Very well, let’s get started.”

He clipped a small camera to the dog’s collar, black and thin enough to be easily mistaken for hair then stepped back to check his tablet. He could see himself on the screen, albeit from a shorter height.

The two slipped through the manor silently making their way through the halls. They stopped in the hallway outside the foyer. The dog leaned against his side as he stopped, head ducking under Damian’s hand.

He scratched Titus’s ears, hand pressing into the warm soft fur while he peered around the corner. Today would be a bit of revenge for everything, all the unwanted coddling, the surprise photos, and the team ups his many family members often used to get him to ‘act his age’.

The front door rattled for a moment before Damian heard the sound of a key being inserted into the lock. He waited as the lock clicked open and the doorknob began to move again, this time turning unhindered.

“You know what to do.” Damian said and scratched Titus’s left ear twice in quick succession and the dog darted forward at the same time as the door swung open.

“Hey there, Titus .” Jason’s voice was warm as the door clicked shut behind him. “What’s up?”

Damian’s eyes locked on his tablet as he moved away from the foyer. He made his way to the living room as he watched Jason struggling at the front door. He had bags in both hands and was trying to move them all to his left. Titus was making it difficult for him, jumping up and pawing at his chest. Jason managed to hook the extra bags around his arm and reach out to pet Titus.

The dog let him for a moment before jumping back with a happy bark, back stepping a foot or so to allow Jason a few steps into the room before he did it again, jumping forward to beg for attention. Jason chuckled and gave him another good scratch on the head.

“Your pretty demanding today, where’s the Demon Brat?”

Titus’s answer was a lick on the face.

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“It has made me better loving you… it has made me wiser, and easier, and brighter. “ - Henry James

This drawing was initially sparked by this lovely little headcanon from @lhrry:

harry and louis slow dancing in the living room at 3am, leaning their foreheads together, harry letting louis stand on his feet because the floor is cold and louis is too lazy to make steps himself anyway and louis playing with strands of harry’s hair and the world being quiet and theirs aaaah

Quick fact. Ready?
One pound of lean body mass effectively burns 50 calories per day at rest. That’s only if you have been stationary for an entire day. Imagine how much more muscle burns when they are activated through exercise and activities of daily living.

Player: William Nylander – Toronto Maple Leafs


Mentions:. Kasperi Kapanen

Warnings: There might be a swear word or two? It gets a bit steamy but no Smut. PG-13 at best.

Preview:. You ordered a beer and started a conversation with Kappy about the girl he had been seeing. You turned back to your boyfriend and were met with a confused look on his face as he took a swig from his beer. 

Characters:. 977 words.

Originally posted by rhartmans

You walked into the bar scanning the room for your boyfriend. You found him sitting at a corner table. He wasn’t alone. There was some obvious puck bunny hanging on to his chair laughing obnoxiously. Kasperi seemed quite amused.

You giggled and walked up to the table.

“What’s up guys.” You gave Willy a quick kiss earning you a glare from the girl lingering over your boyfriend. You took the seat next to Kappy with a smile.

You ordered a beer and started a conversation with Kappy about the girl he had been seeing. You turned back to your boyfriend and were met with a confused look on his face as he took a swig from his beer.

“You okay there?” You giggle

“That girl was flirting with me you know.”

“Really? What gave that away, her leaning over you to give you a good look at her tits or the really fake obnoxious laugh?”

Kappy chuckled and William scoffed.

“You aren’t mad?”

“Were you flirting back?”


“So then-No, I’m good.” You stated with a shrug.

“Girls find me attractive”

You raised an eyebrow taking a drink from your own beer. “I’m aware.”

“Like, girls are really into me, I’m a hot ticket item.” He repeated, sounding a bit annoyed.

“I’m not worried, babe.”

He stood up “Not worried.” he mumbled mocking you.

You shook your head with a chuckle. You continued with your conversation with Kappy. That was until he caught a glimpse of something over your shoulder.

“What’s he doing?”

You looked behind you and followed his gaze, your brows quirking when you saw your boyfriend. He was leaning against a stool, talking to the girl from earlier. You roll your eyes.

“He’s trying to make me jealous.” You state simply turning back around and reaching for your beer.

Kasperi looked at you dumbfounded.

“And you’re… actually alright with that?”

You shrugged. “He’s just doing it to get a reaction out of me.”

He nodded slowly keeping an eye on his teammate.

“Is her hand on his thigh meant to get a reaction out of you too?” He chuckled.

Your head snapped back to Willy. He was smiling. She was laughing and her hand was on his thigh, a little too high for your liking.

The harmless flirting didn’t bother you, you trusted Willy. But touching was not allowed.

“Well, I think he’s getting the reaction he wanted.” Kappy snickered. “Don’t hurt the poor girl Y/N.”

You could feel your muscles tense as you rose from your chair.

You knew how stubborn Willy was. He was going to let this go for as long as it took for you to stop him, even as her fingers were getting higher.

You walked up to the bar rubbing player’s arm. “Babe. Can we go home?”

He shot you a smirk. “I was just having…”

“Babe. Home. Now.” You repeated sternly.

He just chuckled following you from the bar, leaving an angry girl at the bar. You both waved to Kappy and he nodded with a chuckle of his own.

“Y/N are you jealous?” he asked as you plopped into the passenger’s seat.

“I am not.” You pouted crossing your arms.

“I just have a strict rule against people besides other hockey players touching my boyfriend.”

“A jealous rule?”

“Shut Up.”

“Someone’s jealous…” he sang to himself. You knew Willy was a bit tipsy but if he wanted to play dirty, so were you.

“There’s going to be a no touching rule tonight if you keep it up, William.”

“I could survive.”

“Oh really now?” you asked cocking your head as you got into the uber.

“Yup.” Your boyfriend answered over-popping his p.

You just shake your head, putting your plan together in your head.

You got home, with a sleepy Swede leaning on your shoulder. All the work of making you jealous had tired him out. But after your plan, you knew he would be wide awake.


You shook Willy awake and followed him as he stumbled towards your apartment. You allowed him to try to figure out which of the two keys was the front door before you finally unlocked the door.

He walked over to the radio, finding some slow music and beginning to sway.

“Dance with me baby.”

“No touching rule remember?’

“Wait that was real?” He questioned wide-eyed.

“Yup.” You mocked.

“Well fine I will dance by myself.”

“You have fun with that.” You giggled heading upstairs to put your plan in motion.

When you came back downstairs a few minutes later, William was still dancing. You chuckled from the door way. William turned around and caught a glimpse of you. He froze taking you in.


You stood in the entryway to the living room, leaning against the frame in nothing but Willy’s jersey and his glasses. Your hair flowing and messy.

“I don’t like this no touching rule.”

“I don’t like girls touching you.”

“Touché” he nodded.

You couldn’t help but giggle at your drunk boyfriend dancing in your living room.

“Let us form a treaty!” he suddenly exclaimed causing you to jump.

“I’m listening Nylander.”

“No other girls can touch me but you and then I can touch you!” He states, looking quite proud of himself.

“I think I can accept these terms.”

“Then we must seal the deal.”

“How so?”

“Like this.” Suddenly William was next to you, he was pretty fast for being drunk. You laughed as he wrapped his arms around you, his hands finding your ass. You place a quick kiss to your lips and he grinned. Quickly he slapped your ass.


“What? I was hitting your ass to seal the deal.”


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Pairing: Dean x wife!Reader, Sam
Word count: 333

Part 3 of Shocking Awakening

As soon as Sam walked in the door, DJ launched himself at the tall man. “Hey, sport!” He grinned. “Hey, I need to talk to your dad, how about you go say bye to your mom? I’m sure she would be so happy for a big hug!”

“Okay!” Once his feet hit the floor, he was off.

Sam spotted Dean in the living room, leaning forward, elbows on his knees, and his head hanging. Clenching his jaw, he was nearby in just a few steps. “I really can’t believe you!” He ground out. “What the hell, Dean? Did you decide you want to play dumber than usual because you’re unhappy or something? Y/N was crying on the phone when she called.”

Sighing, Dean looked up. “I’m not playing.” He told him. “I really don’t know where I am. I don’t know who that is! I don’t know who those kids are!” His green eyes watered. “I look at the pictures, and it’s me… But I don’t remember any of it. That one there?” He pointed to him lifting DJ up to his shoulders. “No clue what the hell was going on. Or that one?” It was him and DJ working on the Impala. ”When have I ever let a kid go near Baby?!”

“You're…. Not just being a dick…” His anger morphed into sadness and confusion. “I’ll have DJ, and Joey for the night. Jess has the girls with her getting some snacks for a sleepover. Let’s just hope she believes you.”

You came in holding Joey, and DJ by your side. “Alright, Uncle Sam.” You said softly. “I believe they’re all ready to go.” Holding up their little backpacks, you gave him a small smile.

Turning, he smiled in return. “Come here, princess.” Sam reached over, taking Joey before the bags. “Good luck, Y/N. Hear him out” He kissed your cheek and left with the two kids. Standing there, you had your arms around your waist. Already your home felt too quiet.

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