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(First of all, your tags are gold, award winning!) But I have a question for Nick! Are you traumatized yet? Probably..

*Larry is sitting onthe couch when he sees this question and grins. Nick walks in and he tosses him his phone*

Larry: Hey Nick this one’s for you. Do you wanna answer it before me and ahk… um… *Ahk walks in behind Nick and smiles shyly at Larry. Larry Looks Ahk up and down with wide, appreciative eyes. He’s wearing a nice form fitting grey shirt with a Flannel with the sleeves rolled up over it, a pair of tight black Jeans, and ankle high laced up combat boots, and his eyes are even prettier than usual*

Ahk: *shuffles around awkwardly* If this looks odd on me, I could always change into something more appropriate…

Larry: *shakes his head furiously and walks over to Ahk, resting a hand on Ahk’s arm* No. God, no. you look gorgeous. Like holy shit you look stunning. *gives him a once over and smirks* I mean you look really, really good. *wraps his arms around Ahk’s waste, who blushes and giggles, and pulls Ahk into a soft slow kiss*


Larry: *laughs and steps away from Ahk* Sorry, man sort of forgot you were here, no offence.

Nick: *rolls his eyes* Well thanks dad, glad to know all it takes is me making your boyfriend look super hot to make you forget other people actually exist. You’re welcome for that by the way. *tries to pout but ends up just giggling* And yes they have already managed to traumatize me and I’ve only been here for an hour. Their just so *pulls a face* touch feely… *tosses the phone back to his dad*

Larry: *slips his mobile into his pocket* Thanks Nick. Well me and Ahk are gonna head out since it’ll take about 40 minutes to an hour to get where I’m supposed to so… y’know don’t let anyone start a war or blow anything up, just keep an eye on things.

Nick: *smiles and waves* yeah dad I know, have a good time, don’t do anything too stupid.

Ahk: I will be sure to keep your father out of trouble.

*larry just shakes his head fondly and laces his fingers with Ahk’s who looks down at their hands with giddy excitement. Larry hails a cab and asks the diver to take them to Coney Island. The guy grunts in reply and their off*  

(A/N: Thank you so much. i like using the tags to give extra and possibly unneeded info that i feel should be shared regardless. i think i’m just a little addicted to tagging things) 


the boys doing the finger thing