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can you please also do angsty fitzsimmons songs? I require it for inspiration at times haha

okay so a couple of these are more hardcore angsty and the rest are like. softcore angst. because a lot of the time fitzsimmons are all about the softcore angst, lbr.

  • kettering - the antlers (yikes SORRY)
  • home - mumford & sons
  • i can make you love me - british india
  • the blower’s daughter - damien rice (this version)
  • rise - the frames
  • transatlanticism - death cab for cutie
  • we are leaving - the naked and famous
  • see you soon (live 2003) - coldplay
  • over the love - florence + the machine
  • my backwards walk - frightened rabbit

The Killers @ Clwb Ifor Bach, Cardiff, Wales - November 22, 2003 (As supporting act for British Sea Power - HQ Audio) 

Setlist: Jenny Was a Friend of Mine | Somebody Told Me | Smile Like You Mean It | Mr. Brightside | Under the Gun | Midnight Show

They walked on stage, four ordinary looking lads. Young, especially the singer / keyboard player. I liked that, to start with. I’d not seen a lead singer with a stand-up keyboard stand in years. They were clearly American, sounded like a happier Interpol. There was quite a bit of that coming out of the States at the time, bands mixing vintage British post-punk sounds with something a bit more pop and cheerful. The lyrics were great, too, a bloke accused of killing his girlfriend protesting his innocence… and then, yeah, my mate was right. Half way through the song the frontman set down his microphone and played this incredible 1982-style-electropop one finger synth solo; I was hooked. Just seven months later the song, “Jenny Was A Friend of Mine”, would rocket up the world’s charts as the opening track on The Killers’ debut album “Hot Fuss”; by then they were pop stars.(X)