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Is this silence is the calm before the storm?


I’m glad Louis tweeted yesterday to show he was paying attention but not as a father. Waiting for an announcement about a song from Louis is like waiting on the oracle of Delphi.

No indication Harry is coming live on the show so far, but I’m pretty sure Harry will be seen this week.

I cannot believe The 100 is actually delivering this season?? What is this feeling of fulfilment?

A compelling yet relatable antagonist??? Bellarke angst and jealous Clarke???? Literally insane octagon actually written as a villain for once??? Zaven chemistry???? Madi’s sassy uncle Murphy??? What is happening? I am suspicion!

Reputation Tour Setlist
  1. …Ready For It + opening video (before song)
  2. I Did Something Bad + speech (after song)
  3. Gorgeous
  4. Style/Love Story/YBWM mashup
  6. End Game
  7. King Of My Heart + extended instrumentals
  8. Delicate + speech (before song) + flies to first b-stage in cage
  9. Shake It Off (with Charli and Camila)
  10. DWOHT/So It Goes alternating (acoustic, guitar) + speech (before song)**
  11. Surprise Acoustic Song list **sometimes dwoht/sig is song #11
  12. Blank Space (walks through crowd to second b-stage before song)
  13. Dress
  14. Bad Blood/Should’ve Said No mashup (while flying in the snake skeleton back to the main stage)
  15. Don’t Blame Me
  16. Long Live/New Year’s Day mashup (piano)
  17. Why She Disappeared Poem
  18. Getaway Car
  19. CIWYW
  20. WANEGBT (rock/1989 version) + TIWWCHNT mashup
  21. So It Goes (not live, played on speakers after the show)

*special guests come on at various times during the show, if there is one* list


Bear with me here, but listen: We all know the cousins spent a good amount of their childhood at granny Coot’s, so like, what if they all got a little hick in them during their teen years 

musical theatre concept:

the stigma and hatred towards bootlegs is riD OF

My Dearest Harry,


Happy Birthday!!!! I’ve set an alarm for 8:30, and if you haven’t fire-called me by then I’m side alonging Rose over to scold you. Today took some serious planning, dear, and that boyfriend of yours will never forgive me if you show up late. Wear that green top- it brings out your eyes!


With love,


Hermione Granger-Weasley





If you are late this afternoon I will fillet you alive.


Birthday Wishes.


-Draco (I love you. Wear the green top.)





Happy 37th, Mate!!! Do us all a favor and get your old arse out of bed before 2, would you? ‘Mione and Draco have been working together, and you know how they get going. She’s in a right fuss, that one. I had to talk her out of sending you a howler this morning, and that was only by… Distracting her, so to speak. As I’m human and understand human emotions, needs, etc., (unlike our crazy robotic lovers), I’ve sent over a coffee and some chocolate frogs to make the ungodly time a little more bearable.






P.S. Hermione told me to tell you to wear the green top? I don’t give a flying fuck what you wear as long as you and Malfoy manage to keep the clothes firmly on this time.





I had to hold mum down, she wanted to bring you breakfast in bed this morning. As much as she loves you, I’m not sure how she would have felt if she walked in on you having a lovely birthday shag with Malfoy against the coffee table. You’re welcome. See you tonight. And, for Merlin’s sake, try to be on time. In the green shirt, or Malfoy will send you straight back. Happy Birthday!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


-Ginny P.s. Luna sends her regards and also asked me to tell you that green wards off the hucklefins.





I had the strangest dream last night, Harry. I was being chased by a group of wrackspurts, all of them demanding I return their ‘treasure’. I was quite confused by their insistence that I had taken this ‘treasure’ (you know how I feel about stealing, it affects my aura), and I kept spraying lilac essence to ward them off, but to no avail. I asked Ginny if she thought it meant something, but she thinks I may have just had too much to drink last night. What do you think?


Oh yes dear, I almost forgot! Happy Birthday! I do hope you know to be on time, but I’ll try to distract him if you run late. I read last night about some very new potions research that could keep him talking for at least an hour.


Love you, dear.


Luna (Wear green.)



The boy who continues to live,


I’d say congratulations, but you’ve been complimented so many times for merely staying alive that it feels tacky at this point. Draco’s got himself all in knots over tonight’s events, and as much fun as it’s been watching him all flustered, I know that if you manage to screw this up I’ll be the one supplying his alcohol, so I feel I must warn you; If you wish to continue to be the boy who lived, show up on time, and properly dressed, if you can manage. Although, come to think of it, “The boy who fucked up one too many goddamn times” has a ring to it.


-Pansy Parkinson





You have always been a son to me, dear. I know it goes without saying, but if I learned anything from the war, it’s that telling people what they mean to you is a privilege, and something we should do as often as we can. So, and I don’t mean to be sappy love, I know you have big plans for tonight, but I simply have to tell you how proud I am of the man you have become. Happy Birthday, dear. (I’ve sent over some breakfast, though Ginny suggested maybe I shouldn’t have. Terribly sorry if I’ve interrupted anything. Draco’s favorites are in there too, just in case.)







Happy Birthday, you geezer. The Amazon is great, as promised, if a little hot for my taste. I’m sorry to be missing your evening tonight- there truly isn’t anything for it. They want me back at the University this Thursday, and I’ve got very little besides a sunburn to show for my time out here. Personally, I think they’ve been a little outrageous with the timing; researching Amazonian werewolf roots and ancient cures isn’t exactly a picnic, you know.


Enough complaining. How’ve you been? How’s Draco? Have you finally bucked up and popped the question? I assume not; someone would have owled, I’m sure. You really ought to do it soon, Harry. If you don’t, he will, and you know how terribly dramatic he is. Just think on it. Send my love to Grandma, would you? I miss her terribly. Oh, and you can have some too, of course.


-Teddy Lupin



Uncle Harry,


I know you aren’t awake yet. You are never awake before noon. Which is why, in approximately 28 minutes, if you don’t firecall mum (which you won’t) to tell her you’re getting ready, (which you aren’t), I’m coming over there myself to talk some sense into you.


You do realize how important today is? Happy Birthday. I’ll see you in precisely 27 minutes.


-Rose Granger-Weasley Future Minister for Magic



Uncle Harry,


Please be awake when Rose gets to your place, she’s in a scary mood this morning. Happy Birthday, and best of luck, because Mum isn’t much better by the looks of it.







Happy Birthday. I know you are prone to sleeping in, but Draco has been particularly high-strung about this evening and I would really encourage your punctuality this once. I will, unfortunately, be quite busy this evening, but I look forward to seeing you soon. Tea at the manor Wednesday, perhaps? Talk to Draco and get back to me. Oh, and you do look so ever lovely in green. Regards,


Narcissa Malfoy
—  Birthday Letters

I don’t really know what to focus on talking about for this episode. I’ve been silently reading the criticism for the episode in better hopes of understanding where the disconnect is for people beyond selective perception (I think everyone knows what fandom subset I’m talking about here). The biggest (valid) question I keep seeing is “Why kill Sam at all?” Well, because his death is not about the audience’s reaction, it’s for Dean’s, so Dean could face down his brother’s permanent quick death full of unfinished business and feel that loss keenly ever step of his way to the camp. Now, because of the formula curse, the show simply isn’t allowed to give Dean a grief arc for Sam on the level he got for Cas. But if things were different on a production level, if we had *time* that’s absolutely what we would have gotten. But things are what they are (however much you personally can move past this or not, that’s the show).

Prior to this episode, Dean’s faced down the death/loss of every major person close to him except Sam. So this is what the episode made Dean face. Because of what must come next. Now ask yourself why it would do this, why Sam’s death is necessary. This season is about death, trauma, and choices you learn to live with versus the things you can’t. We are being shown very slowly what things Dean is and isn’t able to live with. Billie has told him. No more bargaining. But yet… Cas comes back. Dean himself comes back. Mary comes back. Jack comes back, and now, finally, Sam. Dean has just been given everything back, everything he’s previously lost so that he can now face the following scenario: “Having lost EVERYTHING YOU LOVE, and been given the impossible gift of its return, what would you do… how FAR WOULD YOU GO to make sure your entire family survived, that you never face their deaths again? WHAT WOULDN’T YOU DO TO WIN BY SAVING WHAT YOU LOVE?”

And this structure is not for Sam fans. It’s not for Cas fans. It’s a structure across the whole season designed solely for Dean. This season is about Dean being faced with everything he loves taken away and remarkably resurrected so he can make a choice, a decision that he normally wouldn’t in order to not feel like he’s failed them again. Saving the world means nothing if you can’t save your family. This season is about the setup and push into Dean’s decision, whatever he’ll do to protect his family, having fully felt the loss of everyone he loves like a real blow every time. And it’s not about anyone individually. It’s his WHOLE family. His blood family AND his chosen family. It’s everyone he loves. Sam’s death simply holds the same weight as theirs now. Not that Sam’s death holds less, but that everyone else has been given the same amount and that it equals the love Dean has for Sam in a world where there’s no more deals to make in death.

Family don’t end in blood. Welcome to Dabb era.

Hey guys, just so you know, because I see a lot of posts by people stressing out they haven’t been able to pledge yet to the CR Kickstarter:

  1. They’re not going to charge you until the end of the kickstarter. Pledging now doesn’t mean you have to pay immediately, so if you’ve already decided you want to pledge anyway, you can already do so!
  2. You can always change your pledge! If you pledge and decide you want to go lower or higher at a later time, or cancel the pledge entirely, this is completely possible while the kickstarter is still ongoing. 
  3. There is no need to rush pledging, I doubt any of you are aiming to go for the very expensive higher tiers ($1000+). All the lower tiers are unlimited. Therefore there is really no reason to rush your pledge, it doesn’t matter if you pledge now or later, you’re still going to get the same rewards!
  4. Please don’t feel like you have to pledge. Please think carefully before pledging if you honestly can’t afford it. We’ve already gone past the goal like… 6 times over. This animated special is going to be made and then some! I totally get being excited to be part of something you love, but please don’t feel like you have to pledge in order to support CR. You’re still an amazing fan even if you don’t pledge. You’ll still be able to enjoy the one-shots, and you’ll still get to see the animated show come to live just like the rest of us! Don’t worry about it :)