Photo taken during the famous Beatles rooftop performance, on top of their Apple Corps studio, on January 30th 1969.

The short set list consisted of:

“Get Back” (three takes)

“Don’t Let Me Down” (two takes)

“I’ve Got a Feeling” (two takes)

“One After 909” (one take)

“Dig a Pony” (one take)

Peter Asher can be seen kneeling in front of John, holding up a sheet with lyrics; Beatle wives Yoko Ono and Maureen Starr (“Thanks, Mo”) also are attending. The Metropolitan Police pulled the plug eventually—this was a time when rock music was still a subversive thing, even when you were The Beatles.

We’re going to have fun this National Cat Day. But before we do, we would like to remind you all to slow down during your busy day.

Just stop and enjoy the feel of the weather around you.

Take a moment to Stop and Watch the Birds.

In memory of Nak.