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I don’t know why, maybe the way the light is hitting the plant in this photo, but it makes me think of the movie Little Monsters. If you remember this movie you must have been an 80s baby like me 👹📺🌱 Tag a friend below if you remember this movie👇🏻😝
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Lady Gaga presenting on the Golden Globes 2016.

You all probably think I’m crazy but you guys don’t know how much I miss seeing pictures of this woman and watching her old videos. This woman inspired me and is also why I changed my last name.

This woman is Tara Savelo, she used to be a make up artist for a very well known popstar (if you know me you’ll know who) but to me she was always more than that. She was and still is my idol.

In 2012, I was on and a lot of people were talking about this woman, there was mixed views on her because she was just a make up artist but that isn’t the reason she’s my idol.

The reason she is my idol is because Tara suffers from SLE lupus and she gets sicker everyday, it causes her to loss and gain weight, it makes her weak and fragile but what inspired me was that she would carry on trying to make people happy and making people smile.

She’s love to paint portraits and it’s pretty much all she can do that doesn’t cause her pain, she left her job because she couldn’t have the strength to carry on touring but she still keeps on fighting and she still tries as much as she can to make people happy.

I got bullied and tease by fans of the popstar who Tara worked for, I would get people telling me “She’s just a make up artist” but she isn’t just a make up artist. She is my idol and she always will be ❤️💕

I love her more than anything and I am proud to share the same last name as her forever.