I spotted something in the recent Overwatch comic that made me smile - I think that the omnic in this panel is the same one who attended Mondatta’s speech with their partner in the ‘Alive’ short; they appear very similar, and look, the badge matches!
I know that the girl was shown in the theatrical teaser, so I’m hoping this is not just a coincidence! The thought of recurring background characters is great :’D

I got bored with working on it so it’s being dumped until I can get some refills for my pens. Or until I can bring myself to try and sort my photoshop settings to get smooth pen lines, and do real colour. 


Ah, I love them


I really thought this was the cutest thing lol and since PSY has made a comeback recently I thought this would be a good video to share and I don’t think it’s in your archives either. I don’t know if you remember the little boy from “Gangnam Style” named “little psy” (I think he in Psy’s recent video “Daddy” idk) this is a video of “little psy” performing Troublemaker’s song “Troublemaker” with “little Beyonce”. The crowd loved it and I thought it was really cute ^_^

KM & BW: I remember this ^_^  and also her name is Asia Monet Ray she use to be on tv a lot about dancing.