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so i have been listening to Teen Top since 2015 but i have yet to stan them. any ideas on where to start learning about them? any advice is nice because im really bad at getting to know new groups, thank you in advance!

Hello!! I’m so sorry I saw this late but I’ve been getting together a list of things. It’s a bit much and not very organized I apologize. I get too excited when I get to share teen top things with people lol I always want to show them everything! Teen Tops weekly idol appearances are a must watch, even people who don’t stan teen top say their appearances on the show are the best and funniest. I’ve also added some of my favorite live stages of theirs and favorite songs. I’m not sure how familiar you are with their music ^^; I didn’t want to overwhelm you, even just this is quite a bit, but if you’d like more I’d be more than happy to recommend stuff!

Niels birthday party (MUST WATCH)

Teen top on air the new beginning

Teen top go

Teen top secret island

teen top never stop in Guam (MUST WATCH) ( teen tops iconic bedroom scene)
(Links in description. This seems to be the only place I can find all the full episodes)

Weekly idol (MUST WATCH)

Entertainers/entertain us

She was pretty parody

Secret garden parody (Old but gold)

KBS world

Some of my favorite performances and songs.

Fantastic baby cover/parody

Teen top 100% trot performance

Teen top little psy(MUST WATCH) (Cutest thing ever. L.Joe adores him lol)

Teen top 100% sorry sorry

Angel No.1 (get ur tissues ready)

NMPOY Acoustic/r&b ver

Teen Top (Changjo, Niel, L.Joe) except for me

Teen top Hello

Let’s dance teen top

Teen Top Niel solo memory

Teen top so sweet

Mad at u

Stephanie feat LJoe higher

Careful Armys your antiblackness is showing.

So yall really gonna bully cupcakke off twitter for some shit yall do everyday?? I know it may be hard to understand this but BTS is grown!! All of them are in they’re 20s, now if you think they are some innocent virgins sitting at home knitting mittens all day you are delusional. Was what cupcakke said outta pocket? Yes a little. But all the hate, death threats and racial slurs were completely uncalled for and disgusting. I support BTS but i will never call myself an Army because Its like everytime they come in contact with black western artists you hoes gotta go and threaten them. But here’s a newsflash for you they won’t get ANYWHERE in America if this fandom doesn’t learn how to chill. And here’s a little reality for you. Psy won an American award, Psy went on Ellen, Psy performed on the AMAs but is Psy still popular in America now?? No. So stop gassing up BTS because its been done before.

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Got7- Moonlight   

Jay Park ft. Gray- Drive

Jungkook (BTS)- Paper Hearts

BAP- Badman

BTS- Butterfly (Japanese ver.)

Avenged Sevenfold- A Little Piece of Heaven 

PSY ft. CL- Daddy

Sleeping with Sirens- Do it Now Remember it Later 

BTS- Danger

Daddy Yankee- Lovumba 

Can you tell I love a lot of different types of music? Pop punk and post-hardcore was where my heart was before kpop. I mean I still love that music, but~ Sorry if you have already been tagged! 

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I really thought this was the cutest thing lol and since PSY has made a comeback recently I thought this would be a good video to share and I don’t think it’s in your archives either. I don’t know if you remember the little boy from “Gangnam Style” named “little psy” (I think he in Psy’s recent video “Daddy” idk) this is a video of “little psy” performing Troublemaker’s song “Troublemaker” with “little Beyonce”. The crowd loved it and I thought it was really cute ^_^

KM & BW: I remember this ^_^  and also her name is Asia Monet Ray she use to be on tv a lot about dancing.