Re: People's idea of modern au Sansa

I… really don’t get where everyone sees Sansa in modern fan art or speculation or whatever as a popular cheerleader type who is essentially a Basic White Girl who wears Uggs and squees over Taylor Swift and boy bands (not that there’s anything bad about that stuff) ? At all?

I mean, Sansa who:

-hates riding (ie exerting herself) because it gets you hot and sweaty

-would rather sit and have tea and cakes or read (she enjoys tourneys but that’s vastly different from playing a sport yourself)

-frequently spouts facts about Westerosi history, literature, heraldry and music

-frequently makes book references when she’s excited about something or making an argument to someone else

-was promised advanced harp lessons because she loves music

-judging by the kind of stories she likes best (Prince Aemon, Florian and Jonquil) she enjoys bittersweet things, not fluffy upbeat romance songs

-is a crafter

-was a better student than Arya according to her sister, and better than her more educated brothers at reading and writing

-has fandoms and OTPs

In other words, Sansa is a huge neeeeeerrrrrrrrd. It’s really weird to think because she’s pretty and likes fashion and has crushes this somehow makes it impossible for her to be anything but Regina George/a valley girl. Nerd girls can be into makeup, pop music, high heels, or whatever, you know. Many of us are definitely feminine and don’t fit the Amy Farrah Fowler stereotype (although she’s awesome too).

Of course, while much of this unfounded theory comes from her detractors who project their own bullies and least favorite character tropes into her for no reason other than they dislike Sansa and want to justify it (and ironically show how they’re far more shallow than they accuse her of being), there are surprisingly a lot of Sansa fans who do this too.

But I see no evidence to think so. You can, for sure, but I don’t see why, anymore than I see a reason to make Jon a Hot Topic emo or Arya a playground bully who shoves you into the dirt and steals your lunch money. There’s simply no textual basis I’ve seen, to tout it as fact.

(My own modern au? Sansa’s style icons are Lily Collins and Elle Fanning, she loves Lana del Rey and Florence Welch, she studies Victorian romance novels at a young age for fun because her hipster self isn’t impressed by what’s on the market for sixth graders, still loves church, she sits and embroiders her purses while her siblings play basketball together, and watches horror movies with Bran and Arya.)


Jamie Anderson is proud to say she’s just like other girls: her makeup is an art form, her weekends are reserved for wild parties, and she has the drop-dead gorgeous TA of her history class in her scope.

And she’s managed to score a birthday dinner with him. Well, a study session on her birthday. It counts.

But the night of her birthday, things start to get strange. Suddenly she has memories that aren’t her own from a past that shouldn’t be possible. People who shouldn’t exist insist she has a destiny that no sane person would ever even imagine. The man who was supposed to be her one-night-stand insists they are meant to be far more.

Above all, something is coming, they tell her. Something sinister, dangerous, that will be seeking her out.

Jamie Anderson is proud to say she’s just like other girls. And she would like to keep it that way.

Bleach finale project!

Some time has passed since Tite Kubo’s manga Bleach has reached it’s end. The reception that received was very mixed, and unfortunately it left some unanswered question for the readers.

That’s why we decided to create this little project.

Hello, people, we are Queen-Zelda and General-Link, a couple of artists that want to share our little grain of sand in this situation. As it was mentioned before, the ending left some questions without an answer, mostly with the whereabouts of various characters, or some previous scenes that in the end did not had any apparent meaning. Whatever the case, we are going to try our best to create a finale for this manga that will cover most of these points.

If you have anything that you want to ask us, feel free to do so in the following blog:

The following fan-made manga will follow the same pattern as the original product. It’s read right to left.

And every two days we will have a new page for you.

Thank you!


We have opened a RedBubble store!

@fluffysheeps and I have finally gotten around opening our very own online store, featuring our artwork printed in various wonderful items such as phone cases, stickers, high-quality prints, mugs and much more! We’re still uploading and featuring work, but rest assured, you’ll have quite a lot to check out!

Please reblog this post and share it with your friends, we would really appreciate the signal boost to get ourselves known! Thank you in advance! <3

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Fantasy Museum Third Series #30. Final post for this third series. For @carolef45 and @sylvialynch and @june-bm – three women artists who inspire me with their art and their lives.
Listen–I know I have not included everyone in my various Fantasy Museum “exhibitions.” There are plenty of you who have been wonderful patrons who are also wonderful artists. I never imagined when I started this little project that people would enjoy it so much (including me!). Still, I only have so much time. I hope to do a fourth series; and when that happens, please do not be shy! Tell me you want in :-) I don’t post without permission. Thank you, tumblr artists, for being such good patrons and friends.


“UK-based street artist Slinkachu, best known for his ongoing Little People Project, has just released three new installations commissioned by O2 for 20 Years of War Child, an exhibition celebrating 20 years of the charity whose mission is to support children affected by war. Each miniature scene created by the artist depicts a different injustice faced by kids amidst war around the world. Of course, the installations present a far more playful portrayal where a banana peel serves as a refugee tent and a snail stands in place of an imposing tank.” taken from mymodernmet

Victoria’s Secret SALE happening now! Snag new items at up to 70% OFF retail prices. Install FREE app to take advantage of all the amazing deals.