Autumn Magnolia 9"x12" Oil

This painting was one of the first I created in oils this spring, and I think it was the moment I fell in love with the medium. I attempted to capture the fleeting moment I often experience when bird watching; a bit of movement in a shrub, the glimpse of a little bird, then it’s gone again! This little Magnolia Warbler (non-breeding plumage) peeked out of my lilac tree for but a moment on an overcast fall day, his plumage nearly the same yellow as some of the foliage.

A Horrible Mistake

Request:  can you do a oneshot where instead of Blaine getting hit with rock salt (by Sebby) , it’s the reader who gets hit and lots of drama angst and happy ending ?

A/N- Yes I can let’s do this I really like this one so ya :} 


It had been a normal day so far even though we were planning to have a little scrimmage with the Warblers. 

I honestly was a bit hesitant about this… I mean the Warbler captain,Sebastian Smythe was known to play a little dirty, I just hope he doesn’t today.

/At the parking garage/ 

The Warblers entered and my nerves heightened, Sebastian smirked,

“So what is this about?”

Artie rolled forward,

“We just want to say we aren’t scared or intimidated by you Warblers,”

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“You really think you’re that bad? I get that you’re trying to sound tough but really?” I shivered… geez I never knew someone could sound so menacing but still have a playful smirk on his face.

“Then let’s go, Smythe,”

“I don’t it’s acceptable if I fight a kid in a wheelchair,” 

Santana rolled her eyes and stepped to Artie’s side,

“I could go all Lima heights on your ass,”

“Try sister, but let settle this the old fashion way… A dual,” 

“You’re on,” 

The beat started and we starting sing and dancing Bad by Micheal Jackson. 

We were half way through the song I noticed that the Warblers were passing a brown bag… and Sebastian was eyeing Kurt… Kurt was one of my best friends if Sebastian was planning something I wasn’t going to just stand aside.

The song was almost over and I was getting very anxious… until I saw Sebastian pull out a slushie and aimed for Kurt.

On the final note, I made a choice… I jumped  in front of Kurt and took the slushie to the face.

I yelped in pain as the slushie stung my face… thankfully I closed my eyes and no way in hell was I going to open them.

I was basically blind… I heard people shuffling and moving to my side.

“I-I’m so sorry Y/N,” I heard footsteps moving closer to me than someone being shoved,

“Don’t go anywhere near her! You did this to her!” I heard Santana’s angry voice… was she talking to Sebastian?

“Ok ok Y/N can you open your eyes?” I shook my head… I don’t know what was in it but I knew I might get hurt from it.

“Don’t! It has… rock salt in it… god that wasn’t meant for her dammit,”

“Oh, and hitting Kurt would’ve just been fine!?”

“I don’t know! Just make sure she’s ok!” I was now certain that the two people who were talking were Blaine and Sebastian.

I felt someone squeeze my hand,

“Ok Y/N we’re going to pour some water on your face,”

I nodded… I was scared, but then I heard someone shoved down next to me.

Sebastian’s POV

Santana pushed me down next to Y/N I looked at the slushie on her face… why did she do it? It wasn’t meant for her, I wouldn’t want to hurt her…

“I’m so sorry… I am not going anywhere,”

She grinned as Rachel poured water on her face.

“Shouldn’t we take her to the hospital?” Everyone was around her… god how could I do this?

“N-No I’m fine…” She didn’t open her eyes but tried to stand up, I stood up with her.

“No you aren’t I did this, we are going to the hospital,”

“Why did you do it anyway?” She looked for someone’s arm to keep her steady, I held mine out as she grabbed it.

“Again I didn’t mean to hit you,”

“But you meant to hit Kurt and he’s my friend, so you can just fuck off,” She started to walk away, not realizing that I was helping her keep her balance,

“Crap you were helping me weren’t you?” She let go now realizing that it was me.

“Just let me help you please?”

“Why you might throw another slushie in her face” Kurt glared,

I snapped,

“No! Just shut up you little…. I wouldn’t intentionally hurt Y/N!”

“And why the hell should we believe that?!” 

“Cause I think I love her dammit!” I walked away, feeling like smoke was steaming from my head.

I heard the thump of someone falling behind me, I turned around, Y/N was on the ground trying to get back up… her eyes were still closed.

I ran to her side helping her up, everyone kept their distance from me, I could tell no one expected me to say that.

“Sebastian?” I nodded then I realized she couldn’t see me at the moment,


“Do you really think you love me?…” 

“… Yes, I think I do… but I knew you wouldn’t go for a guy like me so I went for Blaine but ya know Kurt and all and and…. I was stupid,”

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I broke down…my tears stinging my face till someone whipped them off…

“You are stupid… but why do you have to be so damn attractive?” I looked at her, her eyes were open watery but open.

“Can you see?” 

“Y-Ya I mean my eyes are watery but ya I can see,” 

“Thank god I’m so relieved I could kiss you right now,” I smirked at the idea… 

“I mean… I wouldn’t mind it…” 

I smirked and cupped her cheek and kissed her, she kissed back. The only thing that stopped ups was the fact that the New Directions was looking at us.

“What did we just see?” 

I smirked and looked at Santana,

“Well I mean you guys are the ones starring, can’t you just ya know, go home?” 

“OH good lord no we are not leaving  poor innocent Y/N with your little perverted mind,” Santana grabbed Y/N and pulled her up,

“I mean I’m not that innocent…” She winked at me which made me smirk.

“Bleh that’s just disgusting get in each other’s pants another day, but please not in front of us… please” Santana rolled her eyes while dragging Y/N away.

“Wait-” Kurt and Blaine blocked me while handing me a piece of paper,

“Her number since you two obviously want to see each other again,” both Kurt and Blaine rolled their eyes and walked away with the rest of the New Directions leaving me alone in the parking garage.

I pulled out my phone and eagerly typed in the number and sent a message.

Hey, shame they whisked you away so soon ;) 

Ya :(

But I mean we can finish that any time you want 


I smirked and walked to my car, this was somewhat a happy ending.

(Ok idk if this had enough angst but I had fun so I hope you guys enjoyed this <3) 

Worried Daddy (Part 4) [a Sebastian Smythe imagine]

Request: Still love your blog and I was just thinking of like Worried daddy if Logan wore Sebastians warbler blazer it would be so adorable


My kids list is here, look, request, yeah :)

Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3

You can’t find Logan anywhere. All of you have the day off because the holiday, which your son was more than happy about, and Sebastian is in the kitchen. Holding your bloated stomach, you stalk down the hallway, calling out for the boy. A loud thump, along with Logan’s laughter, comes from your bedroom, making you hurry.

When you push the door open, you cover your mouth with your hand, seeing your son on the floor. “Ma!” he beams, squinting his eyes as he tilts his head back. Sebastian’s navy Dalton blazer covers his small frame, way too big for him. He waves his arms, laughing at the way the sleeves flap around.

Removing your hand from your stomach, you reach out for him, nodding to the stairs. “How about we go show daddy?” you hum, helping him to his feet. He nods, jumping up and down before racing toward the steps. His tiny hand, covered by the fabric, wraps around the railing, feet carefully stepping down.

You follow after him, pulling the gray t-shirt over your belly button when you make it to the bottom, sighing. You’re six months pregnant and, boy, is it hard to do stuff. Back aching, you lead Logan into the kitchen, watching the blazer hit his knees. “Da!” he grunts, catching Sebastian off guard slightly.

The lawyer stops stirring the pasta, light brown hair falling in his green eyes as he turns his head. “Oh my god…” he mutters, cupping his hands around his mouth at the sight of his son. “Logan, where did you get that, bud?” Sebastian chuckles, squatting down; Logan grins, rushing towards his daddy. “Well, don’t you look dapper?” he muses, pulling at one of the lapels. “You wanna be a Warbler like dad?” he questions, raising a thick eyebrow.

Logan nods eagerly, grunting. Sebastian stands up, straightening his gray Dalton t-shirt, smirking at you. “Did you know you are already one?” he prompts, tucking his hair behind his ear while he stirs the pasta. Logan lets his mouth hang open. “Yup. You were born in a middle of a Warbler’s performance. That means you were born a Warbler.” he says proudly, watching you take a picture of the two of them.

Grinning, you lean back into the chair, mindlessly rubbing your stomach. “That was… crazy. Daddy wouldn’t get off the stage…” you glare; Sebastian laughs, back facing you. Logan grunts, focused on the sleeve of the blazer.

“I was barely eighteen. Cut me some slack, babe..” he giggles, turning the stove off. You glare at him still, running a hand through your hair. The lawyer picks up Logan, kissing his forehead. “My little Warbler.”

Imagine Sebastian walking into the cafeteria during your lunch hour and singing “Want You Back” as his way of asking you to Prom.

You sat with your friends at your lunch table, eating poorly made Mac n’ Cheese and drinking a smuggled milkshake from McDonald’s. “Whoever made this food needs to serve time in jail. They made no justice to the Mac n’ Cheese.” You grumbled.

“Agreed.” Said Santana, pushing away her tray with disgust.

You grabbed her tray and ate her food, her giving you the raised eyebrow.

“What?” You said through a mouth full of cheesy pasta, “they might not be great, but it’s still Mac n’ Cheese.”

Just then Tina ran in with wide eyes. “Guys you won’t believe who I just saw!” She stood at the end of the table while looking at everyone in turn.

“What?” Rachel asked now with big eyes too.

“The Warblers and Sebastian was leading them!” Tina exclaims.

You choke on my Mac n’ Cheese and Kurt pats your back rapidly.

Blaine, your brother, has a small smirk on his face and a knowing look too.

Out of all your friends, only your brother, Finn, and Puck, know about your crush on the lead Warbler. Sebastian. So it’s no surprise to them that your face is almost as red at the apple on your tray.

The shrill sounds of the lunch room begin to cease as the familiar intro of the Jackson 5′s popular song, “Want You Back”, being sung by the Warblers, gets nearer to the lunch room. You slowly turn around in your chair and come eye to eye with no other than Sebastian Smythe as he begins to sing the first verse.
Sebastian (The Warblers):
Let me tell yah now
When I had you to myself,
I didn’t want you around
Those pretty faces always make you
Stand out in a crowd
Someone picked you from the bunch,
One glance is all it took
And now it’s much too late for me
To take a second look

Sebastian dances over while the Warblers do their routine behind him and he takes your hand gingerly and helps you up as he continues to sing with a smile plastered onto his face.

Oh baby,
Give me one more chance (To show you that I love you)
Won’t you please let me (Back in your heart)
Oh darlin’ I was blind to let you go (Let you go, baby)
But now since I’ve seen you in his arms (I want you back)

Sebastian twirls you around before bringing you into his chest, making you unable to breath and red faced.

Oh I do now (I want you back)
Ooh ooh baby (I want you back)
Yeah yeah yeah yeah (I want you back)
Na na na na

Trying to live without your love
Is one long sleepless night
Let me show you, girl
That I know wrong from right
Every street you walk on,
I leave tear stains on the ground
Followin’ the girl I didn’t even want around

Sebastian looks down at you and you laugh while dancing along with the Warblers out of fun.

Oh baby,
All I need is one more chance (To show you that I love you)
Won’t you please let me (Back in your heart)
Oh darlin’, I was blind to let you go (Let you go, baby)
But now since I’ve seen you in his arms

Sebastian puts one hand on his chest, above his heart, and points with one finger at you, making you a smiling mess.

All I want…
All I need…
All I want!
All I need!

Is one more chance (To show you that I love you)
Baby (baby) baby (baby) baby (baby!)
(I want you back)
Yeah oh baby,
I was blind to let you go (Let you go, baby)
But now since I’ve seen you in his arms (I want you back)
Yeah oh baby,
I need one more chance, hah
(To show you that I love you)
Oh, baby!
Oh! Oh, oh! (I want you back!)

Dancing along, you laugh and catch your friends’ looks. Some look surprised, shocked, and/or glad.

Oh I do now (I want you back)
Ooh ooh baby (I want you back)
Yeah yeah yeah yeah (I want you back)
Na na na na (I want you back)

The Warblers finish the song and Sebastian steps forward, with both hands behind his back.

“So, what do you say? Will you please forgive me for what I did and go to Prom with me, Y/N? I want you back…?” Sebastian’s face is the color of what yours is probably right now. Red and smiley. He sticks out his hands in front of him, holding a bouquet of beautiful orange and white Lilies. Your favorite. 

You laugh and clap your hands before taking the Lilies and engulfing Sebastian into a big hug, wrapping your arms around his waist (height difference is your head is barely above his chest) and shoving your face into his chest. “Of course my little Warbler.”

All around you are the sounds of the student body clapping, cheering and whistling as Sebastian kisses your forehead and grabbing one of your hands and facing your friends and brother, who are looking at you with crossed arms and pursed lips.

“I hope you don’t mind me taking your little sister out?” Sebastian looks at Blaine sheepishly.

Blaine snorts and stays silent before slowly turning to Finn and Puck. “I told you guys he would ask her out in song!” He shouts happily before jumping and patting Sebastian’s back.

You chuckle, not knowing what’s going on and look at the others who look lost as well.

Finn laughs and Puck rolls his eyes. “Fine. Just have her back before 11 in one piece.”

Sebastian nods eagerly, giving your hand a small squeeze. 

“What the heck is going on?” Kurt asks. 

“It looks like our little Y/N has been hanging out with Smythe behind our backs.” Santana says with a small smirk of approval, which soon turns into a scowl. 

“Try anything Mite, anything, and I will go all Lima Heights on your ass so fast that you’ll never see it coming.” Santana says before returning to her happy/bitchy self. “But if our Y/N is happy, then I’m happy.” 

The others congratulate you and give you small hugs before you give Sebastian your full attention. 

“I guess I’ll pick you up after school for our date.” Sebastian says and gives you a small kiss on the cheek before giving you a hug and walking out with the Warblers behind him, leaving you a blushing mess. 

Palm Warbler - Photographed by Jacob S. Spendelow

This little warbler is found on the Eastern coast of North America. You can distinguish them from their constant cute tail bobbing as they walk, hop, and flit about. Their nests are usually in an “open-cup” shape near or on the ground in an open area. Closer to the ground, the closer they are to their natural tendency to forage for insects and berries.

pudddddddding  asked:

Velia wakes up warbler from Under his desk by gently poking his cheek, holding a cup of coffee. She looked a little worried. - Sean

Warbler woke up, hitting his head against the desk from trying to get up. He growled a bit, and shook his head, turning to face Velia, head tilted.

“What’s the word, hummingbird? Someone steal something? Is Evius stuck on a shelf?”

Kurt always knew that his chances on getting sick with what killed his mother were high. That doesn’t mean it’s any less of a shock when it happens.

AU from Born This Way, set during Kurt’s senior year. Includes Finn. A little hooray for the Warblers.

Filling a prompt.

Missing scene can be read here

When Kurt can barely catch his breath after a Warbler rehearsal, he knows. 

He hates being sick, having a fever and throwing up. Not because he always thinks it’s because his kidneys are failing. He doesn’t, but his dad does, every time, and Kurt hates that. He hates that his father can’t just cure Kurt’s stomach flu by telling him to rest and making him drink lots of fluids. No, he has to take Kurt to the hospital to check if his son is dying and he has to do it every single time Kurt catches a bug that’s circling the school. 

He’s not even sick this time. Not really. 

But he knows. It’s his body and it’s not functioning the way it’s supposed to. 

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Klaine Reverse Bang 2014 - The Untold story of Little Red Riding Hood
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“Once upon a time, there was a dear young man named –”

“What are you doing?”

“Telling our daughter the story of how we met.”

“Oh that should be fun, let’s hear it!”

Once upon a time, there was a dear young man named Blaine, who was loved by everyone who looked at him, but most of all by his grandfather, and there was nothing he would not have given to the boy.

Once he gave him a pocketwatch, telling him that “punctuality is the politeness of kings”.

Another time, he gave him a silky red bow tie, showing the young boy how to tie it around his neck, for “doors open for you when you wear a bow tie.”

And once, he gave him a little coat of red velvet with a hood which suited the young boy so well he never left his parents’ home without it; so Blaine was always called Little Red Dancing Hood.

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I love the Warblers.

And this is possibly my favorite Sebastian and the Warblers number. And no, it has nothing to do with expression on Kurt’s face. Okay maybe a little bit.

I met this little turtle at Prospect today. He made eye contact and didn’t seem too intimidated. In fact, he just moved in my direction and lifted his head high, trying to see me better. I got to touch his shell and show some affection. He was very much appreciative and I was the first to leave, not him. We both had a nice tête-à-tête. He liked sun-bathing and had the most beautiful face.

The morning brought forth a lot of color. Lily pads were sprouting flowers and everything was green and wet from the rain the night before. Zach befriended a community of yellowthroats and watched as they flew from tree branch to tree branch. In some small way, I’ve always wished to be a bird. That idea of flying, has always made my insides spin. My soul soars just the same.

On the hike back home, we spotted a yellow-crowned night heron as well. It was sitting in the skeleton of a fallen tree, extending well into the lake-bed. It was majestic in character, and my whole body ached. I thought about all of nature that was dismissed heavily by mankind and exchanged that inward negativity for optimism. I have so much love for the natural world. It’s starting to push me to action too. There’s a wisdom buried there in that part of myself.

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Right now Zach’s in the next room recording a song called ‘Deep Dark Well’. He’s got his banjo and guitar close by and I can hear certain sounds drifting in. Yesterday I recorded a song too. This is how we’re progressing these days. Maybe we’ll have something to share with the world soon. Right now though, it’s all about playing quiet. Sometimes being alive is damn good, ya’ know? :)

The Newest Warbler || Cam and Warblers

“Um…” Cam cleared his throat and looked around nervously, “Guys! Attention here please!” I called out, laughing nervously when everyone quieted down and looked at me. “So um… we have a new um… auditionee?” I said confusedly, “For the Warblers…” I mumbled, gesturing to the small blonde behind me.

The blonde gave everyone an enthusiastic smile and waved cheerily, “Hi my name’s Trevor Parish and I’d like to be a Warbler!” He squeaked out enthusiastically.

I gave an uneasy chuckle before turning to the Council; Charlie, Brandon, and Lucas, “So um… are we ready?” I asked nervously.