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i so want the twist to happen but i'm trying to not get my hopes up. what kind of twist would you like to see or think could happen? i just can't think of anything but i really hope we get one though

Hope for the best, but be prepared for the worst, is literally my motto right now, because as much as I’m 100% convinced, that this is happening, there is always gonna be a little voice of doubt, that tells me to keep my expectations very low, so I’m not disappointed.

For me, it’s a Robert breakdown, I want things to pile up, until Robert can’t take it anymore. I want Emmerdale to strip him down, and have Robert, have to rebuild himself with Aaron’s help. 

I want him to just break, because it’s about damn time, Robert has carried so much, for so long, and sleeping with Rebecca, was him beginning to bend, and Aaron finding out about the affair, and lashing out (which would totally be justified, not trying to say it wouldn’t be) but just laying it on, about how he let him down, maybe even a Jack mention, would just break him.  

And I think the character needs that. He needs to break, he needs to know Aaron can step up and be strong, and ground him, and he just needs to let go. Holding everything inside, only ends one way, badly. 

When you cram so much into one space, it’s bound to burst, and Robert is cramming all his emotions into one place, willing himself to be strong, to be everything Aaron needs and wants him to be, to be everything the village, and Vic and Diane and the Dingles want him to be and his drowning. 

He can’t find the surface, but his trying so damn hard. His right there, he can see the light, but he can’t find that final push inside him to break through to the surface and take that gasping breath of fresh air.  

And because of this he needs to break. Break and start again. 


Kai: You scared me like hell back there. I thought I lost you. *says in a throaty voice*

Y/N: *in a weak voice* I am not that easy to get rid off. *smiles weakly*

Kai: And that is the best thing about you. *laughs quietly as he puts his hand on your forehead* Now try to rest. *says softly as kisses you gently on the lips*

Y/N: You will be there? *you ask in a little bit shaky voice*

Kai: All the time. I will be there to protect you. By any means. 

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I wonder how the famethysts will act around modern humans if they visit earth .I mean they spend 5k years around humans that they cant do nothing themselves without a little voice telling them what to do .I also wonder how they will react when they learn that Steven is a hybrid and Rose is a part of him

Well … I don’t think they’d care, to be honest. I mean, they were probably around when all those Rose Quartzes got bubbled. It’s gotta be scary to see fellow quartzes bubbled away like that.

But as for humans, they work really well with Zoomans, so I think they’d do great with humans on earth too! It would just take time to adjust to how earth humans have such free will and free spirits.


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The anxiety had John bouncing on his toes. Alex sensed John’s sudden discomfort and pulled him closer. “Did ya’ll talk about me?” he asked in a tiny little voice.

Little voices

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anonymous asked: Hi, i was thinking ir could do a Imagine where reader just give birth to triplets with Ivar and people and his family are astonished reader had 3 babys at One time (sorry any mistakes, i am Brazilian)

Warnings: none, I think? There’s mention of near death in child birth. And obviously, Ivar is terrified of being a dad.

Ok, guys, this is about as fluffy as I can go. It was difficult, but fun


Ivar lets Ubbe and Floki help him out of the boat and onto the bridge. They set him down on a barrel and, along with the rest of the brothers, begin to greet those who have come to meet them. Both Ivar and Ubbe eagerly keep an eye out for (y/n) and Margrethe, but none of them seem to be there. Ivar feels a sickening knot of worry start to form in his stomach; she always came to meet him. Ubbe sees the concern in his little brother’s face and places a hand on his shoulder. Ivar lets him carry out this small act of comfort, because he remembers the fear in Ubbe’s eyes when the midwives told him that Margrethe might bleed to death. If our baby is deformed like me, (y/n) could be badly hurt. Just as Ivar is about to drop to the ground and push his way through the crowd he hears someone call out his name.

”Prince Ivar!” The voice calls out again. A few seconds later a slave girl comes crashing through the masses. Ivar tenses up; she couldn’t possibly be in such a hurry if everything was well. Floki catches on to what is happening and hurries to copy Ubbe’s gesture, his bony hand coming to rest on Ivar’s other shoulder. She stops and catches her breath before continuing.

”(y/n) has just given birth to two healthy boys.” Ivar feels the knot dissolve and he breaks into one of those rare smiles that is usually reserved for his wife, though his heart keeps on pounding with worry; the slave hadn’t mentioned how (y/n) was doing. His mentor and his brothers enthusiastically pat him on the back and take turns embracing him. The midwives had apparently been correct when they predicted that (y/n) was carrying more than one child. He has half a mind to scold the slave girl for making him worry but his heart is overflowing with joy and he finds himself incapable of forming any harsh words right now.

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LBM17 is over, but I have a little gem for you: Visiting my favorite “item shop” on the convention. I went there like 5 times a day (because it was nice and cheap) and greeted the cute cashier this way upon entering. Always.

The convention was amazing. Being Ardyn for three days (instead of two) was the best thing ever. Really. It was so much fun meeting all the other FFXV Cosplayers. Maybe a small selfie-post will follow later. (and i have a cute little clip of Noctis)


The Voice 2017 Battle - Brennley Brown vs. Lauren Duski: “Better Man”

Bangtan Bomb - Jungkook’s Graduation

Like I know we’re all Jungshook about this but I can’t help just to write this down.
Like when Jimin shared that short video where he congratulated to Jungkook and it was so sweet, boyfriendish and perfect back on that day, I was like, wow, my heartu 100% died. But no. That wasn’t even close to 100% considering this Bangtan Bomb. Like.
It was full of JiKook, but what got me completely shook was that conversation in car.

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It’s not a ship (for me it never quite was, but that’s just because I’m relatively new, so all the proofs had been proven when I discovered JiKook) anymore. Like. It’s us, watching them on important day in their relationship. You don’t need to analyze the words - they play good amount of awesomness in this, but - just the freaking TONE of their voices. Like completely *in love* couple. Low, soft voice full of love, I would like to state that I consider myself to be a realist (more of a pessimist, really) but there’s nothing unrealistic about that voice.

You don’t talk like that to friends.
You don’t look like that at friends.
Your bodylanguage isn’t like that with friends.
That longing to touch, the way Jimin was completely turned towards Jungkook and comfortable.
There just was love.
Tons of love in all kinds of looks, words, tone of those words and bodylanguage. Did I mention eyes?
And when Jungkook was singing softly in the car, that hit me hard. And I think it hit Jimin, too.
Not even talking about “buy me an apartment then” joke, or Jimin being sad about not seeing Kook at his ceremony.
PS: Poor Tae, thirdweeling this time, he didn’t even had to say full two sentences because that lovelies kept talking in their little bubble. (It’s not like I’m mocking VKook shippers if some of you read this, just writing what I think about it ~~)