So in summary:
Aaron is an amazing son. He’s so concerned with making sure Chas is able to move on from her trauma and feel safe when she returns home.
Robert admits Andy was the one who shot him because he wants to keep his promise to be more honest.
Aaron punches Andy for the hell he put him, his boyfriend, and his mom through.
Robert stops Aaron from going to far because his main concern now is keeping him and his family safe.
The beginning of the end of Chrandy.

It’s a good day.


OK, we all know team strq is pronounced as STARK. We also know that Qrow is pronounced as CROW, we also know that Qrow’s sister Raven is named after a bird as well. It is a common fact that Yang Xiaolong’s name translates into little sun dragon and her fathers name, Taiyang Xiaolong, translates from chinese into english as SUN LITTLE DRAGON! 

 OK, stay with me before you sigh and go off to another theory thinking- ugh! There the theorists go again with their bird theories! I have science to offer!

 Ok, for now Summer Rose is out of the picture because, well, her name isn’t at all translated into some kind of bird.So for now we are focusing on Raven, Taiyang and Qrow. 

 Crows and Ravens are part of the same phylum. The name of which is chordata, but, Starks also fit into this classification.  So. We have now found a connection between these characters- but wait! There’s more, i was studying the symbols of both Raven and Qrow very hard the other day and now! I have discovered something!!!!

 So, we now know that according to Starks, Ravens, Crows and well… DRAGONS! That the overall theme of team STRQ is basically birds. So let me point something out to you people.

When Yang is drawing on the board she draws the symbol that most audiences would perceive as Qrow’s just at a glance, the wrong. way. round! Which means, that Raven and Qrow- brother and sister- have adopted each others symbols but changed the direction to effectively make a pair of wings.

 So, wait a second…. Haven’t we seen these cog type patterns in other places like… I dunno…

Ospin’s office!

Qrow’s sword!

Ospin’s cane! 

This cog appears pretty much everywhere! But, why?

 Let me tell you my friends! Ospin, from arabian to english translates to OSPI. This is an acronym for many things but the one that struck me the most was, Operating System Programming Interface. This company is to do with the manafacture and development of software and technology! Coinsidence? Or not? 

 What is Ospin and Ironwood have manufactured a kind of machine that has the capability to provide people with the ability to transform into these birds, is this too much of a coincidence??? ALSO!

 Going to my previous theory of Yang and her robotic arm and all the bird robot stuffs, what if all this leads back to the fact that Ospin and Ironwood have an organisation where the make and create cool robotic stuffs.

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Well actually I dunno exactly what i think, but, if you ask me, that’s a pretty good theory, and one with lots and lots of evidence!!!! So, PLS PLS PLS REBLOG IF YOU LIKED IT!!!!

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a short list of good things:

  • one of my coworkers is learning ~magic card tricks to impress his very pregnant girlfriend because he wants to make her laugh
  • the music from an ice cream truck headed your way on a hot summer evening
  • the moon overlapping a little with the sun, looking so big and bright when it’s still close to the horizon
  • the smell of freshly cut hay on a dewy morning
  • cats purring just because they’re happy to be close to you
  • the distant rumble of thunder from a summer storm that’s probably gonna dissipate before it even gets to you
  • ice cold watermelon at the tail end of a cookout
  • the way puppies wag their tails so enthusiastically when you just look at them
  • you

“Time for a little sun~”

Sorry guys that you haven’t seen Cleo in long while. Haven’t drawn her in a while lol Let’s just say she’s on vacation. I do hope to get active with her again. I miss my tall lady T ^ T So to celebrate her soon official return, did a different something for the summer. I want to doodle her swimsuit some time later. But I hope you guys like it. Tell me what you think. I might do the other seasons.


Sunlight Graffiti 

Part of the Little Sun project by Olafur Eliasson currently running at the Tate Modern, where participators can create their own light graffiti and locate it online via an interactive sphere:

The Sunlight Graffiti sphere is by artist Olafur Eliasson, conceived as part of his larger Little Sun project. Little Sun, a work of art that works in life, is a solar-powered lamp that Eliasson has developed with the engineer Frederik Ottesen. The lantern is one element of the artwork, but the way it connects us and what it tells us about energy and energy access is all part of the art.

Currently, an interactive Sunlight Graffiti installation is set up at Tate Modern, London, on level 2 as part of the museum’s Poetry and Dream exhibition (28 July – 23 September 2012). Visitors are invited to do a work of art here by dancing, jumping, and writing out loud with a Little Sun in their hand. Their Sunlight Graffiti are captured and uploaded to this site and shown as part of the sphere.

Also presented at Tate Modern is Eliasson’s new artwork Your light movement, 2012, a video about physical movement, light, and life. Watch it here.

‘For this project at Tate Modern – the former power station turned into a museum – I have thought a lot about light as something that is more than just a means to illuminate something else. Light generates action. The Sunlight Graffiti project has been developed to foster human creativity and movement, driven by the power of light.

Little Sun responds to the situation we face today, where natural resources no longer abound. Energy shortage and unequal energy distribution make it necessary to reconsider how our life-sustaining systems function. I see Little Sun as the wedge to open up this urgent discussion from the perspective of art, to raise awareness about the need to improve energy access and the distribution of energy today.’

–Olafur Eliasson

You can look around the interactive light graffiti globe online here
One Direction’s Niall Horan goes public with stunning new girlfriend, Belgian student Celine Helene Vandycke
NIALL HORAN has always enjoyed the single life more than any of his fellow ONE DIRECTION members, floating from girl to girl while the rest settled down in relationships. But not any more. I can re…

But not any more.

I can reveal that Niall has a brand new girlfriend — and the Irish heartthrob has never looked so loved up.

Niall cuddles up to his new girlfriend during British Summertime Festival in Hyde Park

Cheeky 1D bachelor goes in for a smooch in full view of the crowd around them

The singer went public with stunning Belgian student Celine Helene Vandycke at the weekend in London’s Hyde Park.

My exclusive pictures show the new couple cuddling and kissing during MUMFORD & SONS’ British Summer Time gig on Friday.

And in one particularly cute moment the pair locked pinkies as they chatted with pals in the VIP bar.

Niall looks completely besotted with his latest squeeze

Niall barely paid attention to Mumford and Sons as he treated his girl the show

Stunning student joined in with revellers at the annual Hyde Park bash

It is the first time Niall has ever been so outwardly romantic with a girl in public, suggesting he is really serious about Celine.

My backstage source revealed: “Niall  never let Celine out of his sight and looked infatuated.

“He had his arm around her throughout the evening and kept going in to pecked her on the cheek while they watched the gig.

The couple’s loved up behaviour is set to break the hearts of thousand of 1D fans

Stunning Belgian student has managed to bag one of the hottest bachelors in showbiz

Fan looks on in shock as her idol brushes past

Duo enjoy the rare British sunshine in the Hyde Park VIP area

“They seemed incredibly happy in each other’s company, laughing and giggling loads.

“At one point Niall kissed her in front of everyone and obviously didn’t care that people were watching.”

Niall and Celine spent the entire weekend together and partied on Sunday night at London’s Drama nightclub.

It’s easy to see why Niall would find this model beautiful

Celine stayed close to her popstar boyfriend as she spent the day at the festival

They were snapped heading home in a cab together in the early hours of the morning.

Niall’s previous flames have mostly been either models or singers, with the 1D star being linked to ELLIE GOULDING, BARBARA PALVIN and most recently US TV starJESSICA SERFATY.

But his latest love is completely new to the showbiz world.

Couple seemed to be having a whale of a time in each other’s company

This was the pair’s first official outing as a couple

Belgian-born Celine is a future lawyer having just completed a degree in the subject at the University of Exeter.

She’s also a keen dancer and choreographed routines for students at her uni.

Perhaps she can teach Niall a few tricks whenever he launches his solo career.

That’s just so long as they can take their hands off each other.


Football Challenge → [3/5] Favorite football player: Thomas Müller

↳ “It’s his unorthodox playing style that characterises Thomas Müller, Sometimes he doesn’t know himself exactly what he’s going to do. There’s a lot of intuition involved, he always knows where he has to run. His body language is very important, he makes a strong impression and says ‘we want to be world champions’.” - Oliver Kahn