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Noodle came slithering up, unlike his brothers and sister who where growing and learning pretty quickly little Noodle still wasn't able to talk. He came up and tugged at Lucifer before holding a picture of what should be a picture of the family I guess but it seemed to be a lot of scribbles.

Lucifer was in the middle or torturing one of his failed assassins. He literally had the smaller demon held above him with Lucifer’s nails at his neck and he was in his more freighting form when Noodle came him. Pausing Lucifer turned to look at when Noodle made. There was blood splattered on his cheeks but he picked up his son anyway and kissed him. 

“Oh? That looks lovely.” he turned to his victim, “See this is my darling sons art!! You should be grateful I’m even showing you this before you die.” he hissed and then nuzzled Noodle before setting him down and went back to torturing his victim again.

“Noodle darling Papa is working right now but it won’t be much longer. I’ll be able to look at everything you have worked on today and later I can show you around the castle oaky my darling?” he patted Noodles head and went back to growling at the assassin. 

  • what she says:i'm fine.
  • what she means:when did luke get so buff? i mean he's my little noodle. my tiny son. my precious baby. i could fit him in my pocket but now the tables have turned. he has scruff now. his voice and dimples are deeper than the pacific ocean. his arms have gotten bigger and his shoulders have gotten broader. not that i'm complaining but a little warning in advance would've been nice.

but just imagine luke having a twin and his twin is really outgoing and all the girls love him while luke’s just the awkward little noodle who kind of stays in his brother’s shadow but you’d prefer him over his twin and it would make him so happy that you were attracted to the less confident of the two and just pLEASE CAN INSECURE TWIN LUKE BE A THING


SO. HI. 

Commission things and all that. I’m going to be moving to a new apartment soon and Just sayin’ that it’s not the cheapest of things.

That and Life is kinda shite. Cause money sucks.


Anyhow! Thought i’d do that commission thing. Cause why not. I actually feel like my art is worth something so :D

Couldn’t find any lineart that I hadn’t colored already hahah.


Open to OC’s and things, Pictures reference would be appreciated and if not then write to the best of one’s ability as so I’m not a guessing noodle.

Money would be sent to my paypal - commission information as well, would be easiest to sort ^v^ for both.

Vanilla my Ass

Can I just say, all of these imagines of Luke being ‘vanilla’ when it comes to sex make me really annoyed, because let’s get real it is LUKE HEMMINGS and okay he is a cute little noodle and I’m 100 % sure he would be the most loveliest little noodle the next morning but seriously when doing the do that boy would mean business. His eyes would turn to such a deep shade of blue due to the amount of lust he is experiencing because of you and OMG once that boy can see the effect he has on you, there would be no going back. He would probably tease the shit out of you to an extent that you’d already be dripping wet by the time it actually came to the ultimatum (sex) and honestly I can see him as the type of guy who would be completely into concentrating more on you when it came to sex you know not just to ensure that you experience an extravagant amount of pleasure, but so he can hold up his manly persona also. So once he’d gone down on you and already made you cum, remember his amazing tongue working wonders on your belows, he’d probably kiss, lick and nibble his way back up to your lips, only he wouldn’t kiss your lips, but hover over them and the hot breath coming from his lips would probably be enough to send you over the edge again and he would whisper something cheeky in such a low and sexy voice like 'Cum Again?’ (Because he is still a dork who uses puns on a daily basis) But he would put really heavy emphasis on the word cum to ensure you got the pun and also his point, and from there on in, let’s face it we all know the score. And by the end of the night you would have screamed so much that you could hardly even talk, oh and let’s not forget about walk. My point being that by the end of the night, any thoughts that you would ever have of that boy being vanilla would have vanished and oh my god you’d most definitely come crawling back for more.

// I don’t normally do this lol, this is my first blurb/preference or whatever you want to call it hahah. Tell me what you think or give me some feedback if I should do more? Idk but thanks anyway //